Job Specification

Position Title:
General Issuing Clerk (DES)
Job Code:
09OAD - Office Administration 09
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

Provides accurate and timely information and customer service when responding to in-person, electronic, telephone, fax and written enquiries from the public and various client groups in both French and English. Processes a variety of transactions related to the International Registration Plan (IRP).
Calculates and collects fees for Ontario, other ministries and other IRP jurisdictions.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Working under the supervision of the Field Services Manager, provides customer service by performing such tasks as:
1. Receiving and responding to inquiries from various customers such as the public, fleet owners, insurance companies, permit agencies and other Canadian and American IRP jurisdictions by identifying request requirements, accessing and ensuring accuracy of data from system databases.
2. Reviewing and analyzing documents such as: driver's licence, vehicle registrations, safety standard certificates, wills and affidavits, Power of Attorney, bills of sale, etc., for authenticity and compliance with legislation, policies, procedures and standards in order to decide eligibility for services
such as registration, or transfer of vehicle ownership and IRP Program requirements and other standards such as Articles of Incorporation, and the Multi-Jurisdictional Vehicle Tax Act and Retail Sales Tax Act.
3. Researching and interpreting information from a variety of sources including computerized driver, vehicle and IRP databases, microfilm records, other ministries, insurance companies, police, legislation and policies to identify problems such as inaccurate or outdated vehicle records and faulty or
fraudulent transactions.
4. Receiving inquiries referred from other offices such as Service Ontario Offices, Truck Inspection Stations, other IRP jurisdictions, etc. to resolve special/complex IRP and vehicle licensing problems such as, but not limited to questionable Vehicle Identification Numbers on commercial vehicle
annual inspection certificates or SSC's, or to confirm weight allowances within participating IRP jurisdictions.
5. Identifying complex problems that require escalation to the IRP Program Office or notification to the Carrier Safety Enforcement Branch such as established IRP licensing procedures that contravene Ontario regulatory legislation which could result in vehicles being detained and/or charged under
the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario or for non-payment of funds. Ensuring that all information is accurately and quickly referred to the appropriate area for resolution.
6. Entering driver and vehicle information, i.e. driver licence number, plate number, vehicle identification number, transaction codes, name, address, dealer number into online solutions, authorizing and issuing vehicle registration permits, validation stickers, licence plates, IRP Cab Cards, retail tax
sales receipt, ten-day trip permits.
7. Issuing IRP registrations, vehicle registrations, cab cards, prorate plates, validation stickers, retail sales tax receipts, etc.
8. Calculating and collecting the appropriate fees e.g. cash, cheques, credit cards, money orders, reconciling daily fees collected against stock and funds recorded on stock and financial system, preparing the bank deposit slips on a daily or more frequent basis and taking the deposits to the bank as required. Ensuring proper security procedures for financial transactions are followed and ensuring revenue is reported and deposited on a timely basis to the financial institution.
9. Ensuring that an adequate supply of stock and ensuring security of all numbered stock, and ensuring that stock is issued in sequential order. Monitoring controlled stock (permit/plates/licences) on a daily basis and taking immediate corrective action concerning discrepancies.
10. Preparing transaction statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, checking all figures for accuracy.
11. Other duties as assigned

