Job Specification

Position Title:
Education Officer - School Support and Outreach
Job Code:
6A007N - PolicyEducationOfficer06
Job ID:

Purpose :

To lead the planning and delivery of training programs and advisory/support services to school and board teams in school districts and schools across the province for the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) in support of the implementation of EQAO assessments and the interpretation of EQAO data and other evidence, and to enable effective informed decision making with respect to educational services and program delivery that support the government/EQAO goals/objectives for education excellence in Ontario. To provide advice and recommendations to EQAO management on school support and outreach issues.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Provides technical leadership, planning, coordination and education expertise in the development and implementation of consultation, advisory and training outreach programs to promote the development of educational practices across the province that support the government/EQAO
goals/objectives for education excellence in Ontario.
2. Leads projects for the analysis of EQAO assessment results to identify specific impacts on school districts and school professional policies/practices.
3. Leads the collection, profiling and reporting of examples of effective usage of EQAO assessment data and other evidence by schools that have successfully influenced and informed school improvement plans and educational methods/practices.
4. Leads the development of strategies to support improved student achievement in literacy and numeracy in Ontario. Develops and delivers training programs for school district/school administrators related to the EQAO mandate/objectives/programs, and the use of EQAO assessment data and other evidence for effective informed decision making with respect to educational services and program delivery.
5. Chairs provincial conference planning committees, and provides strategic leadership and direction for the planning and delivery of the annual symposia for school principals across the province, and for other province-wide educational conferences and meetings.
6. Develops and sustains positive relationships and networks with a board range of education stakeholders and interest groups, and chairs and/or participates on internal and external committees to gather information, opinions and attitudes; identify stakeholder needs and service issues; and generate their cooperation and buy-in for the development and implementation of policies, programs, initiatives and service-delivery arrangements.
7. Provides educational expertise in the development and roll-out of province-wide testing to schools and school districts.
8. Leads/manages school support and outreach projects including developing project objectives/plans, establishing project parameters, and determining research and analytical strategies, methodologies, timelines, and resource requirements. Monitors and controls the project progress to ensure timely and quality project deliverables.
9. Provides consultation/advisory services to EQAO colleagues on assessment teams related to the design, development and implementation of assessment programs.
10. Contributes to the development, analysis and implementation of EQAO policies and programs. Prepares research/analysis papers, discussion papers, briefing documents, correspondence, and issue papers on a broad range of educational assessment topics.
11. Provides technical knowledge, direction and guidance to external contractors assigned to work on specific school support and outreach projects. Assigns responsibilities to external contractors, monitors results, and refers performance issues to the Chief Executive Officer as required.
12. Leads/participates on EQAO, ministry, inter-ministry and inter-jurisdictional committees related to educational assessment as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of developments in the educational assessment field in order to develop current methodologies for the delivery of effective school support and outreach programs.
13. Provides expert advisory services to the Chief Executive Officer regarding school support and outreach issues and the implication and impact of assessment policy and direction.
14. Leads/participates in the development and implementation of assigned special projects as required by the Agency.

Knowledge / Skill :

Position requires a thorough knowledge of education theory, principles and methods with specialized knowledge of current large-scale education methodology, tools and processes to provide leadership to EQAO school support and outreach programs. A thorough knowledge of the Ontario educational system and related assessment issues and activities across the province to identify/assess the impact of EQAO assessment results on school policies, programs and professional practices. In-depth knowledge of a broad range of education curriculum subject areas to analyze and evaluate resource materials, evidence and EQAO assessment results, and to provide advice to the Chief Executive Officer regarding school support and outreach strategies, methods and plans. Excellent research and analytical skills to locate, synthesize, analyze and apply information to specific school district/school situations. Project planning/management skills to plan, lead and conduct school support and outreach projects, and to contribute to EQAO policy/program development initiatives. Relationship management skills to develop/manage consultation/advisory relationships with senior school district/school administrators and other stakeholders across the province, and to provide technical direction/guidance to external contractors.
Verbal communication, consultation and presentation skills to promote the government/EQAO mandate, objectives and programs related to education excellence, and provide strategic advice and leadership to external stakeholders. Written communication skills to prepare project plans, reports, briefings, and correspondence. Knowledge and skill in the operation of computer systems and network applications to conduct information searches and data analysis, and prepare reports/correspondence.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

-Consultation and negotiation skills to lead consultations with stakeholders (e.g., teachers, parents, school principals) who may have opposing needs and positions with regards to ministry policies; and to negotiate the development of recourses with teachers, professional writers, contracted researchers and resolving conflicts in timelines and completion of materials.
-Influencing skills to persuade other provinces and territories with respect to Ontario positions.
-Presentation skills to conduct information/training workshops to school boards/teacher teams and customize information/data for different audiences and stakeholders including senior management to explain policy options and support recommendations.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

-Analyze provincial, national and international data to determine strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations regarding their applicability and relevance to Ontario?s education sector and decision-making regarding improving student achievement.
-Analyze options as to whether Ontario should participate in various tests and making recommendations to government officials.
-Review policies, resource materials prepared by others to ensure compliance with ministry policies/legislation and to ensure product meets stakeholder needs while incorporating most recent technological methods.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
-Making recommendations to changes in policy and legislation related to student achievement within the guidelines provided by education and related theories, legislation and ministry standards.
-The design of projects, work plans and managing resources, approving proposals and funding for research and resource material development.
-Recommending options related to their education portfolio that will best meet the priorities of the government.
-Making recommendations regarding content to include in guides and resource materials to assist teachers in understanding provincial policies and best practices.
-Has latitude to make determinations regarding appropriate student sampling and resource materials supporting student testing.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

Internal: The position has frequent contact with EQAO management and colleagues on assessment teams to provide information, advice and recommendations related to EQAO school support and outreach programs, and to contribute to the development of EQAO policies. Regular contact with management/staff in other ministries to exchange information and to participate on inter-ministry committees as assigned.

External: Frequent contact with senior administrators in school districts and schools and with other education stakeholders across the province to coordinate/deliver training on EQAO programs and the interpretation/application of EQAO assessment data results, and to advise related to the development of best practices for school policies/programs. Regular contact with external contractors to provide direction on projects.
-Ministry senior executives (e.g. Minister, Deputy Minister) to provide briefings, recommendations and information on policy options.
-Cross-province/territory councils to make recommendations and provide input regarding an assigned education portfolio.
-Staff in other branches within the Ministry (e.g. Legal Services, Communications, Field Services) to obtain/share information, review documents, provides opinions regarding projects and participate on projects.
-Teachers, principles, supervisory officers, and parent federations and associations to lead consultations regarding changes to policies and respond to queries regarding Ontario policies and projects.
-Contracted external experts, teachers and stakeholders involved in resource development to recruit subject teachers, assign work and provide leadership on project activities.

Guidance / Supervision :

-Provides project leadership to ministry staff involved in resource development to explain work assignments, provide advice throughout resource development to ensure timelines are met and products completed within requirements.
-Provides advice to ministry staff on a range of policy related matters and to advice on portfolio subject-specific policies and resources.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

-Routinely required to respond to requests from Offices of the Minister and Deputy Minister within short deadlines, tight time pressures. Rare requirement to work beyond normal work hours.

Mental / Sensory :

-Occasional requirement to concentrate when listening intently at conferences and meetings with stakeholders.

Conditions / Environment :

-Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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