Job Specification

Position Title:
General Maintenance Mechanic
Job Code:
93006 - Mtce Mechanic 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To complete a variety of maintenance tasks and a preventative maintenance program of inspection and service requiring the use of skills usually associated with heating, ventilation, refrigeration, carpentry, and plumbing in a large school with a student lodging program.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Under the general supervision of the Manager, Maintenance and Security

1. Maintain the efficient operation of the heating and air conditioning systems by:
' Performing planned maintenance on all heating and ventilating units using a computerized programmed maintenance schedule for replacement of filters, lubrication, belt changing or tensioning, bearing replacement; recalibration to manufacturers specifications.
' Checking operation of heating and ventilating systems to ensure that they are operating within manufacturers operation parameters for efficiency, British Thermal Units (B.T.U.) output, cooling capacity, cycling times, energy efficiency and safety.
' Replacing heating and ventilating systems components such as pumps, bearings, instrumentation, blowers, motors, valves, solenoids, timers, gauges, thermostat, etc.
' Recommending to the supervisor outside vendor and manufacturer repair for those components which require specialized repairs, tools, expertise, or spare parts.
' Responding to calls from school personnel for heating, ventilating and air conditioning system climate control adjustments.
' Repairing and installation of gas appliances.
' Repairing and inspecting hot water boilers and furnaces.

2. Performs a variety of maintenance duties by:
' Cleaning all air conditioning units, window air conditioning units, walk-in freezers, and refrigerator coils. ' Assisting other trades in drywall repair, painting, building construction, moving equipment, replacing filters, pumps, control devices and refurbishes and replaces same as required.
' Ensuring proper safety measures have been taken when performing repairs and maintenance.
' Reporting all maintenance activity in logbooks and the computer system ensuring service tags and chemical usage records are incorporated into records.
' Ensuring tools such as saws, drills, ladders etc. are kept in neat order and in good repair.

3. Provides a preventative maintenance program by:
' Visually inspecting, at pre-determined intervals, mechanical equipment, and machinery, looking for worn parts in need of repair and replacement.
' Cleaning and lubricating parts of equipment as per maintenance schedule.
' Assisting supervisor in conducting fire drills and bringing to attention of supervisor all mechanical, electrical and safety system malfunctions.
' Maintaining stock of all parts and components used in the repair and maintenance of heating and ventilating and air conditioning systems, keeping inventory records, and recommending to supervisor the purchase of additional replacement stock.

4. Performs other duties such as:
' Monitoring warranty information on new and/or repaired components and following up with vendors to effect repairs/replacement under warranty. Assisting with annual Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA) boiler inspections.
' As assigned.

Staffing and Licensing :

Gas fitter 2

Knowledge :

' Job requires thorough knowledge and proficiency in mechanical maintenance work and in preventative maintenance programs relating to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hydronics, pneumatic controls, Building Automation System (BAS).
' Job requires knowledge in planning, preparation and lay out of a cooling system and/or heating-cooling combination systems; including technical knowledge of start-up of refrigeration and air-cooling systems; installing and connecting piping used for primary and secondary cooling.
' Job requires knowledge and experience maintaining, servicing, repairing, and replacing heating systems components and accessories, including electrical and electronic components of the systems, servicing, testing, adjusting, commissioning and decommissioning refrigeration and air-cooling systems.
' Job requires general knowledge of other construction trades, carpentry, plumbing to perform general maintenance and to determine the proper methods and materials for performing installation, replacement, repair, and construction work on sections of the facility such as drywall, painting, and equipment.
' Job requires knowledge of relevant health and safety legislation and experience working with a variety of policies, procedures, and legislation such as OHSA, WHMIS, TSSA regulations, ESA and ULC certifications, building codes, fire codes, local by-laws etc.

Skills :

' Job requires ability to plan and prepare for the installation, maintenance and service of gas fired heating systems.
' Job requires ability to install and commission natural gas fired heating systems and appliances and maintain and service these systems and appliances.
' Job requires ability to install and start up heating and heat pumps (HP); including the ability to service and/or maintain heating and HP.
' Job requires proficiency in reading blueprints and schematics.
' Job requires an ability to perform a variety of maintenance tasks such as painting, plumbing, carpentry and maintenance.
' Job requires the ability to use hand tools and power equipment without supervision, work well with others and the ability to communicate ideas.
' Job requires good interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written).
' Job requires the ability to keep accurate records. Organization, time management, analytical and problemsolving skills are required.
' Job requires proficient computer skills.
' Job requires good physical condition.

Freedom of Action :

Works under the general direction of the Manager, Maintenance and Security. Work is completed according to acceptable standards of quality and production.

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