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TEN19 - Engineering & Surv Supp TM-19
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Purpose of Position :

To manage complex, multi-year ministry maintenance contracts within an area of the province where the work is delivered through a third party provider and the province retains ultimate responsibility and accountability for results, representing the ministry in dealings with contractors, the public, police, municipalities, politicians and other stakeholders. This position manages the overall work related to ensuring compliance with contract outcome targets and specifications, including planning, procuring and delivering ancillary preservation
maintenance contracts, and capital works within area maintenance contracts (AMC), guiding oversight activities in general performed by a large team of professional staff located in remote locations, coordinating the response to emergencies, investigating serious collisions and representing the ministry in legal procedures related to claims against the Crown by members of the public or contractors. This position contributes to the development of the ministry highway capital program and to critical, multi-year procurement initiatives related to
the program. Position plays a key role in the development and implementation of various project and policy projects and initiatives related to the ministry highway maintenance program and the development of highway standards, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Within the Provincial Highways Management Division which is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the provincial highway system which receives delivery support through its regions, the position:

1. Directs and coordinates highway maintenance and repair contracts to ensure they are completed according to the ministry's contract outcome targets and specifications. Oversees contractor summer, winter and specialized maintenance activities such as traffic signal maintenance, bridge maintenance, roadside vegetation control, highway line painting, modular bridge yard management, facilities construction and maintenance, and data collection to keep provincial highways in good repair and operate them in a manner that is in best interest of the travelling public.

2. Manages a team of staff who are typically located in remote field offices (e.g., Maintenance Coordinators, Electrical Coordinators, Bridge Coordinators, General Services Coordinators, Contract Services Inspectors, and Transportation Technicians) and are engaged in administering all aspects of a ministry year-round, complex multi-year Area Maintenance Contract (AMC), and for planning, procuring and delivering any ancillary preservation maintenance contracts, and capital work within the AMC.

• 3. Directs and coordinates the ministry's response to program related emergencies and unplanned events (e.g., catastrophic accidents, major spills, severe inclement weather, etc.). Represents the ministry to local/municipal emergency management response teams including OPP and Emergency Service providers. Obtains material, equipment and other resources and services to respond to emergencies.

4. Investigates serious collisions and fatalities that occur in the contract area, assembles and provides documents to the ministry's adjustors for defence of claims against the Crown. Prepares and attends Examinations for Discovery as the ministry's representative and follows up by providing undertakings resulting from these Discoveries.

5. Investigates, assesses, documents and resolves public complaints regarding property issues, and the performance of the area maintenance contractor or other service providers. Assesses claims for damages and determines whether the contractor or ministry should resolve those claims; and recommends financial penalties, payment or refusal of claims by contractors.

6. Prepares ministerial letters, briefing notes, and agreements, and proposes responses for senior management approval. Represents the ministry at internal, inter-ministry and external meetings with contractors, municipal officials, police, First Nations, railway authorities, politicians, the general public and property owners.

7. Reviews and makes recommendations on the capital improvement strategy; and plans and coordinates facilities maintenance and modification within budget.

8. Managing staff including recruitment and selection, organizing, allocating and directing work, setting performance standards, managing performance, recommending merits, administering discipline, managing employee relations issues including strike contingency planning and grievance response up to and including second stage designee, managing illness and injury programs and providing training, development and learning opportunities. Ensures compliance with all relevant workplace legislation and programs/policies/ directives.

9. Monitors and controls allocated funds to ensure that assigned programs are completed on budget.

10. Undertakes special assigned projects, involving technical complexity, undeveloped policy areas and/or politically sensitive matters. Pilots, assesses and implements the delivery of new contract management methods for highway maintenance. Provides technical review, comments and feedback on draft directives and/or proposed changes to program related ministry standards, policies, procedures, guidelines, contracting models, contract documentation, etc.

Knowledge :

Work requires a knowledge of the theories, principles and practices of civil engineering, contract management, road maintenance, design, repair, construction standards, and corridor management to identify network deficiencies and ensure the network is maintained to performance specifications.

- Significant knowledge of legislation and regulations related to infrastructure improvements, highway operations, drainage works and municipalities and safe working conditions to deliver highway maintenance and construction programs (e.g., Highway Traffic Act, Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, Drainage Act, Planning Act, Public Service Works on Highways Act, Ontario Building Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Railway Safety Act, etc.) to adequately assess potential liability issues and act as the ministry's representative at hearings and Examinations for Discovery.

- Knowledge of emergency legislation, policies, procedures, and public safety issues is required to develop plans, respond to emergencies, and to co-ordinate/contribute in emergency planning activities with municipalities and stakeholders such as the police and other government agencies.

