Job Specification

Position Title:
Remote Airport Foreperson
Job Code:
12494 - Highway General Foreman/Woman 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide group leadership and perform a variety of tasks to maintain and operate a remote airport facility consisting of aircraft operational areas, airport buildings and equipment, and to construct and maintain roads.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Under direction of the Airport Zone Supervisor, the incumbent will:

Plan, coordinate and supervise maintenance and construction to effectively and safely operate a specific airport by the following:
- ensure work is performed within budget and to airport policies and standards;
- assess labour and equipment resources required for work to assist Airport Zone Supervisor in estimating costs and equipment availability;
- provide group leadership to the Assistant Foreperson and unclassified site staff in the performance of duties;
- assist the Airport Zone Supervisor and Facilities Foreman to plan and organize construction projects and be responsible for the on site implementation, coordination and supervision of project;
- perform daily administrative duties and related functions by recording, documenting and submitting data as required by RNTO; Examples are labour and equipment time sheets, fuel and lubricant usage reports, requisitioning materials and equipment parts, facilitating third party temporary assistance through respective Band offices and/or Northern Store, hiring community Band equipment, rental of Ministry facilities, labour and equipment, road subsidy agreements, etc.;
- maintain inventory of parts, fuel and lubricants and reordering;
- perform safety inspections of all safety and fire related equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and first aid kit and refill or restock as required;
- supervise contractors performing work for MTO;
- receive and ship material and supplies;
- collect and prepare for shipment hazardous wastes such as used motor oil, batteries, battery acid, antifreeze, varsol, etc.
-actively participate in delivery and review of Safety Management System

Operate and maintain the airport by the following:

- inspect and repair aircraft maneuvering areas, visual aids, runway lights, flare pots, wind cone, beacon, etc. on a daily basis;
- performs adjustments and/or repairs to airfield lighting system such as replacing lenses, lamps etc.;
-communicates with aircraft by using VHF radio equipment while operating equipment on the airport
-maintains water, plumbing and septic systems as per the provincial and federal legislation;
-maintain security of the airport to ensure only authorized personnel on restricted areas and ensure aircraft operators are controlling passengers on the ramp;
- maintain the areas adjacent to the runway to ensure there are no obstructions within the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces, i.e. trees or vegetation;
- provide fire fighting and emergency assistance to aircraft, aircrew and others and ensuring the airport fire extinguishers are serviceable.

Maintain and repair airport buildings and utilities by:

- daily inspection of Ministry buildings and utilities for maintenance defects or cleanliness, and correct or arrange for the work to be done;
- perform repairs to buildings and utility systems such as repair doors, windows and screens, replace switches, plugs, taps, etc.
- Perform emergency repairs to buildings and utilities such as repair leaking roofs, furnace, water liens, pumps, water treatment systems, septic tanks, etc.
- assist trades staff to repair equipment, buildings and utility systems;
-oversee leases and leasehold activities on leased space

Provide assistance as required to other Government agencies, air carriers and community residents by:

- constructing and maintaining roads by completing required agreements, planning work, and operating equipment;
- arranging for labour and equipment on a rental basis to perform specific work;
- provides runway condition information to Nav Canada daily;
- arranging for runway illumination for medical or emergency flights when airfield lighting system is unserviceable;
- informing Transport Canada of Notice to Airman (NOTAM) when conditions warrant;
- attending Band Council meetings to discuss topics which affect Ministry operations;
- maintaining liaison between the Band and the Ministry about airport operations;
- operate mobile/vehicle radio, where required, to advise Flight Service Station of vehicles on runway;
- work on a temporary basis at other airports;
- assess and collect fees for MTO services provided to others;
- perform wildlife management to ensure runway safety, prepare runway condition reports to Transport Canada;
- process material for runway construction;
- ensure fuel transfer and handling is done in a safe manner;
- performing other related duties as required.

Provide group leadership and/or perform the operation and maintenance of equipment to construct and maintain airfields and roads by the following:

- operate heavy equipment (packer, bulldozer, loader, grader and dump trucks) to repair and maintain the airport and roads.
- This includes plowing in the winter and grade and compact in the summer. Where provided, also operate snowblower, runway sweeper and truck with sander;
- operate small equipment such as chainsaws, welders, circular saw, drill press and grinder to perform maintenance tasks;
- perform routine maintenance, servicing and minor repairs on equipment to keep them serviceable, such as change minor components, repair flat tire, change fluids and lubricants, adjust components, welding, cutting, etc.;
- clean and wash equipment.

Staffing and Licensing :

Restricted Radio Operator (Air) License.

Knowledge :

Ability to operate all heavy equipment at the airport; excellent knowledge of remote airport operations and a working knowledge of aerodrome certification requirements; ability to organize, allocate and review work of employees; ability to operate a variety of hand tools, power tools, pumps, compressors, arc welder, oxy/acetylene equipment; must possess a Radio Operator (Air) License and operate a two way radio; knowledge of servicing and minor mechanical repairs for equipment and vehicles; knowledge and ability to perform minor and emergency repairs to buildings and utilities; knowledge and ability to complete and maintain work records such as time sheets, diaries, etc.; ability to read, write and speak English; ability to maintain accounts and cash for work done for others; knowledge of emergency level first aid and WHIMIS; knowledge of basic fire fighting equipment and procedures using small chemical fire extinguishers and other agents such as water sand, etc. Knowledge of transportation of Dangerous Goods legislation and procedures. Safety Management System.

Good knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and those regulations made under the act that apply to the workplace and the work being performed.

Skills :

Work requires ability to interpret weather and respond in appropriate fashion to minimize closure of airport.

Requires ability to make decisions on issuance of NOTAM's as required for aviation safety.

Requires ability to make decisions regarding availability and rental of equipment to First Nation.

To determine weather hired employees are skilled enough to operate large machinery.

Freedom of Action :

Incumbent is left on own initiative the majority of the time. Zone Supervisor usually spends about one or two days several times per year at site. Rest of contact with incumbent is by telephone. Emergency technical assistance is limited in the community, therefore, the incumbent must use own initiative until technical staff can be flown into the community to correct the problem. Sites are in remote northern Ontario with prolonged cold winters from October to May. Employees must occasionally travel to other sites on small aircraft and to supply and cook own meals.

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