Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Marine Engineer
Job Code:
17286 - Senior Marine Engineer 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To maintain and operate the mechanical equipment on an end-loading ferry operating between Glenora and Adolphustown along with related terminal equipment.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Maintains and operates all vessel engines, pumps and related equipment under the command of the Ferry Captain and as directed by the Chief Marine Engineer by: carrying out regular inspections in accordance with standard maintenance checklists; checking and testing onboard equipment ensuring proper levels, temperatures, pressures, etc., are maintained; carrying out regular fire patrols and recording same in log provided; oiling and greasing equipment and changing oil and filters regularly; removing and replacing worn parts; maintaining air and water lines in a clean and free flowing manner;
recording maintenance activities and any equipment adjustments in engine room log; reporting any malfunctions that could affect vessel operation to the Ferry Captain and Chief Marine Engineer.
2. Operates the vessel's equipment by: operating the main engines with manual controls as directed by the Ferry Captain from the bridge if controls in the engine room fail; pumping ballast into and out of tanks as directed by the Ferry Captain; operating all other engines, pumps and systems; ensuring the proper amount of electrolyte is maintained in storage batteries; keeping all air and water lines clear and free moving; and recording maintenance routines/inspections in engine room log.
3. Assumes responsibility for the maintenance and efficiency of the engine room by: ensuring cleanliness and neatness; painting engine room components on a regular basis; checking the supply of lubricating oil, fuel and other inventory supplies and reporting the need for additional supply to the Ferry Captain. Records engine room activities in the engine room log.
4. Carries out emergency response procedures (e.g. fire, flooding) under the direction of the Ferry Captain in accordance with the Standing Orders on Ferry Operation (e.g. in case of flooding, establish flooding boundaries and start emergency pumps). Assist Chief Marine Engineer in training new engine room crewmembers.
5. Performs mechanical duties by: assisting the Chief Marine Engineer and/or ministry mechanical staff in performing regular overhauls and rebuilding; repairing terminal facilities such as hydraulic shore ramps, public washrooms, sanitary system, office and storage building heating systems; changing lubricating oil and repairing, as necessary, two shore side air compressors that operate the bubble system around ships and docks.
6. Maintain and ensure safe working practices, to the extent of their qualifications, of all electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with Coast Guard and MTO work procedures.
7. Assist the Chief Marine Engineer in preparations for annual refits and 5-year dry-docking.
8. Complies with Transport Canada Regulations and MTO policies for pollution prevention in accordance with the Standing Orders.
9. Under the direction of the Captain, ensure that all crew are familiar with the proper operation of engine room related safety equipment, water-tight doors, emergency fire pump, engine room C02 extinguishing system.
10. As required, may perform the duties of Deckhand on an assigned shift due to staff shortages or unforeseen circumstances.

Staffing and Licensing :

Certificate of Competency as a Restricted Marine Engineer (for specified vessels).
Marine Emergency Duties Certificate to the level required by Transport Canada.
Valid Continued Proficiency Endorsement Certificate.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of seamanship principles and practices (e.g. protection of watertight integrity of compartments, proper ventilation, proper use of a wide variety of hand and power tools, safe working practices, safe stowage of equipment and supplies) in order to ensure the operation of the vessel in a safe manner and prevent fires or injuries. Job requires knowledge of Transport Canada regulations and Ministry Standing Orders for Ferry Operations in order to ensure the mechanical operation of the vessel in a safe and lawful manner and to respond appropriately to emergency situations (e.g.
collision, fire, grounding, flooding, main engine or generator failure). Job requires knowledge of safe and efficient operating and maintenance procedures for shipboard and shore equipment (e.g. starting and shutting down procedures, proper ranges of temperatures, pressures and speeds of machinery). Job requires understanding of all gauges and indicators for equipment onboard the vessel and in ramp and compressor equipment ashore. Job requires knowledge of signs of wear or
malfunction in machinery and other equipment such as propulsion systems, electrical equipment, air compressors, pumps, hydraulics, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, and maintenance/repair procedures to deal with these problems. Job requires knowledge of all daily routines and inspections required as contained in the standing orders.

Skills :

Job requires analytical ability to detect problems or potential problems in equipment through observation of changes in pressures, temperatures, sounds, visible wear or other indicators. Job requires mechanical ability to make adjustments, part replacements or minor repairs to identified problems, referring major defects to the Chief Marine Engineer for direction or coordination of repair work and purchase of parts and services. Job requires identifying and reporting any malfunctions that
could affect the operation of the vessel to the Ferry Captain or Chief Marine Engineer. Job requires responding appropriately in emergency situations, assessing priorities of action in the event of propulsion or steering failure, overheated bearings, flooding, fire, etc. Job requires planning and organizing ability to conduct shift inspections of onboard equipment (e.g. ensuring proper levels, temperatures, pressures, etc.) and regular checks on fuel, oil and hydraulic piping for leaks, perform
minor repairs, lubricate equipment, change oil and filters and check the need for additional supplies in accordance with approved maintenance schedules while not affecting normal ferry operation. Job requires dealing courteously with passengers regarding complaints or concerns when working on ferry deck or on shore as required.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with Ministry Standing Orders for Ferry Operations and Transport Canada regulations. Job requires decision-making in determining the need to make mechanical adjustments and minor or temporary equipment repairs, recommending major repairs or overhauls to the Chief Marine Engineer, assessing emergency situations and determining appropriate action (e.g. fire flooding, engine overheating), determining if equipment or machinery should be taken out of service depending on severity of the problem, such as switching generators, or notifying the Ferry Captain of the need to shut down a main engine to prevent damage or a dangerous malfunction. Work is performed under the command of the Ferry Captain during the course of vessel operation or as directed by the Chief Marine Engineer for adherence to Ministry Standing Orders, Transport Canada regulations and regular maintenance practices and schedules. Job refers major problems such as the requirements for major repairs or system malfunctions to the Ferry Captain and Chief Marine Engineer.

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