Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior Solutions Architect
Job Code:
17162 - Systems Officer 6
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To manage/coordinate computer application and development projects, and provide expertise across all architecture domains (i.e. application, technical, information) with a particular emphasis on network and security architecture. This position will lead in depth and comprehensive solutions architecture review, assessment, development, implementation and maintenance projects to support new and changed I & IT Cluster or corporate priorities, initiatives, business needs and technical developments. This position provides business analysis, systems consulting and systems development expertise, and writing/modifying code in various languages on projects, which have strategic significance for achieving Ministry's information technology and objectives.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Planning and directing advanced/complex development, enhancement, installation and maintenance project, managing all stages including developing terms of reference, feasibility studies, short and long term planning, definition of client/user requirements and project deliverables, analysis and design, testing and implementation, evaluation and documentation.

2. Providing business analysis and systems consulting expertise to clients, presenting and explaining technical issues, identifying alternatives, providing and recommending business solutions which will help Ministry/clients achieve efficiencies in delivery of programs/services, expedite business processes and achieve business goals/objectives.

3. Maintaining technology/product evaluation program in areas of systems development and productivity tools, devising/maintaining systems performance and quality assurance programs; identifying opportunities for collaboration among client groups on areas of ministry's information technology requiring improvement.

4. Carrying out complex/specialized systems analysis and design, developing RFPs, evaluating vendors' proposals, recommending selection.

5. Facilitating development, promotion, implementation and integration of organization's strategic information technology plans, objectives, policies and standards.

6. Providing project leadership and technical direction to team members.

Knowledge :

Job requires architecture expertise and knowledge across all architecture domains (application, technical, information, security, network). Requires knowledge to provide architecture review, assessment, development, implementation and maintenance projects. Job requires expertise and knowledge with Expertise with network architecture methodologies, standards and tools; Strong working knowledge of networking tools commonly used in the industry; Strong knowledge of switching and routing protocols commonly used in the industry; Good knowledge and understanding of application security through out system life cycle; Understanding of data warehousing, data mining and knowledge based system; Knowledge of Application Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Knowledge of change control operations. Job requires knowledge and experience in implementing application securities in order to provide cost effective solutions to align application security architecture, and implement the application Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA). Knowledge of network security concepts and technologies along with good knowledge of firewalls required. Job requires some knowledge of mainframe and mini systems and more detailed knowledge of micro/personal/client-server computer system technologies (operating systems, application software, ministry standard/commonly used and client customized software, networks), and knowledge of large scale systems analysis, design and development, information architecture and data modelling, programming concepts and languages, Internet technology and emerging technologies, in order to: provide business analysis, systems consulting, systems development plan and lead analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of systems solutions which are integral to Ministry information technology strategies; evaluate software; review and prepare technical documentation and provide technical support. Job requires knowledge of applicable legislation, ministry IT plan, project planning methodology, and ministry business/processes/requirements to address clients' systems needs, plan/organize and implement projects in a multi-project environment, ensuring solutions conform to ministry IT plan and promote integration of organization's technology. Job requires knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations that apply to the work, and knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the workplace to ensure compliance when performing supervisory responsibilities. Demonstrated knowledge of large-scale systems analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, evaluation and documentation, information architecture and data modeling, programming concepts, languages; Writing or modifying code (e.g. VS, VB, .NET, Sharepoint, Stellent, C#, QL Server, XML/XSLT/XSD) Windows 2000 & 2003 server environment, ISA Server, Oracle, SQL Services, Nortel VPN, Entrust, and emerging technologies; SDLC and ITSM concepts. Sound knowledge of handling malicious software attack and step taken to prevent these attacks. Good Knowledge and understanding of Application Software Design Principles; Knowledge of databases (SQL Server / Oracle) and experience of transaction Logging and auditing. Knowledge to troubleshoot data transaction and handling of data traffic.

Skills :

Job requires reasoning skills to lead/coordinate investigation and analysis of Ministry-wide, multi-client or specialized information technology requirements, including feasibility study to clarify requirements, identify and assess options and analyse cost/benefit, advantages and disadvantages. Job requires analyzing and evaluating key technical, human, financial and business impacts of proposed projects on other offices/ministries/industry. Job requires leading analysis of business and systems design requirements for systems projects, including analysis and evaluation of technical opportunities, and developing new approaches to meeting information technology needs at total system level. Job requires identifying information technology issues of corporate significance, evaluating impact on ministry IT plans and objectives, and on ministry business plans and objectives, and coordinating development of solutions/options for review by senior management. Job requires excellent written and oral communication skills to interview client managers, determine needs and desired changes, prepare business cases, prepare and present written reports on findings/alternate solutions, including explaining technically complex system details, limitations and considerations. Job requires writing/editing systems documentation, providing explanations of technical solutions to non-technical ministry personnel both verbally and in writing, preparing project status, interim and final reports. Job requires interpersonal skills to explain and discuss with clients a variety of systems issues and requirements, including costs/benefits of options, advantages and disadvantages of various approaches Excellent interpersonal skills to present and illustrate recommendations to senior management; customer focus goal orientation, commitment to teamwork, and ability to communicate and develop support among ministry clients for approved approach. Job requires interpersonal skills to negotiate contracts with vendors for acquisition of services, equipment, software/hardware, within approved parameters. Job requires skills in defining and developing comprehensive architectures; assessing applications, technology and architecture plans from a holistic business perspective and ensuring integration with enterprise architectures. Job requires skills to lead in depth and comprehensive solutions architecture review, assessment, development, implementation and maintenance projects to support new and changed Justice Cluster or corporate priorities, initiatives, business needs and technical developments.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within ministry and government policies and guidelines for systems development and management, and acquisition of information technology;
and within overall Ministry objectives and strategies for use of information technology. Job requires latitude for decision-making in: recommending project terms of reference; determining adjustments to design specifications;
identifying administrative requirements and technical organization of projects;
defining client needs to vendors; negotiating with vendors within defined parameters; recommending opportunities for productivity improvement and collaboration/cooperation among client groups and ministry IT users. Work is reviewed at key stages of project by manager, for accomplishment of goals and objectives and completion of deliverables for clients. Job requires referring to manager changes to operating systems, major enhancements to achieve greater organizational efficiency or major changes in technical direction/requirements of development approach.

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