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Position Title:
Communications Services Coordinator
Job Code:
02703 - Information Officer 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

The position is the regional lead for internal communications and information management including assisting regional managers with freedom of information requests, coordinating records management, knowledge management support, social media strategies, employee engagement and the planning, organizing and marketing of special events and initiatives. The position also assists the Regional Director by providing back-up and communications support, in French and English, to the regional Communications Coordinator as necessary to coordinate and prepare accurate and timely communication advice, briefing/information notes and respond to time-sensitive inquiries on behalf of senior ministry officials concerning contentious and/or high profile topics.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Develops and implements materials and activities in support of the divisional and regional internal communications plans as regional lead for internal
communications. Advises the Regional Director/managers/staff on specific communication products to ensure effective, timely and consistent
communication and that internal messaging adheres to ministry strategic direction, visual identity requirements, accessibility rules and freedom of
information requirements. Advises and participates in the development of divisional and regional content management practices, including coordination
of training and presentations. Stays abreast of trends and new developments in internal communications, including social media. Acts as the regional
Intranet (SharePoint) lead including promotion, support of Intranet capabilities and site layout/content, adherence to security guidelines, and monitoring
relevance/quality of information.

2. Collaborates with Divisional Services Office and regional counterparts to develop information management practices, including planning, collection,
creation, tracking, dissemination, maintenance, disposition and evaluation of information as regional lead for the division's information management
strategy. Liaises with regional Business Services Coordinator in managing electronic data and storage (i.e., shared drives, server capacity) and works
with program areas to implement proper information management practices through training, advice and support. Works with divisional Senior Business
Support Analyst in the development and implementation of a division-wide information management strategy, including the building of a divisional
business classification system. Participates actively in divisional communities of practice.

3. Provides oversight of region's central file facility including maintaining the integrity of file tracking system, compliance with recorded information
management policies/standards, and providing advice to program areas on Records Information Management requirements, procedures, benefits and
retrieval. Works in partnership with the corporate Record Information Management Office to resolve issues.

4. Coordinates the freedom of information collection process for the region including allocating requests to managers, ensuring responses are provided
within strict deadlines and providing information to managers regarding freedom of information processes/requirements.

5. Coordinates regional employee recognition and provides advice on employee engagement plans and activities. Implements employee engagement
activities including promoting government-wide and divisional recognition programs (i.e., Amethyst Awards, divisional PIER awards).

6. Prepares and coordinates corporate and regional events including planning and assisting with the management of special events, conferences, head
office visits (i.e., division-wide teleconferences, Minister/Deputy Minister visits, etc.). Promotes and assists with regional participation in corporate
events (e.g. Emergency Preparedness Week, Clean Air Commute Week, Innovation, etc.).

7. Regularly acts as the back-up (core hours/lunch, vacation, out of office coverage, etc.) and peak workload support for the regional Communication
Coordinator. Prepares and coordinates various types of communication materials (e.g. information notes, briefing notes, background material,
Minister's letters, special event displays, etc.) for the approval of the Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications Branch and other senior executives on
a variety of urgent, complex, sensitive and contentious issues, in a timely, comprehensive and accurate manner. Forwards contentious issues to
attention of Assistant Deputy Minister's office, Communications Branch and Head Office in a timely manner.

8. Provides assistance or acts as backup to the Regional Communication Coordinator on inquiries from public, politicians, media and other stakeholders
on regional projects/initiatives/policies, using approved messaging consistent with corporate communications strategies, and providing routine media
responses, in the context of time sensitive media deadlines in both French and English.

