Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior I&IT Architect
Job Code:
7A003 - InformationTechnology07
Job ID:

Purpose :

- To provide expertise and leadership in information technology (IT) architecture in a number of the following domains: business, technology, applications, security and/or information and includes enterprise architecture frameworks, strategies, methodologies.

- To manage the planning, design, delivery and implementation of architecture solutions for large scale and complex multi-year I&IT projects required to meet major and critical business requirements of ministry client(s) impacting external stakeholders.

- To define, evaluate and lead the development of architecture policies, standards, guidelines and best practices affecting multi-ministry/cluster initiatives.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Advice and Expertise
- Identifies architecture requirements and leads development of architecture solutions for large scale, multi-client/cluster systems development initiatives, including conceptual, logical and design level architecture; business process analysis; systems analysis and design; purchase, modification and integration of commercial systems; systems integration related to cross-ministry/multi-client systems.

- Develops system performance metrics and ensures systems are implemented according to policies, standards, processes and practices.

- Assesses client demands across the OPS and is responsible for the architecture, design, implementation and continuous evolution of cost effective multi-ministry/large scale/enterprise reusable IT assets and services available to I&IT projects.

- Considers architecture view, provides and proposes systems solutions to ensure conceptual integrity, operational status and adequacy of documentation; conducts follow-ups to ensure client satisfaction; negotiates infrastructure services on behalf of clients and service level agreements.

- Provides direction on the deployment of I&IT systems architecture including technology, infrastructure implementation, IT capacity requirements, service level agreements and organizational and business process changes.

- Analyses, defines, evaluates and recommends enterprise architecture requirements across the various domains, for multi-ministry/large scale/enterprise wide IT systems. Participates in/conducts feasibility studies, architecture reviews of new IT systems or modification/redevelopment of legacy systems.

- Provides senior level strategic and authoritative advice to support architecture, policy, procedures and program development.

2. Standards and Policies
- Leads projects for the development of I&IT architecture, cluster/corporate strategic/operational plans and I&IT project development policies, standards and procedures; leads and/or participates on inter-cluster/multi-ministry/cross-jurisdictional and corporate committees/task forces to identify, assess and recommend architecture strategies/approaches to facilitate resolution of systems development issues.

- Initiates partnerships, leads and participates in multi-ministry/large scale/ enterprise architecture, standards or IT systems projects with other ministries, jurisdictions or the broader public sector having impacts on ministry and corporate program delivery.

- Provides the analysis, development and evaluation of new directions and options for architecture, in order to recommend policy and standards which are consistent with diverse corporate, cluster, ministry and client needs, strategies, directions and resources.

- Leads/develops and implements architecture policies, I&IT guidance, standards and products including roadmaps, patterns, and reference architectures. Work is performed within broad mandate and requires unique research/in-depth analysis pushing the boundaries of set guidelines to provide innovative solutions.

3. Project Planning and Solutions Delivery
- Leads the development for all phases of large scale systems architecture ensuring compliance with OPS gating/approval policies and IT directives; projects will have significant impact on client/business objectives, relationships with external organizations and credibility of the organization with the public.

- Delivers architecture planning, decisions and designs related to cross-ministry/multi-client systems which address significant and/or complex, broadly defined business objectives and client requirements; develops architecture collateral and ensures alignment to business & IT strategies and OPS directives, standards and requirements.

- Provides consultative guidance and technical advice and participates in governance established to ensure IT projects confirm to OPS directives, policies, and standards.

- Develops and presents proposals/business cases for architecture projects and ensures compliance with OPS directives, policies, standards and guidelines, including I&IT architectural reviews and approvals.

- Manages complete lifecycle for multi-ministry/large scale/enterprise-wide architecture projects including COTS and/or managed services; identifies and resolves complex issues; provides senior level technical advice and guidance to clients and project staff.

- Applies industry and/or OPS standard project management and control processes; quality assurance and quality control techniques; supports the development of the PMO through reviewing PMO processes, standards and practices.

- Develops and manages processes for the acquisition of IT solutions, IT services and external resources; participates in the development of enterprise Vendors of Records for I&IT services; develops and/or recommends project budgets, estimates costs, monitors and reports on status of budget as it relates to architectural components of overall IT system solutions and/or projects that focus on architectural requirements.

- Analyzes, defines, evaluates and recommends on enterprise architecture requirements, considering all domains for multi-ministry/large scale/enterprise-wide IT systems.

- Develops business cases for the acquisition of fee-for-service consultants and manages external consultant contracts, monitoring performance to ensure deliverables meet standards and agreements, and to deal with issues of non-compliance.

4. Stakeholder Relationships / Groups
- Consults with internal/external clients (e.g. directors, managers, staff) to provide advice in defining systems architecture requirements and identifying solutions and deliverables suited to client needs; provides expert advice and technical expertise and makes presentations to project management teams and senior level executive management, up to the ADM, to discuss IT strategies/project status, identify and recommend resolution of complex systems issues and gain buy-in for approaches and opportunities.

- Develops and maintains relationships with I&IT managers, senior client management and project stakeholders to promote and market I&IT architecture; consults with vendors, consultants and peers in the IT community and in other jurisdictions to address systems issues and developments.

5. Team Leadership/Guidance/Training
- Provides leadership, guidance, training to project teams and consultants retained for architecture project activities as well as technical guidance to unit systems staff; schedules activities, explains procedures, develops learning plans and monitors work progress.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
- OPS I&IT architecture (business, technology, applications, security and/or information), IT strategies, policies, standards, plans, current and emerging enterprise architecture principles, methodologies, mechanisms and techniques, to define, analyze, develop and implement IT architecture policies, standards, tools and techniques.

