Job Specification

Position Title:
Court Reporter (Flexible Part-Time 1000 Hours per Year & Irregular On-Call)
Job Code:
00482H - Court Reporter 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To act as a Court Reporter by recording and annotating court proceedings using a recording method prescribed by the Ministry, ensuring a reliable, accurate and complete certified recording. To perform pre, post and in-court work associated with the operation of the courts. To provide support
to the overall administration of the court.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Working in a respectful and professional workplace, the position will adhere to Ministry manuals, policies, procedures, guidelines and standards, including but not limited to:

1. Conducting, recording and playing back the test of microphones and recording equipment prior to court and after each recess, and ensuring the effective operation of ministry approved court- recording devices throughout the proceedings.

2. Recording verbatim by electronic means, all proceedings for the various levels of court, as assigned and maintaining annotations in accordance with the Ministry Annotation Standards for Digital Recordings. Providing a certified recording of all proceedings. Playing back previously recorded material at the request of the presiding judicial official. Saving the digital file in accordance with the ministry standardized file naming structure.

3. Using digital recording devices and following the Ministry Annotation Standards to provide a certified recording of all proceedings for the various levels of court as assigned

4. Ensuring the security of the court recordings throughout the court day including safeguarding against unauthorized access or copying and providing safe delivery post-court of the certified electronic recordings of court proceedings, annotations and all hard copy and/or electronic reference materials to the staff member designated with recording/file management clerk functions at the court location.

5. Ensuring quality of audio recording when required by listening to ascertain and verify all content of the recording. Interrupting court proceedings to seek clarification and to ensure that the audio is being recorded in order to capture a clear record. Confidence monitoring the recording to ensure the proceedings are recorded.

6. Obtaining documentation filed in the courtroom (e.g. Factums, copies of exhibits) and processing same through the recording/file management clerk.

7. Identifying to the supervisor or their designate proceedings wherein the disposition or type of proceeding initiates an automatic transcript order.

8. Preparing and maintaining the courtroom for proceedings, e.g. posting dockets, providing available court dates, calling court and escorting judiciary when required, opening and closing court, administering oaths.

9. Organizing, maintaining, completing and checking court documents for accuracy, ensuring a paper trail that accurately reflects court proceedings and contributes to completion of cases.

10. Completing all administrative duties that contribute to the progress of cases in the court system from beginning to conclusion, e.g. retrieving and filing of court files, completing courtroom utilization to capture statistical data and completing post-court dispositions.

11. Liaising with judiciary, trial coordinator, clients, counsel, agency workers, police, interpreters, staff and all appropriate parties in person and bytelephone to ensure the timely and effective use of courts.

12. Providing ongoing assistance, training and technical guidance to others regarding court procedures, policies and protocols.

13. Attending training, meetings, courses and conferences as required by manager or designee.

14. Providing recommendations to the manager/supervisor regarding changes to procedures and protocols that would improve services to the courts.

15. Demonstrating professionalism and respect in the treatment of staff, colleagues and justice sector participants.

16. Other duties as assigned.

Staffing and Licencing :

Valid Ontario Driver's Licence.

Knowledge :

• Job requires knowledge of Ministry manuals, policies, procedures, guidelines and standards as well as legal terminology to record all proceedings.
• Job requires knowledge of courtroom proceedings, decorum and protocol.
• Job requires knowledge of the Courtroom Procedures Manual, Ministry Annotation Standards for Digital Recordings and relevant sections of federal and provincial legislation defining the recording of the proceedings and the types of proceedings.
• Job requires technical operational knowledge of digital recording equipment in order to ensure the proper recording and annotation of court proceedings, and to provide playback of proceedings upon request of the court.
• Job requires knowledge of court practices, procedures and directives to support the proper operation of the court, to process and prepare court documents using pre-existing templates and to carry out clerical and administrative functions related to the administration of justice.
• Job requires knowledge of and adherence to Ontario Public Service customer service principles and service standards and the Court Services Division service standards in order to consistently provide professional, responsive and accessible client service when dealing with clients on the telephone, in person or by correspondence.
• Job requires knowledge of personal computer software packages such as MS Word and MS Outlook in order to prepare court papers and orders using pre-existing templates, input and access information, and conduct searches.
• Job requires operational knowledge of the use of digital recording technology and related software packages.

Skills :

• Job requires operating digital recording devices, checking microphones for recording levels, ensuring proper operation of the equipment and an ability to troubleshoot audio problems related to in-court audio equipment and components.
• Job requires listening and comprehension skills, judgment and tact to interrupt and clarify court proceedings as required to ensure an accurate and complete recording.
• Job requires client service orientation to consistently provide an optimum level of service to clients and be fully responsive to their needs.
• Job requires oral communication skills, courtesy, professionalism, tact, discretion and judgment to provide information/instructions to counsel, police, court staff and the public in response to telephone/counter inquiries.
• Job requires written communication skills to compose routine correspondence following a standard guide.
• Job requires verification of court information from the audio recording for judiciary, administrative staff and as otherwise required.
• Job requires organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail.
• Job requires accurate keyboarding skills to annotate court proceedings and to work in a computerized environment.
• Job requires problem solving skills in order to troubleshoot in an effort to resolve operational and technical issues related to the recording equipment.
• Job requires a professional and respectful and inclusive approach when dealing with other staff, members of the judiciary, lawyers, police officers and members of the public

Freedom of Action :

• Job requires working in accordance with Ministry policies, ptocedures, guidelines and standards.
• Job requires working under the general supervision ofilie-Manager or Supervisor of Court Operations, however when in courf, job requires working at the direction of the judicial official.
• Job requires referring to superl7isor unusual or contentious matters not covered by established procedures, policies.
• Job requires responsibility to ensure audio recordings of court records are certified and that the corresponding annotations have met Ministry standards and are subject to audit.
• Job requires the ability to work co-operatively and collaboratively within a team environment.

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