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Position Title:
Job Code:
05716 - Fire Services Investigator 2
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Purpose of Position :

In compliance with the Police Services Act of Ontario and in accordance with the operating procedures of the Special Investigations Unit, Ministry of the Attorney General, conducts investigations into incidents of serious injury, allegations of sexual assault and death which may have resulted from or be occasioned by the acts or omissions of a police officer.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Objective, unbiased, thorough and timely investigations are conducted anywhere in the Province into matters within the jurisdiction of the SIU as provided for in Section 113 of the Police Services Act and Ontario Regulation 267/10 as occurrences arise and as required or directed by an Investigative Supervisor, the Executive Officer or Director by:

- providing group leadership, guidance, expertise and technical support to field investigators, assigning work to field staff, setting priorities, monitoring work and reviewing for quality and compliance with investigative procedures, standards and techniques;

- providing training and guidance to staff, identifying need for training and staff development and making recommendations to supervisor;

- providing guidance and technical support to field staff at scene which involve fatalities, injuries, or potential threats to public safety;

- leading, supporting and conducting major investigations or involved occurrences: examining scene, assessing damages and gathering/preserving evidence; providing direction to police personnel at scenes, interviewing witnesses, witness officers and subject officers and recording statements;

- maintaining chronological notes;

- coordinating collection and interpretation of evidence, and use of special/technical services; maintaining liaison with and providing assistance to police and other investigative agencies and recommending follow-up investigation based on evidence (e.g. criminal charges);

- appearing as witness or supportive witness in criminal/civil proceedings, coroners inquests, or any other form of hearing, etc. As required or directed provide assistance to the Crown Attorneys? Office in the preparation of cases where charges are laid by:

-obtaining additional evidence as may be required to support the charge in question
- preparing Crown Briefs for presentation before the court
- providing all information obtained during the investigation the Crown Attorney considers relevant to the charge
- performing other duties relative to the investigative task.

- assisting the Investigative Supervisors, Executive Officer and Director during investigations involving issues of police non-compliance with Section 113 of the Police Services Act and Ontario Regulation 267/10 (as may be amended from time to time) ? reporting issues of non-compliance to assist Executive Officer and Director;

- developing and maintaining an overview of occurrences, identifying trends/patterns and advising supervisor of cases of significant impact;

- delivering lectures/seminars on the Special Investigations Unit and investigative techniques to the community, police services, the Ontario Police College and other educational institutions and representing the SIU at special functions, courses, seminars or conferences;

- maintaining knowledge of current investigative techniques and police use of force issues;

- demonstrating an understanding for the need to be sympathetic, tolerant, patient and sensitive to the needs of all persons involved in the investigative process and to the public and its communities given the genesis of the Special Investigations Unit.

- using tact, discretion and honesty when gathering, discussing and disclosing case related information and evidence.

Other duties as assigned.

Staffing and Licensing :

Valid Ontario Class G Driver's Licence to travel to investigation sites across Ontario on short notice.

Under the OPS Employment Screening Checks Policy (Public Service Commission Directives) and Operational Guidelines, this position is subject to an Employment Screening Check at the Enhanced level i.e. a position incumbent will be required to undergo Enhanced security screening (which includes a Criminal Record (CPIC) check, local Police Record check, OPP investigation check, and a Credit check) and must receive clearance prior to filling this position.

Knowledge :

Work requires:
- thorough knowledge of specialized investigative techniques, procedures, legislation and courtroom procedures to carry major/involved investigations by gathering and interpreting evidence and making recommendations for follow-up (e.g. criminal charges); and to provide group leadership to field staff by providing expertise, on the job training, guidance and direction at scenes (e.g. those involving fatalities, injuries, or potential threats to public safety);

- thorough knowledge of a body of regulations, common law, statutes and related significant precedents including the Police Services Act, Criminal Code, Freedom of Information Act, Charter of Rights, Provincial Offences Act, Rights to Privacy Act, Young Offenders Act, Highway Traffic Act, Evidence Act to both gather/interpret evidence during investigations and provide guidance/training to field staff in same by ensuring continuity of evidence, identifying/explaining evidence required to support tests/theories of cases, providing training to field staff, ensuring quality and compliance of investigations;

- knowledge of investigative theories and practices to determine investigation requirements by identifying likely and potential sources of evidence, providing direction to police personnel at scenes , to identify the need for special services and to provide testimony in court, and at inquests;

- knowledge of supervisory and group leadership techniques, to provide training, expertise and direction to field staff, identify training requirements to supervisor; and to lead a multi-faceted team during an investigation by directing/coaching and mentoring personnel, co-ordinating work and integration of findings.

Skills :

Work requires:
- analytical and reasoning skills to conduct special investigations, assessing and interpreting evidence, evaluating investigative results, determining cause; analysing circumstances and making recommendations

- evaluative skills to review occurrences, identify and assess trends and patterns requiring further investigation; to review and assess issues and make recommendations as part of a team;

- analytical skills to assess training and guidance required by field staff, assign work to meet priorities and operational requirements, training;

- communication skills to: explain and discuss interpretation of evidence, and related legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines, and theories about the incident; providing testimony in court or at coroners inquests;

- presentation skills to deliver lectures, seminars and attend meetings and writing skills to prepare training materials, Crown Briefs, reports;

- interpersonal skills to persuade and ensure compliance with established methods, models and concepts of investigation, to facilitate discussions among agencies involved in an investigation (police, emergency services and other agencies) and reconcile differing interpretation of evidence, views of appropriate follow-up to investigation;

- group leadership skills to assign and coordinate work of field investigators, including coaching/mentoring and on the job training and guidance, recommending additional training.

- Stand-by and shift work required.

- Province wide travel at short notice.

Freedom of Action :

Work is carried out within overall framework of Unit procedural controls and operational plans for investigations and within a body of legislation/regulations, standards and precedents related to the investigation of police, e.g. Police Services Act, Criminal Code of Canada, Evidence Act, Young Offenders Act, etc. Work requires exercising considerable latitude in:

- determining work assignments of field staff, setting priorities and providing on the job guidance and direction in the conduct of investigations; coordinating scene and providing technical direction/support to field investigator when fatalities, injuries and/or potential threats to public safety are involved;

- determining relevance of evidence and direction of investigation for major/involved occurrences, including tests/theories to support interpretation;

- making recommendations for changes to related legislation, regulations, standards required to enhance public safety, identified as a result of investigation findings and in recommending additional investigation based on analysis of evidence.

Work is reviewed by supervisor for quality of investigations carried out and adherence to policy. Work requires referring to supervisor matters which deviate from policy, have an operational impact, or involve significant expenditure of resources

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