- Knowledge of concepts of security in order to provide practical expertise to meet complex and/or diverse cluster/corporate needs; ensure integrity of IT business, technology, applications, security and/or information and enterprise architecture models; and ensure/monitor compliance with IT directives, policies and standard.

- Industry standards to provide state of the art advice, including systems analysis, design, development, testing and implementation methods, tools and techniques; technology data, and networking techniques. Relevant state of the art multi-platform I&IT technology; I&IT technology research and development, implementation, operations management, security, and emerging technologies, in order to assess client needs, lead projects, and provide expertise. OPS I&IT development and solutions to create approaches and establish deliverables and performance metrics often pushing the boundaries of set procedures and guidelines.

- Applying leading industry and OPS-wide best practices and standards in architecture, software and systems engineering , design and development tools and techniques, and software lifecycle methodologies to provide timely delivery of projects and subject matter expertise to development teams across the OPS.

- Knowledge of business process modelling, data modelling, and/or information resource management, business analysis, design and process re-engineering to lead analysis and systems solutions.

- Written and oral communication skills to present IT strategies and solutions to senior management; advise regarding approaches to contentious systems architecture issues; deliver presentations to clients and stakeholders; interview highly skilled IT professionals; lead planning sessions with corporate IT groups and stakeholders; lead project status meetings and other cluster/corporate committees to discuss/determine strategy for systems architecture priorities and change management directions.

- Job has mandatory requirements in areas such as: in-depth knowledge of the information technologies, applications, industry and computer languages specific to the program system(s) currently in use. These mandatory requirements will be specified in the job ad during the recruitment process.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

Consultation, collaboration and facilitation skills to consult with multiple stakeholders and clients to advise on technical issues, facilitate discussions among stakeholders with different interests, encourage participation in the systems design process, and negotiate customer service agreements and resource requirements with client senior management and other IT groups to minimize service delivery issues.

- Persuasion and negotiating skills to establish effective working relationships, obtain buy-in for systems development, promote systems to senior management and stakeholders and provide advice and recommendations to management/staff regarding most effective architecture system strategies.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analytical and problem-solving skills to:
- Develop architectural solutions to meet complex, multi-year plans, spanning multiple internal/external stakeholders and broadly defined business objectives.

- Resolve significant integration and technical issues to address multiple systems/applications linkages, interdependencies and impacts where requirements are not initially clear; to research and recommend innovative systems architecture alternatives and integration strategies; and to plan and coordinate all phases of complex multi-ministry/cluster architecture for systems supporting both internal/external clients and stakeholders.

- Develop appropriate performance measures that are adaptive and responsive to address the continuous introduction of new and emerging technologies, use of unfamiliar or unproven technology, broadly defined or undefined business and systems requirements.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
- Determining architectural strategies/directions which shape cross-ministry designs addressing significant and/or complex, broadly defined business objectives and client requirements.

- Providing input into strategic/operational plans and project management policies/ standards; determines approach and develops business cases for systems architecture solutions and ensure compliance with ministry and OPS directives, policies, standards and guidelines; develops reports/recommendations to support senior level decision-making.

- Identifying complex systems issues, determining areas of risk and recommending innovative alternatives and options for resolution to meet client/ministry needs, having impacts on client program delivery and broader ministry and corporate IT objectives.

Has latitude to determine architecture project budgets and procurement/resourcing strategies; establishes architecture project priorities/directions to support system integration, alignment and compliance with ministry and OPS IT strategies, directives, policies and standards.

Decisions are guided by OPS/ministry I&IT directives, policies, standards and framework to meet critical client business requirements and to provide strategic systems architecture advice/direction to senior client and ministry IT management.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Liaises directly with internal and external client/stakeholder groups to discuss and resolve issues, clarify requirements and provide information on progress/status of initiatives.

- Leads and facilitates discussions/interactions where clients/stakeholders, vendors, other public sector jurisdictions have diverse and competing perspectives, objectives and interests to discuss technology trends and initiate partnerships for participation in integrated projects.

- Leads consultations involving multiple partners, internal/external stakeholders and clients (BPS, other levels of government, private sector) to discuss technology trends, IT standards and architecture, obtain policy interpretations and discuss business proposals for compliance with central agency directives.

Guidance / Supervision :

- Supervises the design, development, testing and deployment activities of complex I&IT projects and is responsible for their delivery and compliance with I&IT standards and policies.

- Provides technical guidance and recommendations based on established and emerging OPS and industry standards, trends, guidelines and policies to IT project teams, senior management and client stakeholders toward the development and delivery of I&IT systems and policies.

- Supervises and provides technical leadership to multi-disciplinary teams/architecture/project staff to motivate and manage processes which depend on the active participation and products from those who do not necessarily report directly to the team.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

- Frequently works longer hours to meet work requirements.

- Routinely deals with unexpected changes to deadlines and work demands.

- Routinely works within tight time pressures and conflicting work demands and priorities.

- Frequently travels to client workplaces and vendor sites to collaborate and deliver on priority assignments

Mental / Sensory :

- Frequent requirement to concentrate when analyzing complex IT project data, giving instructions to project teams, or presenting to senior IT management.

- Frequent context switching required to complete tasks associated with multiple concurrent projects and initiatives

- High levels of attention required to assess how small details affect the delivery of projects and initiatives affecting clients across the enterprise and the broader public sector

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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