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

- Job requires thorough knowledge and understanding of relevant sections of legislation, policies and practices (i.e. Highway Traffic Act) to process applications and respond to clients by applying appropriate aspects of legislation, checking and correcting fee calculations, credit for refunds, deferred
payments, adding/deleting vehicles within various fleets, etc. for inter-jurisdictional carriers and providing assistance to carriers in the completion of documents and the application of IRP procedures and processes.
- Job requires thorough knowledge of specialized IRP Program requirements, policies and procedures and related legislation used in vehicle registrations (i.e. provincial sales tax exemptions, Retail Sales Tax applications, Articles of Incorporation, Fuel Tax Act, Multi-Jurisdictional Vehicle Tax,
etc.), in order to determine the applicant's ability and eligibility to be registered and to accurately complete complex IRP transactions by analyzing supporting documentation and calculating fees for inter-jurisdictional carriers.
- Job requires knowledge of another jurisdiction's legislation where interface with other provinces and U.S. jurisdictions occurs, and is required in prorated transactions (i.e. weight legislation discrepancies).
- Job requires working knowledge of the functions of the related areas (Vehicle Licensing Offices, Service Ontario partners, and other agencies) to provide comprehensive information needs/processes to clients, and obtain copies of records to meet OPS quality service standards in providing timely
and accurate customer service.
- Job requires good mathematical skills to calculate accurate fees, prepare manual corrections and determine percentages in order to advise registrants of appropriate fees for IRP jurisdictions as well as fuel and tax calculations and to apply mathematical principles and procedures to calculate
tax credits, deferred IRP payments and prepare and reconcile daily bank deposit documents.
- Job requires knowledge of office administration functions to produce reports, statistical data, maintain filing systems, reconcile reports, order supplies and all required stock items, etc.
- Job requires working knowledge of financial procedures to balance revenue and prepare daily bank deposit documents to ensure financial accountability and security.
- Job requires working knowledge of the operation of online computers and working knowledge of Windows platform and related software applications (e.g. MS Word) to access and enter various system databases.
- Job requires working knowledge of the operation of other office equipment, such as photocopiers, facsimile machines, postage meters and credit card machines in order to carry out the daily functions of the office.

Skills :

- Job requires excellent analytical, research and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve routine problems (e.g. faulty/fraudulent transactions, outdated information, conflicting information, based on working knowledge of IRP and vehicle licensing policies and procedures and to recommend
corrective action such as denying an application or reporting fraudulent matters in order to mitigate ministry liability, referring complex problems (e.g. the application of an IRP procedure creates Carrier liability) to the Program Office for resolution/furtherance
- Job requires analytical and reasoning skills to issue IRP registrations and other related transactions, assess confidentiality and legality of documents and to recommend whether release of it within FOIPPA guidelines.
- Job requires analytical skills to identify the specific nature of a problem, whether a precedent exists on which to base a conclusion and whether to consult another ministry/government staff or refer to the Manager in order to formulate/provide a response.
- Job requires well-developed communication skills, including tact and diplomacy to obtain/exchange/clarify information with clients, deliver customer service in a timely and accurate manner, explain specific detailed matters to resolve client problems, compose routine correspondence and registration form letters and documents and to assess the appropriateness of methods to deal with distressed/abusive/complaining customers.
- Job requires consulting skills to effectively liaise with government offices and external clients.
- Job requires mathematical skills to: ensure accuracy in fee and percentage calculations for fuel tax, Retail Sales Tax, etc., balance revenues, and prepare and reconcile daily bank deposit documents; oversee the daily collection and security of quantities of cash, money orders, cheques, credit card
payment and controlled stock and the issuance of controlled stock, e.g., licence plates/validation stickers/permits etc. with cash value; oversee and balance cash, complete bank deposit slips and prepare journal entries in accordance with established financial procedures.
- Job requires organizational skills to complete work assignments within a prescribed time limit in an accurate and complete manner and prioritize own work activities based on client demand and/or as assigned by the Manager.
- Advanced oral French language skills.
- Job requires typing skills to standard and fully programmable word processing skills.

Freedom of Action :

- Under general supervision and with access to related legislation, policies and procedures, determines the appropriate course of action to take in order to achieve assigned objectives, referring those issues of a more complex or sensitive nature or issues requiring further investigation (ambiguous
legislation) to the Manager for resolution.
- Exercises judgment when reviewing and assessing the authenticity of registration applications and supporting documentation in order to register the commercial carrier in IRP using the appropriate solutions and established policies, procedures, and legislation.
- Accountable for the accuracy and integrity of own work (including cash balance) and to explain/verify errors to the Manager; work is randomly reviewed for quality control.
- Refers extremely irate customers and non-standard matters to the Manager for resolution.
- Contact Carrier's or their accountants directly, in order to interpret, clarify and decipher information submitted with Carrier's application, or at their request, to clarify ministry policies and procedures.

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