Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Shift Cook (Irregular On-Call)
Job Code:
C50214 - Cook 2 (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To prepare, cook and serve meals for young persons and staff on an assigned shift. Develop and post a rotating menu, purchase appropriate amount of food and maintain an inventory within a budget. Participates in the programming for youth by teaching skills and providing opportunities for the youth to learn about food preparation. To contribute to a multi-disciplinary team approach in the provision of services to youth and staff.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Under the general direction of the Youth Centre Administrator and in accordance with established core menus: Preparing nutritious and appetizing meals as prescribed in the approved rotational menus as well as preparing special foods and diets based on medical or religious needs;
Making substitutions or modifications to menus based on seasonal availability of fresh foods and special occasions; Purchasing food and supplies based on daily and long term requirements;
Portioning food and ensuring proper portion control as well as balanced diets for young persons;
Serving or supervising the serving of meals and ensuring that they are kept hot or cold as required.

Ensures safe and proper food services by:
Contributing to kitchen cleanliness and proper functioning of equipment;
Reporting any equipment or physical plant functioning issues to manager;
Ensuring that the kitchen is neat and sanitary which may include supervising young persons in washing floors, dishes and utensils, in cleaning stoves, etc., and in generally maintaining clean, sanitary conditions;
Ensuring the security of spices, eating utensils and knives used in the preparing of food;
Following safe and sound food handling practices;
Maintaining inventory control of food and cleaning supplies.

Contributes to the programming and smooth functioning of the facility by developing a kitchen work program for young persons including work schedules daily for youth who have been approved to participate in this activity by:
Assigning tasks to youth kitchen helpers in food preparation such as washing, peeling, slicing and chopping vegetables, etc;
Working with staff and youth to integrate youth activities and food preparation functions into the daily routines of household living skills;
Providing opportunity for cooperative learning experiences for the youth;
Exercising responsibility in the supervision of youth kitchen helpers by assigning various duties and checking their work, assessing their conduct, warnings/praise submitted on behaviour reports.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge :

Knowledge of safe food handling practices, sound working knowledge of the Canada Food Guide, proper facility food service sanitary requirements, range of food preparation techniques and terms; Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS); understanding of food preparation techniques consistent with requirements for special diets due to medical or religious needs. This knowledge is usually gained through successful completion of post-secondary education from a college in chef/cook training course or related work experience in facility or restaurant cooking.

Skills :

Acceptable experience in volume cooking usually obtained by employment in a large restaurant or facility setting. Knowledge of food service techniques normally acquired by obtaining certification from the Ministry of Skills Development.
Ability to instruct, to train, and supervise youth kitchen helpers.
Willingness to work shifts; good health and physical condition.
Proficiency in the use of a variety of kitchen equipment consistent with a facility setting.
Ability to maintain food inventory consistent with the approved menu and remain within a budget; ability to adjust quantities accordingly to a fluctuating facility population.

Freedom of Action :

The position works under the general direction of the Youth Centre Administrator. As a journeyman cook, prepare and serve meals based on an approved rotational menu at a youth justice facility.
Incumbent assigns tasks to youth kitchen helpers as well as instructs and oversees youth kitchen helpers and reports on their behaviour and performance. Incumbent shares responsibility with other assigned staff for ensuring custody, control and safety of young persons, during their assignment in the kitchen area.

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