Job Specification

Position Title:
Investment and Business Services Coordinator
Job Code:
12122 - Industrial Development Officer 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To coordinate Investment and Development Office (IDO) activities related to investment attraction and development, ensure appropriate investment servicing and support as well as day-to-day information dissemination to the Senior Development Consultants and senior management. To maintain and improve the offices Client Relationship Management (CRM) business strategy in support of investment attraction and development; maintain an effective and relevant presence on the Invest in Ontario website, coordinate investment marketing initiatives and maintain current data on investment support programs and services.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Coordinate the investment deliverables for staff related to day-to-day activity (eg. investment shows, investor meetings, lead generation follow-up, CRM updates, etc.). Prepare briefing notes, research summaries, investment reports, value proposition decks and presentations as requested for
various senior staff, management, private sector corporate executives, targeted tourism sector business clients, regional tourism organizations, municipalities, etc.

2. Ensure the implementation and ongoing maintenance of IDO's client relationship management (CRM) business strategy. Proactively analyze client data to help identify key client characteristics and new services and products in order to improve client service and value to business clients.

3. Lead the ongoing development and execution of the CRM business model including developing strategies and processes to ensure client information is updated on a regular basis and utilized effectively to support program delivery.

4. Leverage client-based information stored in the Client Relationship Management (CRM) ( tool into knowledge and insight through conducting research on issues and opportunities facing Ontario's tourism industry. Present key findings related to client issues and trends to IDO investment staff and management to support investment and marketing initiatives.

5. Develop approaches through the use of the CRM and/or other means to measure and assess the effectiveness of communication initiatives related to investment attraction and retention activities (eg. reports reflective of sector initiatives, etc.) and approaches to obtain client feedback. Provide input into
and the coordination of the development and reporting of business performance measures to stakeholders, colleagues and management.

6. Maintain an effective tourism investment attraction presence on the Invest in Ontario public facing website including reviewing and providing regular content updates to the website and ensure that updates or new content meets relevant website quality control policies.

7. Coordinate annual tourism investment advertising campaigns, maintain a close working relationship with colleagues in the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure to align tourism advertising with corporate investment campaigns, provide input into the development of
internal and external communication and marketing products.

8. Build and maintain sound working relationships with sector stakeholders and ministry colleagues to understand and identify opportunities for internal process improvements that enhance the delivery of the ministry's investment initiatives. Maintain current information on government programs and
services which support tourism investment projects.

9. Other duties: the Manager has the authority to assign additional duties.

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

Position requires:
- Knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business tool (e.g., to lead IDO staff to leverage client based information stored in the CRM.
- Knowledge of data research methods and techniques to conduct data analysis and client profiling in support of investment/business development for international and domestic clients.
- Knowledge of best practices, processes, tools and techniques related to investment servicing, investment retention and expansion practices; business analysis and economic development methods to ensure client based information resources are consistent with business requirements.
- Knowledge of products, services and program directions the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport to ensure that CRM, business development and marketing strategies meet the unique needs of Ministry clients.
- Knowledge of business development and marketing techniques to develop and implement a strategy and resources to provide information to meet the business development needs of Ministry clients.
- Knowledge of project management techniques to develop and maintain the gathering, maintenance and dissemination of materials regarding the sector research methods and techniques to conduct a range of research and analysis in support of the investment retention and expansion activities of the unit including sector and issues analysis.
- Knowledge of Ministry clients, their needs and issues to develop communications products which leverage client insights and knowledge use, capabilities and operations of database management programs to manage the collection and storage of sector information.
- Knowledge of appropriate website content and editing procedures, advertising campaigns, and the quality control policies and best practices related to the effective use of websites and ads for business development.
- Project management techniques to plan and coordinate concurrent projects.

Skills :

Position requires:
- Analytical and evaluative skills to identify and develop processes to facilitate up to date and relevant client information through data mining and client profiling, as well as knowledge and document management linked with the CRM tool and information to support various mass communications
activities; Analytical skills to assess the business development needs of Ministry clients and to ensure that appropriate resources are available to meet these needs;
- Analytical and problem solving skills to assess and provide information, services and alternative solutions to meet clients? needs;
- Research skills to conduct research on issues and opportunities facing the tourism sector;
- Organizational skills to organize workload and competing priorities;
- Oral communication and interpersonal skills to develop and maintain business relationships with colleagues throughout the branch/ministry/other ministries and stakeholders (eg. Private sector clients, foreign Embassies, etc) to develop and implement strategies, including the coordination of business development resources, providing strategic information to meet the business development needs of the tourism sector and to direct clients to appropriate strategic information to meet their business needs;
- Written communication skills to prepare a range of reports including, but not limited to, client profiles, performance measures regarding the CRM, briefing notes, content on the website and preparation of presentations for a diverse audience.
- Oral communication and consensus building skills to establish and enhance relationships, to facilitate issue identification and resolution.
- Ability to make presentations to a diverse audience including senior management, private sector clients, incoming mission participants ,etc.
- Demonstrated judgment, tact and diplomacy skills in dealing with potential investors, senior government officials, other Ministries, agencies and other Divisions / Branches.

Freedom of Action :

- Position requires working under the general supervision of the Manager, Investment and Development Office.
- Position requires latitude in decision making by: developing and implementing a strategy and related business development resources to provide strategic information to meet the business development needs of the tourism sector; in leading office activities related to leveraging client data into
knowledge and insights through conducting research on issues and opportunities facing the tourism industry; in developing and implementing a process to ensure IDO client information is updated on a regular basis.
- The position makes decisions on the depth and scope of the research to be undertaken. Position requires freedom of action and judgement when receiving assignments in general terms, and then determining the detailed approaches and actions to be taken to achieve the desired objective. Position requires judgement in the tracking of branch performance measures and involvement in media
scanning activities.
- Position requires referring to the Manager those issues that are politically sensitive, those projects that have financial implications and/or those that are outside the Branch or the OPS standard policies and practices.

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