Job Specification

Position Title:
Policy Analyst
Job Code:
4A007 - Policy04
Job ID:

Purpose :

To provide research, policy and analytical services for a range of capital files and projects, including future large scale expansions of capacity in postsecondary education.

Key Responsibilities :

Policy Research and Analysis
' Plans and conducts research and analytical projects, qualitative and quantitative studies and other initiatives related to the development of operational policies, guidelines, criteria, and performance measures in support of a number of capital files and projects.
' Develops research design, methodology, terms of reference, data sources and requirements, to meet a range of research and policy needs in support of project objectives.
' Provides research, analysis, reporting and options/recommendations regarding trends and directions, new capital planning developments, existing projects, funding and business models.
' Superior analytical skills to synthesize capital proposal information, propose alternative assumptions/analysis and recommend appropriate course of action/costing with respect to capital projects,
' Understanding of different forms of project delivery (e.g., Alternative Finance and Procurement) in order to advise on recommended model for provincial consideration.
' Provides research on current and emerging issues including summary analyses and recommendations on capital expansion projects in Ontario, including the review of proposals, current and emerging issues requiring policy, or project response.
' Advisor seen as subject matter expert due to knowledge of the broader policy context in which major capacity expansion projects are considered and in-depth knowledge/analysis of the financial/costing aspects and recommendations regarding projects.
' Participates on large concurrent initiatives of the branch.

Stakeholder Relations/Consultations
' Liaises with ministry and corporate fiscal and policy areas and other provincial ministries as well as external stakeholders to gather data in support of capital planning and projects, including Infrastructure Ontario.
' Liaises with institutions to discuss project proposals, costing/forecasting assumptions, etc. with responsibility to defend ministry's analysis/recommendations to project proponents (e.g., institution Directors, Vice Presidents of Finance).
' Provides secretariat support to meetings including logistics, agenda items, preparation of materials.
' Prepares/organizes materials and participates on working groups.

' Conducts the review, prioritization, research and response to a range of policy and program issues and related correspondence.
' Provides preliminary research from various sources to respond to information requests from ministry senior management or central agencies (e.g., Ministry of Infrastructure, Cabinet Office).
' Prepares a range of materials to support the approvals process and Cabinet/Treasury Board submissions including business case development, costings and business analyses.
' Prepares a range of materials to support issues management including reports, briefing notes, house notes.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
' Research, policy and program analysis, development and evaluation methods, principles and techniques and government decision making processes to plan and conduct research and analytical projects for the development of operational policies, guidelines, criteria and performance measures for a range of Capital files
' Funding and sector capital related issues to ensure research, analysis and options reflect a range of financial, fiscal and business factors, and are communicated to stakeholders and senior management.
' Business case development, costing and business analysis methods and techniques to prepare relevant materials and make recommendations in support of project submissions.
' Government approval processes to prepare segments of Cabinet/Treasury Board submissions. ' Project planning and management methods to plan, develop and conduct concurrent projects. ' Oral and written communications to prepare research reports, trends and impact analyses, and recommendations, brief project components on ministry analysis/approaches, respond to policy and program related correspondence, briefing materials.
' Standard software programs and tools to research and prepare own materials.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

' Consultation skills to conduct research and to respond to inquiries/issues on capital files.
' Presentation and influencing skills to provide advice and guidance regarding policy and program recommendations.
' Tact and diplomacy to communicate/advise on the Ministry/provincial policy/position on sensitive, capital project related issues to other provincial ministries and stakeholders.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analytical and problem-solving skills to:
' Conduct research, issues analysis and determine data sources to provide summary analyses, business cases, costing and recommendations in support project proposals from the postsecondary education sector.
' Conduct analyses of both qualitative and quantitative research findings and data from a range of sources to report on trends and directions, new capital planning developments.
Analyze and evaluate a range of policy issues within correspondence to assess and prepare appropriate responses.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:
planning and conducting concurrent projects for the research and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, summary analyses and recommendations to support capital projects and related operational policies, guidelines, criteria and performance measures.
determining optimum methods for conducting research, issues analyses and developing
' sources of data, methodologies and other factors to ensure quality outputs and analyses which inform the capital project activities, including criteria, scope, costing, labour market intelligence.
' preparing materials and supporting analyses for approval panels and Treasury Board and Cabinet submissions. Has latitude to determine research and analysis sources and provide evidence and data on proposal costings, business analyses of proposals in relation to provincial priorities and to meet policy, program, evaluation needs of approval panels. Identifies trends and issues for discussion with colleagues and management.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

' Capital colleagues to work collaboratively on all initiatives for the development and implementation of operational policies, guidelines, criteria and performance measures as well as proposal scope, criteria and performance measures.
' Ministry and Central Agency senior management, to respond to requests for information, issues analysis, response to correspondence, and briefing notes.
' Counterparts in own and other ministries to conduct research and to consult on program and policy development and impact analysis, to collaborate on issues resolution.
' Stakeholders in the postsecondary education sector to research data and challenge assumptions/information provided in support of capital projects.

Guidance / Supervision :

Provides guidance regarding Capital Projects as a subject matter expert with respect to expansion projects and as a member of working groups/committees.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

Frequently required to respond to requests within short deadlines where time pressures result in the need to work beyond normal work hours for response to information requests.
Frequently required to deal with deadlines which are subject to change without notice, priorities that are not anticipated or contentious issues which arise unexpectedly and require quick turnaround for issues management.

Mental / Sensory :

Continuous requirement to concentrate when reading materials, analyzing documents and research, and when drafting reports, briefing notes and policy related materials.
Frequent requirement to listen intently when attending meetings, seeking input from stakeholders.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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