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OPS Voices

Meet Mary
Health and Social Services

Meet Amelia
Procurement Advisor
Purchasing and Supply

Meet Clarence
Senior Receptionist
Customer and Client Services

Meet Lisa
Jr. Policy Analyst
Policy and Analysis

Meet Loris
Operational Manager
Corrections and Enforcement

Meet Michelle
Legal Services

Meet Lucinda
Senior Business Planning Coordinator (A)
Finance and Economics

Meet Terry
Assistant HR Consultant (A)
Human Resources

Meet Glenn
Northern Development Adviser
Consulting and Planning

Meet Linda
Administrative Assistant
Administrative and Support Services

Meet Dan
Rotary Wing Pilot
Maintenance and Trades

Meet Dan
Science Management Coordinator
Lands and Resources

Meet Ray
Executive Director
Science and Engineering

Meet Shawna
Drinking Water Supervisor
Inspections and Investigations

Meet Susan
Senior Communications Adviser
Communications and Marketing

Meet Ashif
Client Support Analyst
Information Technology

Meet Mahmood
Assistant Deputy Minister
Senior Management

Meet Rebecca
Life Skill Instructor
Education and Training