Job Specification

Position Title:
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Job Code:
17661 - Air Engineer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To maintain the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Provincial air fleet in an airworthy condition in accordance with regulations established by transport Canada Airworthiness Manuals, Air Navigation Orders, air regulations and directives issued by AFFMB.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Carry out routine maintenance on aircraft encompassing the following:
a) To certify aircraft following maintenance in accordance with Transport Canada regulations;
b) To work on and repair aircraft and related systems;
c) To perform special inspections as required, including service bulletins and airworthiness directives;
d) To conduct periodic and annual inspections on aircraft;
e) To repair aircraft line defects using special diagnostic equipment; and
f) To order and receive parts for aircraft repair.

2. Be required to act as crew person and accompany OMNR aircraft away from base for extended periods of time, the duties being:
a) Assist pilots to load and secure loads;
b) Assist in aircraft launching and beaching operations;
c) Perform the ground movement of aircraft;
d) Perform daily inspections and routine maintenance of aircraft as required; and
e) Perform installation and removal of special or environmental aircraft equipment.

3. Maintain accurate aircraft maintenance records and aircraft technical library.

4. Monitor and maintain base fuel quantities and maintain fuel records.

5. Good communication skills to interact with staff, clients and other OMNR personnel.

6. Other related tasks as assigned.

7. Ensure customer service is obtained with aircraft serviceability.

Staffing and Licensing :

Must possess a valid Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license as defined in the Class Standards category M1 and M2.
Must possess a valid Restricted Radio Operators licence - Aeronautical
Must be able to obtain an airport security clearance per Transport Canada requirements
Must possess a valid Ontario driver's license
Must have the ability to meet the physical demands of the position

Knowledge :

Must have a working knowledge of Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), regulations and Airworthiness Manuals.
Working knowledge of proper function of and experience in repair and diagnosing defects in engines, flight systems, hydraulic systems, avionics systems, undercarriage systems and propulsion systems.

Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

Working knowledge of OMNR parts ordering and control process and associated budget processing

Skills :

Must have the ability to meet the physical demands of the position.
Good communication skills required to interact with clients and other OMNR personnel.
Ability to carry out tasks under limited supervision.
Ability and willingness to work with a computerized maintenance system and also maintain hard copy records
Ability to interpret and follow manufacturers and regulatory instructions.
Ability to use and the knowledge of the use of precision tools, hand tools and related aircraft test equipment.
Ability to work within the guidelines of OMNR Policy and Procedures.
Must have ability to carry out work that is assigned.
Proven ability for technical problem solving.

Freedom of Action :

Requires work to performed in accordance with established procedures with technical guidance mandated by federal regulations, Ministry publications and Manufactures Maintenance Manuals.
Requires selecting the appropriate course of action in accordance with established standards for principals, methods and practices.
Requires working under general supervision, with some latitude for decision making, referring only complex and unusual situations to the supervisor.
Requires deciding whether to certify an aircraft as airworthy and fit for flight or to remove it from service.

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