Job Specification

Position Title:
Lead Developer
Job Code:
17162 - Systems Officer 6
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide senior technical leadership, expertise and overall project co-ordination and control of all activities in the development of application solution design, customization, testing and implementation services, by contributing highly specialized knowledge of software design, construction, programming trends, programming scripting language across government in a multiple variety of platforms, from a technical perspective (operating system, database, network, middleware).
To provide oversight on highly specialized superior systems development, programming and consulting expertise related to the
business/program goals and objectives. To provide specialized expert technical knowledge and oversight for both purchased and custom developed business applications, to ensure smooth, efficient and effective implementation of seamless integrated state-of-the-art business solutions for a full range of IT project/program requirements including complex and sophisticated business solutions. To work with users at all levels to define system requirements and specify appropriate system environments to meet operational needs and performance objectives.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Provides specialized technical expertise and advice in the overall design, development, testing, implementing, maintaining and enhancing system architectures (technical, data, application, network) for both acquired and developed application solutions. This includes recommending specific microcomputer and mainframe software requirements for specific complex and highly technical environments;
2. Oversees the performance of specific system integration from a technical perspective, including designing appropriate architectures and recommends cost effective and high performance tools and middleware; recommends specific areas for improvement; recommends ways of maximizing or enhancing efficiency; presenting major recommendations/changes to senior management.
3. Leads the development or implementation of current computerized solutions to support end users, project teams, and peer technical staff. Provides technical expertise and advice /mentorship on programming practices and techniques to individuals and cross-functional teams. Provides leadership and in-depth knowledge and expertise for technical project work, including overseeing the preparation of project plans, leading teams, developing estimates of costs/resources/staffing required, determining schedules, monitoring activities, providing status reports, project control, complex software troubleshooting, testing, communication of change, promotion of changes, identifying training needs of and developing training materials and facilitating training for technical users.
4. Leads the development complex of business systems/applications including assisting team members through the systems development life cycle. Develop and oversee implementation activities, including establishing testing processes to effectively measure achievement of objectives; coordinate testing and implementation with client's and users.
5. Plans for the acquisition and implementation of major computer installations, providing advice, researching and evaluating technology; and conducting product acceptance testing of acquired products from a technical and performance perspective.
6. Leads and participates in the senior level design requirements for complex system and application program specifications and documentation; oversight of the preparation and definition of system requirements: conducting complex application programming, coding and testing. Creating documentation for complex business requirements and overseeing the development of other complete systems and operations documentation.
7. Ensures teams adherence to standards of all IT components of business solutions for cost effectiveness, support strategies and performance issues. recommend areas of improvement and/or new developments to existing technical design problems and provide solutions to improve productivity. Is responsible for working with specific Ministry architecture teams to ensure adherence to Ministry standards.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.
9. Available for travel within the province

Staffing and Licensing :

Job may require security level clearance at the Basic, Enhanced or Enhanced Reliability levels.

Knowledge :

Job requires expert knowledge of current and complex information technology and information engineering principles, computer programming techniques, current development platforms, leading-edge client/server application development technology (web based, n-tier), comprehensive understanding of system architectures across government including technical, data, application and network architectures, microcomputer systems development and integration, database, spreadsheet, graphics and Internet software to provide advanced technical expertise for the planning and maintenance of mainframe and microcomputer hardware and software products.
Job requires expert knowledge of software development life cycle (SDLC) and IT service management (ITSM) concepts.
Job requires knowledge of LAN and PC hardware, software architectures, network protocols and topologies to analyze complex existing ministry technology and identify and recommend improvements/developments, which will respond to technical design problems provide strategic direction and improve administrative productivity.
Job requires expert knowledge of a full range of current development tools/languages within .NET framework (e.g. VS, VB, C#) and development of collaborative workspaces and portals using SharePoint and/or Stellent; current versions of SQL Server; Oracle; XML/XSLT/XSD, Windows server environment; Nortel VPN, Entrust, Perl;
Job requires expert knowledge with applications employing a PKI infrastructure for user identification and authentication.
Job requires knowledge of current and evolving sophisticated hardware and software products and peripheral equipment to ensure the ministry's infrastructure remains compatible and highly functional with technology changes and directions.
Job requires demonstrated ability to lead/contribute on multiple projects concurrently. Advanced knowledge of ministry information technology guidelines functional processes and procedures to provide interpretation and explanation of policies to users/managers and senior management.

Skills :

Highly developed interpretive reasoning and problem solving skills to assess and recommend architectural strategies for acquisition, development, integration and implementation of highly complex technical solutions, and to assess technical design problems and develop computerized solutions to information problems in support of end users, that are cost and resource effective, improve client program/service delivery, and participate in the measurement and improvement of systems development tools, techniques, standards and performance criteria.
- Advanced problem solving skills to assess problems referred to by other analysts in the section and to identify and diagnose and resolve complex problems impacting the information technology infrastructure and diagnose and resolve complex operational problems with software
- Analytical skills to identify current microcomputer and mainframe software requirements for clients with highly technical complex requirements and provide solutions to improve administrative productivity including the acquisition of major microcomputers, LAN and PC installations, to interpret ministry guidelines an procedures for major computer installations.
- Strong interpersonal, conflict resolution, negotiation/influence and client relationship development skills to: discuss client I&IT program/service delivery needs, requirements, goals, objectives and priorities; lead and conduct feasibility studies and cost/benefit analysis for proposed client I&IT initiatives; to ensure performance and standards needs are achieved while delivering business solutions to the customer.
- Research skills to attend trade shows and review technical manuals to maintain current in the rapidly changing technology environment.
- Job requires leading/facilitating technical discussions with Sr. managers, vendors, customers, other technical staff.
- Oral communication and listening skills to: discuss client requirements, lead or participate in project teams, and discuss systems development recommendations with stakeholders in clear, non-technical terms, while communicating advantages and disadvantages of various options and their impact on the client's program/service delivery; to participate in discussion of technology acquisition options and technical processes; and discuss acquisition with clients, technical staff and vendors.
- Good written communication skills to: prepare senior level briefing materials, cost benefits analysis, project reports, analysis, recommendations.
- Ability to lead/coach/mentor senior developers as part of a team

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within ministry policies and guidelines for delivery of systems support services, consulting services; and ministry and government policies and directives for information technology acquisition. Job exercises latitude in decision-making by: determining how best to define and characterize client needs; recommending high level information architectural approach for the implementation and integration of major client/server, WEB, PC business applications and by leading implementation and acquisitions necessary to seamlessly integrate and provide open architectures to enable achievement and performance of the business and technical objectives of the projects. Work is regularly discussed with clients, vendors and other technical staff; and general updates on project status and achievement of objectives are provided to senior and project managers and reviewed in relation to stated project objectives, timelines and budget. Job requires referring to supervisor/project manager and/or sr. managers problems/issues such as significant technical issues, performance issues or non-conformance to architectural standards.

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