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Position Title:
Job Code:
12124 - Industrial Development Officer 3
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Purpose of Position :

To provide economic and sectoral advice, support, direction, and program delivery to businesses, communities, other levels of government, and stakeholders to improve and strengthen the sustained economic growth and productivity in Northern Ontario.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Under the general direction of the Manager, the incumbent provides area team expertise in economic development and/or in a given sector(s) of strategic importance to regional economic development by:

1. Promoting, marketing, coordinating and delivering government programs (e.g. Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, Local Services Boards), providing guidance to clients in development proposals and business cases by evaluating submissions and undertaking analysis, developing options, project monitoring, making payment recommendations and undertaking post-project evaluations.

2. Providing advisory and consultative services for public and private sector clients to develop economic projects by analyzing and interpreting data for project proposals, value-added projects and community infrastructure, working to foster public/private sector partnerships and reviewing business development strategies.

3. Establishing linkages and maintaining on-going relationships with stakeholders involved with northern economic development sectors to develop networks in order to provide strategic advice to senior management in government on issues affecting the various sectors; and work with sector and government stakeholders and other partners to stimulate economic growth and development.

4. Participates in project and/or work teams led by Trade, Investment and Strategic Sectors (TISS) Unit comprised of staff from other ministries (e.g. MEDT, MNR, OMAFRA, MOE), other levels of government (federal/municipal), community organizations and other non-government organizations (e.g. industry associations, research organizations, academic institutions) in planning, co-ordination and development of detailed research, analysis to support development of TISS Unit policy to enhance emerging sectors, build sector capacity and attract international investment.

5. Developing and maintaining knowledge of economic base in geographic area related to specific sectors and providing intelligence, information and advice on sectors and economic development issues to enhance economic activities and productivity in Northern Ontario.

6. Leading, facilitating, supporting and working with stakeholders on economic development initiatives by: conducting workshops, preparing educational materials, seminars on business planning, program guidelines, leadership organization development, volunteer management and sectoral strategies.

7. Undertaking assignments and projects covering a variety of subject matters such as preparing responses to public inquiries from companies and associations, representing the Ministry and Branch at sector events and stakeholder meeting, preparing briefing notes and interacting with other team members to enhance competitiveness in Northern Ontario.

8. Travelling extensively, within the geographic area assigned, to client/stakeholder sites to promote the programs and services of the Division.

Staffing and Licensing :

Requires valid Ontario driver's licence to travel to remote locations that are not accessible by public transportation.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of economic theory and principles in order to understand the needs of northern Ontario and the applications/impacts to economic and/or sector development. Knowledge of economic and statistical research and analysis, and economic trends and principles to provide input and support into the development of strategic sector unit policy. Knowledge of cost benefit analysis and economic/business climate assessment as part of an integrated approach to economic development to provide advice, guidance and direction to clients in the development of proposals, business cases and economic projects. Knowledge of government policies, programs, structure of sector, major sector stakeholders/networks and sector concerns and issues, as well as knowledge of the Northern Services Boards Act, to provide advice, support, direction and deliver on economic development programs to clients. Knowledge of procedures and funding approval processes and of financial and accounting principles and practices to understand business feasibility and project proposals.

Skills :

Skill to identify data and information such as global trends in traditional and emerging sectors and assess the scope and nature of research required, gather, organize, consolidate, interpret and assess the implications/significance for the business and/or economic sector. Skill to identify options and recommendations for project proposals in various sectors while taking into account policy guidelines, financial, legal, economic, social, environmental, strategic and audit considerations, as well as potential economic benefits/impacts to the industry/community clients. Project planning/co-ordination skills, applied research techniques and investigative techniques. Skills with personal computer operation and software. Oral and written communication skills to provide/exchange information, make presentations, chair meetings and communicate with clients to resolve problems, as well as compose letters, submit technical reports and presentations. Interpersonal skills to carryout work on area teams; good negotiating skills to assist in negotiating partnership agreements; strong planning and organizational skills to co-ordinate concurrent projects and work consultants. Leadership skills to lead activities with stakeholders and task teams. Ability to travel to remote locations that are not accessible by public transportation.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in a geographically dispersed environment organising and prioritising own workload to ensure assignments are completed within established timeframes; exercising judgement for determining scope of research and development of initiatives by determining the number of clients and communities to be consulted, conducting specialised research, interpretation of data and analysis of findings and defining components of the sector to be further assessed; making decisions regarding information provided to clients individually or in groups regarding Ministry consultations and recommendations, economic reports and analysis of findings; managing project team performance, resource requirements, deadlines and management of stakeholder relationships such as the Northern Ontario Tourism Outfitters, Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities, NOMA, Chambers of Commerce and many others; referring draft profile sector report, including issues and proposed action to Manager and Director for review and discussion; Determining client eligibility for programs by requesting incorporation status, by-law and other requirements of program criteria; delivering programs and services to ensure compliance with established guidelines including terms of the legal contract, reporting requirements, cashflow process, deliverables and exercising judgement to address any discrepancies; Representing the Ministry at internal forums established by various ministries and external forums such as the annual Tourism Sector, Chamber of Commerce meetings, Municipal Association meetings on various regional issues including sectoral strategies and policy forums; representing the Ministry and Government at Provincial, National and International Trade Marketing and Investment events and acting on behalf of the Ministry and Government by providing information and responding to questions in public forums by client groups and stakeholders.

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