Job Specification

Position Title:
Social Media Coordinator
Job Code:
02703 - Information Officer 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

Within the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD), the position will be responsible for informing the public, stakeholders, and media about the Ministry's activities. The Social Media Coordinator provides compelling and accurate content in a timely manner and provides channel support and coordination in implementing and maintaining a social media community focused on work. This includes writing and posting content aligned with the brand and marketing strategy to sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and various other social media platforms.

Duties and Responsibility :

Within the ministry's Digital Communication Unit that is responsible for planning, directing, managing and implementing digital content, marketing strategies and programs, the Social Media Coordinator:
Coordinates social media channel specific content aligned with the brand and marketing strategy:
Coordinates research and assists in content development that resonates with the target/channel
Assists in implementing a content plan and schedule for each channel
Works with the digital team to post appropriate content for various social media sites
Ensures social content plans are shared with various departments and agencies
Coordinates partner social media visits including understanding the strategy and goals of the program and overall alignment
Liaises with ministry partners to gather information on social media plans and shares this knowledge to incorporate into the overall social media plan
Participates in discussions regarding content and brand and provides responses to public contacts and inquiries in multiple social media channels
Monitors social communities for relevance to MLTSD programs and related media issues Coordinates and maintains a content distribution by way of social media channels:
Participates in meetings with Digital Communications team and other program areas to discuss objectives, messages and audiences
Tag and title content, with an understanding of how the word's chosen impact natural search traffic and rankings on major search engines
Coordinates concurrent projects including assisting in establishing project plans, schedules and timelines, resolving issues, and providing regular updates concerning project status and progress
Contributes to organic and paid campaign analysis, and recommendations and plans for revising the social media strategy and campaigns:
Using daily, weekly and monthly reports assists in the analysis and interpretation of campaigns and recommendations
Identifies threats and opportunities in content surrounding MLTSD and Ontario brand, and reports to appropriate parties
Provides expertise, support and advice by serving as an advisor to the Digital Communications team regarding social media channels and content
Writes and maintains content and distribution channels for the Ministry
Create, write and maintain content for the ministry website and intranet, and post to the website using a content management tool
Ensures the website content is updated in both English and French managing translation of the content
Coordinates the distribution of content to MLTSD stakeholders using an e-mail management tool
Performs other duties as assigned to support the social media and website content functions of the Digital Communications Unit.

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of:
Communication theory, methods, techniques and social media including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs.
MLTSD programs, activities, procedures, communication goals and objectives to ensure social media content follows Ontario Government direction with regard to branding, tone and logos.
Research and writing techniques to develop content for web and social media.
Content management and development and social media publishing.
Familiarity with development of web pages including HTML, CSS, W3C standards for web development.
Search engine optimization to develop content for best results.
Web and/or social media metrics to analyze results of social media initiatives.
Current and leading social/digital marketing trends.
Microsoft Suite programs in PC/Windows environment, User interfaces, browser compatibilities, to ensure optimal delivery of social media initiatives.
World Wide Web, including its capabilities, advances, opportunities and technical requirements in order to develop and support the creative elements of MLTSD's websites.

Skills :

Job requires:
Oral advanced communication skills to provide advice, recommendations on social media approaches to achieve objectives and liaise with ministry staff, stakeholders and Minister's Office staff.
Well-developed interpersonal skills to collaborate with ministry and Cabinet Office partners, and participate in meetings to discuss objectives, messages and audiences.
Advanced writing and editing skills to research and write accurate social media channel specific content aligned with Ontario Government social media, brand and marketing guidelines.
Organizational skills to handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
Creativity and documented immersion in social media to provide appropriate content and management of social media initiatives.
Strong planning, project management and coordination skills to manage concurrent projects, establish project plans, schedules and timelines.
Problem-solving skills to resolve quality and delivery issues.
Strong analytical skills to analyze performance metrics for social media campaigns and benchmark to industry trends.
Analytical skills to identify sources of data collect and compile information and assess/determine the most effective content to meet the social community needs.
Reviewing and evaluating skills to review content for social media sites to ensure quality and adherence to Ontario Government guidelines for branding, tone and logos.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with MLTSD and Web and Interactive strategies and directions, technological capabilities of the World Wide Web and established criteria for content and the social community. Job requires exercise of latitude in recommending the most effective content and approaches to meet the social community needs and discretion to identify threats and opportunities in user generated content. Job requires providing content and social media expertise to colleague team members and for searching new tools and products which will enhance the delivery of the social community content. Job requires providing quality content and delivery for the social community. Job requires referring matters such as contentious social media issues, conflicting priorities, timeline or budget impacts to the Manager.

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