9. Coordinates information collection from retiring/terminated employees to populate divisional knowledge database.

Knowledge :

- Knowledge of divisional and regional roles, program areas and business functions and activities;
- Knowledge of and ability to interpret legislation, policies, directives, procedures, guidelines and standards to assist in decision making processes and in coordinating regional initiatives and plans;
- Knowledge of procedures, processes and systems to develop and maintain tracking systems for communication, freedom of information and record information management products;
- Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills to prepare and deliver communication materials and provide information/training;
- Knowledge of internal communication practices and tools;
- Knowledge of information management best practices and tools for printed and electronic data;
- Political acuity, tact and diplomacy to deal with sensitive and contentious issues and to deal with senior staff/managers/executives when providing
advice, summarizing data, etc.;
- Advanced ability to operate computers and electronic equipment, including government software packages, information databases, digital camera and
multi-media technology, knowledge of government Intranet (SharePoint) publishing techniques and ability to manage site, displaying creativity and originality in design;
- Knowledge of government and ministry programs, strategic directions, legislation/regulations, decision-making processes and accountability
structures, (i.e., roles and responsibilities of senior managers in the division's regional management structure, divisional management structure,
Assistant Deputy Minister's Office and the ministry's structure) to coordinate and formulate information on a wide range of ministry issues and initiatives;
- Knowledge of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to ensure legislation is applied properly in the preparation of correspondence and
briefing materials and for the purpose of records information management.

Skills :

Ability to work independently and know when to seek guidance on program policy and process issues;
- Organization skills to have the ability to work under pressure and with discretion including the ability to set and change work priorities to ensure timely
completion and effective response to requests;
- Analytical skills to analyze options and make recommendations relative to conducting research and analysis of a broad range of sensitive and
contentious issues, to interpret information and developing/recommending issues management, internal communications and information management
- Communication skills to have the ability to work with all levels of staff in the region, public and senior ministry officials and when acting as ministry
spokesperson for the region, as authorized by the Communications Branch;
- Research skills and techniques to gather information, which is critical to support information management and briefing material preparation.
- Job requires proficiency in Oral French at the advanced Level to provide services in French and English.

Freedom of Action :

Work is performed independently under the direction of the Regional Services Manager and under the direction of the Regional Director, while acting
as the back-up (core hours/lunch, vacation, out of office coverage, etc.) and peak workload support for the regional Communication Coordinator.
Incumbent is guided by the framework of established objectives, policies, protocols, procedures to lead and provide internal and external
communication and information management services for the region (e.g., freedom on information, records/information management, etc.).
- Job requires incumbent to determine best method and content of response for each communication/information request, while working independently
and with minimal supervision.
- Job requires incumbent to deal with public/stakeholder complaints, inquiries, and information requests. Job requires incumbent to develop efficient
and effective internal division requests, protocols, standards and procedures for internal communications and records/information management.
Incumbent develops and maintains records and information management databases and provides analyses and advice to senior staff and management
on sensitive and contentious issues.
- Job requires incumbent to demonstrate judgement in coordinating issues management, workflow and business support activities/ processes, so that
current status and required deadlines of each work-in-progress can be monitored, taking proactive steps to try to ensure that the expectations of the
Director's office and approval process deadlines for responses are met. Job requires liaising and consulting with managers, professional and technical
staff and external parties on content to expedite issues responses within the desired timeframes, and exercising judgement in ensuring that the relevant
content is presented appropriate to the audience intended, is complete and supports the region's objectives. Job makes decisions in determining priorities/urgency of issues/activities given understanding of issues, in determining resources required to develop responses, and in determining scope
of research.
- Job requires judgement and freedom of action in conducting research and analysis, ensuring that appropriate legislative and policy requirements are
addressed in various briefing notes and reports.
- Judgement is required in establishing and maintaining solid working relationships with colleagues, staff from the Director's and Assistant Deputy
Minister's Office, Division Services Office and Communications Branch.
- Completed work is reviewed by the Manager/Director for the appropriateness of the content, and whether the work is consistent with objectives and
business plan; Job requires incumbent to be accountable for the quality of the underlying research and recommendations. Highly political or sensitive
issues or issues affecting other program areas may be referred to the Manager, Director, corporate office or Communications Branch for review and

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