- Highly developed planning, organizational and administrative skills are required to assess the implications of ministry policies in terms of regional maintenance and construction programs and to plan and co-ordinate maintenance, construction and
emergency planning.

- Knowledge of proper managerial practices, finance, budgeting, procurement, policies, directives and standards governing
administrative procedures and collective agreements. Organizational, supervisory and interpersonal skills to manage and direct
staff that are monitoring complex technical contracts, to plan and organize work, to manage budgets, to represent the ministry
as a technical expert in legal proceedings.
- Oral communication, interpersonal, investigative and negotiation skills are required to establish sound working relationships
with contractors, municipalities, representatives of federal and provincial government, lawyers, engineers, police, the public
and numerous other stakeholders
- Knowledge of investigation procedures and negotiation/judgment skills to negotiate resolution of claims and disputes against
the ministry regarding contract and other contentious issues including those related to highway maintenance, design and
- Consultation skills to provide advice to the team, colleagues and senior management on contracting issues, and to contribute
to the development of new/revised policies and/or procedures.
- Written communication skills to liaise with a broad range of contacts; prepare briefings, reports, contract documentation, and
recommendations on contracting issues; and to represent program delivery to external contacts.
- Computer applications to conduct data analysis and prepare presentations.
- Knowledge of human resources policies and procedures to interpret collective agreements, and ensure compliance with
workplace legislation.
- Valid Class G driver's licence to attend off-site locations due to emergencies, municipal meetings and observe performance of
AMCs in a regional setting where public transit is not available. Incumbent is the sole attending representative of the ministry at
these meetings.

Judgement :

A high degree of independence in decision making is exercised, within established policies and budgets. Management and technical
decisions are considered authoritative and only contentious matters or those that deviate from policy are referred to the manager.
Judgement is required to interpret and apply ministry standards, policies and procedures for building, highway engineering,
environmental and corridor management, and to administer legal agreements (i.e., AMCs and ancillary contracts) and expenditures; to
assess complex technical issues, select between alternatives and determine their costs and benefits; to make technical decisions and
recommendations that are accepted as authoritative; to negotiate contracts and agreements with contractors and stakeholders; and to
ensure that contracts reflect conditions expressed in the tender documents, and that legal considerations are incorporated.
Judgement is required to resolve public complaints regarding property issues, and/or performance of contractor/service providers; and
recommend payment, refusal of claims or financial penalties for contractors.
Judgement is exercised to address potentially high profile, sensitive and controversial issues, to provide potential solutions to
unprecedented situations, to lead responses to program related emergencies and unplanned events, and investigate serious collisions
and represent the ministry at Examinations for Discovery.

Accountability - Programs :

Scope of program accountability has impact on public safety and involves a designated area of the province. The position
manages staff engaged in administering a year-round, complex, multi-year ministry maintenance contract, and in planning, procuring
and delivering ancillary preservation maintenance contracts, stand-alone capital works and capital work within area maintenance
contracts. The position provides input into the development of new/revised policies, procedures and standards.

Accountability – Personnel :

The position is responsible for managing and providing technical guidance to approximately 8-20 technical staff.
The position also supervises staff and provides oversight for work pertormed by external consultants and service providers.

Accountability - Finance and Materials :

This position is accountable to manage a multi-million dollar budget and to represent the ministry within the
Region. This position leads the development of the annual work plan which has financial implications. The position oversees
expenditure commitments, including RFP preparation, contract management, and the evaluation of deliverables by external vendors and
service providers. The position plans, directs and administers all maintenance and standing agreements with contractors. The position
provides final approval and sign-off for payments of completed work.

Accountability - Impact of Errors :

Failure to effectively manage and deliver the above programs and activities could result in unsafe road conditions for
road users, inadequate preservation of infrastructure, resulting in accelerated road deterioration, higher future expenditures, loss of
public confidence especially during an emergency situation, possible liability, including being in contravention of various legislation, and
considerable embarrassment to the ministry and the government.

Contact - Internal :

Maintains regular contact with senior management, supervisors, managers, engineers and technicians within the ministry to
discuss capital construction and special maintenance projects, and to investigate problems and resolve issues. Exchanges information
with corporate services on HR, financial and procurement matters. Contributes to inter and intra-ministerial task forces.

Contact - External :

Regular contact with other ministries, contractors, lawyers, engineering consultants, federal and provincial agencies,
municipal officials and politicians, and general public to resolves issues and contract administration matters and provide advice
regarding coordination of maintenance work. Exchanges information with other ministries regarding environmental concerns or spills.
Builds relationships and represents the ministry with stakeholders such as First Nations, municipalities, local and provincial police and
railway authorities. Represents the ministry on inter-jurisdictional committees. Liaises with lawyers and attends court hearings on behalf
of the ministry regarding collisions, claims, lawsuits, etc.

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