Job Specification

Position Title:
Regional Program Development and Scheduling Officer
Job Code:
12682 - Engineering Services Officer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To input, update and maintain condition database on highway infrastructure. To establish, update and maintain a multi-year capital construction program based on identified needs and available funding. To establish, monitor, adjust and maintain a pre-contract engineering schedule based on established program needs.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Prepares Regional multi-year program by:
- inputting data and reviews information in the Integrated Highway Information System, a database of
highway conditions, updates data as construction contracts are awarded/completed.
- analyzing information database to assess new program needs and assign preliminary cost estimates.
- coordinating priority needs of new and existing projects with input from other engineering office Section Heads and Regional Operations.
- establishing multi-year capital construction program based on; project priorities, preliminary cost estimates of individual projects, expenditure profiles, preliminary funding envelopes for future years, construction staging requirements, estimated working days, conflicts with other projects or events, planning requirements, contract preparation timelines and planning approvals. Preliminary program prepared independently for review with engineering office, and other regional and head office staff and senior management.
- evaluating and assessing program impacts of changes in funding envelopes, addition of new projects, changing projects and/or government priorities, changes to cost estimates and delivery schedules and recommending program adjustments.
- coordinating other capital programs with the Major Capital Program through consultation with
Districts, Regional and Head Offices.

Coordinates the preparation of individual pre-contract engineering schedules by:
- assessing delivery times for various pre-contract engineering, bidding and award processes to match established construction timing requirements and expenditure profiles and establishing project schedule of pre-contract engineering activities in consultation with engineering office staff, for approval.
- monitoring progress of and adherence to schedules and project costs, assessing impacts on multi-year program, and recommending adjustments to multi-year program and/or schedules.
- monitoring projected expenditure on current year and carryover projects through liaison with construction, assessing carryover costs and changes to cost estimates, project delivery and expenditure profiles to recommend adjustments to project delivery schedules and to the multi-year capital program.
- verifying clearances of various legislated and operational requirements, i.e. OMB road closings, Environmental Assessment approvals, Navigable Waters approvals, Railway Board Orders, property clearances and utility relocations.

Acting as Regional representative on programming issues by:
- liaising and negotiating with head office on inventory and programming issues such as inventory updates, accuracy of cost estimates, and contract award dates.
- preparing and disseminating reports on program, scheduling, and costing of projects. - providing comment and input to development of inventory, programming and scheduling software programs - providing information on program and project status to RegionalManagement and to Head Office.

Knowledge :

Position requires knowledge of engineering and construction practices to assess constraints on construction staging and timing, and working day
requirements to assess award schedules. Position requires knowledge of pre-contract engineering processes, timelines, and seasonal constraints to
assess schedule impacts and to recognize implications of schedule slippage on delivery and to notify management. Position requires knowledge of
timing of various legislated processes and approvals such as OMB road closings, railway Board Orders, Navigable Waters and Clearances,
Environmental Assessment approvals, and Expropriation Act processes to assess impacts on scheduling and programming. Position requires
knowledge of consultant selection timelines to assess scheduling and programming impacts. Position requires knowledge of various custom and
commercial software packages to: update data, establish highway needs, projects, project expenditure profile, and create pre-contract
engineering schedules, create spreadsheets of history of projects, timing, project types, cost and program years. Position requires knowledge of
ministry budgetary processes with respect to capital funding allocation and control to make effective recommendations on program and scheduling
issues to Head Office.

Skills :

Position requires mental agility and well developed planning and organizational skills to track changing priorities, financial allocations, new projects,
project cost revisions and schedule changes on an ongoing basis for approx. 200+ projects. Organizational skills required to maintain current data on
status of precontract engineering, programming and confidential cost data. Position requires tact, diplomacy, assertiveness and negotiating skills in
dealing with more senior staff while seeking cooperation and consensus, advocating schedule compliance. Negotiating skills required to seek
consensus with senior staff. Position demands absolute trust in dealing with confidential financial and politically sensitive information on the ministry's
capital programs. Position requires strong interpersonal skills to deal effectively with competing interest of various sections on scheduling and
programming issues.

Freedom of Action :

Work is performed independently within general guidelines and generally pre-established milestones, under the guidance of manager to establish work projects and to establish overall program. Incumbent is free to establish their individual work program in accordance with general requirements and
established timelines. Final schedules and program subject to review and amendment by manager and regional staff. Incumbent is regional contact
dealing with scheduling and programming issues and programming software with Program Management Branch.

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