Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Service Delivery Assistant (1 French & 1 English)
Job Code:
09OAD - Office Administration 09
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide a range of administrative, program and financial activities related to employment programs, including the invigilation and marking of written trade, modular and other examinations for an office within a region to support service delivery.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Job requires:
1. Administering the examination process for written trade, modular and other examinations as per examination policy; verifying candidates' eligibility to write the examination; scheduling the examinations; providing examination plans, training standards, curriculums or referral to a source/study materials, websites; receiving examinations from Head Office, assembling and distributing appropriate examination materials; ensuring candidates do not have unauthorized books or papers; marking examination answer sheets using marking equipment; explaining procedures and responding to questions; supervising candidates and their approved Translator, Interpreter and/or Reader (TIR's) throughout the duration of the examination and collecting examinations upon completion; ensuring examination security by following examination procedures for checking, handling and storing examination materials. Tracking trends related to pass/ fail rates and marks achieved within particular exams or trades and/or any unusual patterns related to what clients are achieving within the examination room.
2. Providing front counter services and responding to general public, client and staff inquiries, individually or in group sessions, regarding new and existing employment and training programs/services. Explaining procedural requirements. Identifying and assessing routine issues and problems, clarifying and resolving discrepancies with client to ensure compliance with process and eligibility requirements. Identifying and assessing potential controversial and/or sensitive issues based on first point contact with client and providing early warning advisory to Manager (e.g. client not paid in timely manner).
3. Contacting employers and clients to explain process requirements and resolving discrepancies and procedural issues. Identifying discrepancies/ problems and discussing possible remedial action with the Employment and Training Consultants (ETCs). Ensuring effective client referrals to other programs and/or resource materials. Reviewing client data for accuracy and completeness, entering file information in databases and following up as necessary to clarify or request additional information.
4. Providing financial administration services for the office by processing accounts payable and receivables (e.g. supplier invoices, employee expense claims, fees collected from clients); reconciling receipts/ billing statements with EOIS, legacy or other information systems, Revenue Reports, monies received and bank deposit slips and resolving discrepancies. Preparing and receiving applications from clients and sponsors. Collecting fees, including processing credit card payments through the Points of Sale (POS) electronic machine, and issuing receipts; taking and relaying messages. Generating deposit slips and depositing revenues in bank as required and retaining copies of records. Review receipts received from clients and/or service providers related to Ministry's employment and training programs (e.g. cost of books, tuition, attendance records) to ensure that claims are within established limits verifying program overpayments and preparing required documentation; contact clients and/or service providers to follow up on discrepancies; recommending and processing payments upon approval and discussing possible remedial action with the Employment and Training Consultants (ETCs).
5. Inputting information into and maintaining the Employment Ontario Information Systems, legacy or other databases. Identifying information errors, resolving administrative issues, including contacting service provider to investigate the issues, and escalating any major reconciliation issues to the ETCs; maintaining data confidentiality and security of information. Monitoring and tracking performance of data information, which includes data rejection trends and unresolved data issues, and escalates issues to the ETCs where further action may be necessary. Maintaining statistical data on related matters (e.g. number of examination applications, examination sessions, marked examinations, examination results) other program applications including Second Career. Manipulating stored data to reformat, update and revise when required, including generating modular transcripts.
6. Producing correspondence, memoranda, statistical reports, revenue reports, presentations and data/ listings regarding program/ field office activities, utilizing standard ministry desktop software (e.g. word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and internet browser software); editing documents for accuracy of spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. and ensuring appropriate storage.
7. Providing a range of administrative support services such as: organizing meetings; monitoring and ordering office supplies using P-card; monitoring and maintaining inventory level of resources materials (e.g. training standards, curriculum, brochures/ pamphlets on employment and training programs), ensuring that there is always enough supplies to meet demands; researching and responding to requests for information, gathering information/ data and preparing reports (e.g. number of registrations, etc.). Classifying, filing and archiving documents in accordance with ministry's records management system, including ensuring security of files and centralized information databases. Preparing new sponsor and client application files (e.g, JCP applications, LMP, individual benefits) that are received, including documentation from the service provider, reviewing applications for accuracy and completeness, entering file in database and following up as necessary to clarify or request additional information.
8. Performing additional duties as assigned.

Staffing and Licensing :

Proficiency in English and in the French language (oral at the advanced and written at the advanced minus level).

Knowledge :

Job requires:
Knowledge of relevant legislation, Ministry's employment and training programs, policies, guidelines, services and activities, to respond to public/ client inquiries regarding programs/ services, to refer them to appropriate resources, to ensure that proper procedures are followed in the processing of applications and the conduct of examinations and to process documents and resolve document and reporting issues/ concerns. Knowledge of marking equipment to mark exam answer sheets. Knowledge of the operation of the EOIS, legacy or other information system to enter, access, manipulate data and analyze information, and manipulate data to process credit card payments, prepare complex systems reports; develop ad hoc spreadsheets and performance reports; identify / analyze system/data error patterns; recommend system improvements; and maintain system security. Knowledge of computer operations, functions, capabilities, policies and procedures, software applications (e.g. spreadsheets, database, presentation, electronic mail etc.), keyboarding and fully programmable word processing to format and produce correspondence, documents, statistical reports, spreadsheets and to maintain computerized records, databases and systems. Knowledge of mathematics to balance revenue receipts for all monies received and to prepare bank deposits. Knowledge of basic statistical methodology to maintain a variety of statistical data on program activities.

Knowledge of government administrative procedures, guidelines, processes and practices related to financial administration, purchasing, travel policies; and relevant sections of the Administration Manual and OPS Quality Service Standards to provide administrative support to the office (e.g. processing invoices, maintaining supplies and resources inventory, etc.). Knowledge of records management and manual/ automated procedures and guidelines to classify, file and archive documents in accordance with these guidelines and to maintain client application files and recommend process and procedural improvements. Knowledge of relevant sections of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) to know what information can and cannot be disclosed. Knowledge of research and fact-finding methods to determine data requirements, interact with clients and obtain information in a timely manner.

Skills :

Reasoning and evaluation skills to establish priorities when performing tasks for a number of people with conflicting deadlines; to review examination applications, ensure accuracy and thoroughness of information, verify that candidates are eligible to write examinations and that TIR has been approved as per examination policy.
Analytical and problem solving skills to analyze and determine appropriate action to reconcile/ resolve discrepancies with financial reports/ monies received/ bank deposits, suppliers' billings and staff expenses and to monitor receipts from clients and service providers to ensure that claims meet contract terms and are within established limits funds, identify discrepancies/ problems and discuss corrective action with ETCs/ Manager. Reasoning and analytical skills to review data on the EOIS, legacy or other information system and prepare statistical reports for management including tracking trends of pass/ fail and unusual patterns and to research and analyze case information, identify anomalies/ issues and resolve discrepancies with clients or other staff (e.g. service provider, employers).
Analytical and evaluative skills to manipulate data for report preparation, discuss system and process issues with help desk/ systems staff and make recommendations to management for system and process improvements/ modifications; to identify and address data system errors (e.g. action plan already open); including investigating major data reconciliation issues, compile spreadsheets of unresolved data issues, analyze data rejection trends and develop performance reports with recommendations for remedial action to ensure data security and integrity.
Reasoning and problem solving skills to invigilate examinations, provide instructions to candidates, monitor the examination process; identify/ resolve such issues as misconduct by candidates, disqualifying translators who do not have appropriate approved credentials and removing notes/ books from the examination room. Reasoning and problem-solving skills to respond to inquiries relating to Ministry's employment and training programs and determine which inquiries can be handled independently and which should be referred and to whom. Oral communication and interpersonal skills to provide information on examination procedures to candidates, program information to clients in group sessions, respond to questions regarding explanation of technical words during the examination; respond to general public and staff inquiries regarding Ministry's employment and training programs/ services (e.g. program guidelines/ regulations, fees, apprenticeship programs, trade certification, modular accreditation), appropriately refer calls and maintain confidentiality and security of sensitive information. Interpersonal skills, sensitivity and diplomacy to deal with potentially upset clients (e.g. examination candidates who failed explaining procedural/process requirements) and steps they may take to improve in areas where they showed weakness. Written communication skills to prepare statistical reports, spreadsheets and correspondence to candidates (e.g. examination results, letters of overpayment). Planning, organizing and coordinating skills for the timely processing of examination applications, scheduling of examination dates, mailing to candidates and to provide administrative support and assistance to a number of staff with their own priorities, needs and methods of working and to carry out a variety of administrative functions (e.g. order office supplies, prepare correspondence/ reports) to support office program delivery. Ability to work on own and deal with fluctuating workloads and priorities. Keyboarding and fully programmable word processing skills to local ministry standards. Ability to work in a team environment.
Frequent travel as required

Freedom of Action :

Job works under the general supervision of the Service Delivery Manager and may work under the guidance and leadership of the Service Delivery Coordinator in accordance with established Ministry/ branch legislation, policies, procedures and processes for office administration and invigilation of trades and modular examinations and to support program service delivery. Job exercises judgement by administering the examinations application process, invigilating examinations in accordance with branch procedures/ security requirements, notifying candidates of examination results and preparing statistical reports resulting from EOIS, legacy or other information system. Job requires determining the best layout or presentation of word processed and statistical reporting material, maintaining appropriate levels of resources materials and office supplies, collecting/ reconciling/ depositing fees and maintaining the safety / security of files in the local office, including filing, storage and archiving.

Latitude for decision-making exists in: reviewing client information to ensure accuracy and completeness; explaining legislative and procedural requirements; determining confidentiality of documents and ensuring security; calculating and verifying funds; monitoring receipts received for compliance with contract terms and allowable funds; developing database performance reports and identifying recurring data error trends; recommending system modifications to improve data integrity and support effective service delivery; providing input to and recommending process and procedural changes, and identifying / providing early warnings of potential controversial and/or sensitive issues. Job requests clarification/ direction from the Service Delivery Manager related to situations outside of established procedures such as disqualification of candidates for breach of rules, approval of translators where qualifications are in dispute. Work is reviewed for completion within established deadlines and for conformance with ministry and program policies, procedures and guidelines. Errors are identified through periodic audits of examination inventory; review of statistics/ processes and/or in response to complaints from staff or clients.

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