Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Compliance Administrator
Job Code:
12OAD - Office Administration 12
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To develop material, programs and services, management and corrective action plans to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and regulations at the organizational, facility and staff levels.
To create, maintain, access, store and disseminate applicable manuals, plans, standard operating procedures and other documentation required to ensure that all remote northern airports under provincial jurisdiction are operating in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Working under the general supervision of the head, administers the compliance function for all remote northern airports under provincial jurisdiction in accordance with applicable legislation and regulation, while complying with ministry policies, procedures and operating guidelines.

1. Developing materials, programs and services to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and regulation (e.g., Canadian Aviation Regulations). Acting as the custodian for various plans required by Canadian Aviation Regulations (e.g., Wildlife Management Plans, Emergency Response Plans, etc.) and working with colleagues to update plans due to changing contacts or conditions. Advising Transport Canada on status of plans and scheduled exercises as required.

2. Administering Airport Operations Manuals (AOM), Standard Operating Procedures, Wildlife Management Plans, Airport Vehicle Operating Permit and other airport manuals and procedures for all airports as required to maintain airport certification. Preparing new, revised or temporarily amended AOM as necessary for submission to Transport Canada, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are reflected in the AOM.

3. Collaborating with managers, staff, colleagues and other experts to amend aeronautical publications (e.g., Canada Flight Supplement, Canada Air Pilot, Restricted Canada Air Pilot) to ensure flight information is current (i.e., every 56 days) for the safe conduct of air operations. Verifying amendments have been published.

4. Supporting and providing input into the development of management and corrective action plans to ensure all airports maintain certification in response to deficiency findings from Transport Canada audits. Coordinating the response to Transport Canada on behalf of the organization with 30 calendar days as well as any follow up thereafter.

5. Writing, developing and revising complex technical manuals, general and ministerial correspondence such as position papers, technical reports, background papers and reports, briefing notes, submissions, etc.

6. Providing input and participating in the internal audit process for airports. Working with colleagues to identify root causes for operational deficiencies/non-conformance and develop timeframe and strategies (e.g., policy, procedure, process, schedule, manual, training, resource reallocation, etc.) to prevent recurrence.

7. Providing input, data and analysis to support safety, regulatory compliance, training, engineering, construction, maintenance and operational improvement projects.

8. Supporting the operation, use and preparation of reports from the SMS Data program. Must be willing to travel occasionally to remote northern communities.

Knowledge :

- Knowledge of applicable legislative and regulatory requirements, policies, procedures and operating guidelines to interpret and assess impacts on compliance regimes related to the safe, efficient and effective operation of remote northern airports.
- Understanding of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and their role in supporting compliance as well as the proactive detection and mitigation of safety problems to support the program in ensuring compliance.
- Knowledge of airport topographical surveys and related operational requirements to communicate information to stakeholders.
- Knowledge of standard computer applications to manage multiple versions of documents, respond to email, conduct research, make presentations, complete reports and spreadsheets, etc.

Skills :

- Oral and written communication skills and presentation skills to communicate legislative and regulatory requirements and technical information in plain language, prepare technical reports and present findings.
- Interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective relations with various internal and external stakeholders.
- Analytical, evaluative and decision making skills to complete reviews, carry out data analysis activities, make recommendations and identify compliance and issue mitigation tactics.
- Ability to plan, organize and monitor own work, (i.e., determining work priorities and setting individual assignments).
- Ability to review airport topographical surveys to share technical data and amend publications (e.g., Airport Operations Manuals, etc.).
- Ability to interpret legislative and regulatory requirements, and to advise colleagues, managers and stakeholders as appropriate, especially in terms of providing clarification or identifying changes to legislative or regulatory requirements, policies, procedures and operating guidelines.
- Political acuity to appropriately handle sensitive information, issues and situations and to know when to bring compliance or operational issues promptly to the attention of head or manager.
- Ability to identify issues that have the potential to adversely affect the organization, ministry or external stakeholders (e.g., First Nation communities, air carriers, etc.)
- Typing skills to ministry standards, fully programmable word processing skills, file sharing, and data analysis skills.

Freedom of Action :

- Position works with the guidance of ministry policies and procedures to develop and administer appropriate legislative and regulatory compliance regime.
- Job requires working in accordance with standard government administrative principles.
- Job requires working independently and collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders to resolve unforeseen issues and operational problems in the best interests of the ministry.
- Incumbent has the authority to develop and recommend programs and services, develop and recommend management and corrective action plans for approval by head or manager, and to create, maintain, access, store and disseminate documents pertaining to compliance with applicable legislation and regulations for operating remote northern airports.
- Incumbent is required to formulate work plans and schedule tasks to meet time sensitive operational, legislative and regulatory deadlines.
- Incumbent is required to promptly inform colleagues, managers and external stakeholders of matters of operational noncompliance and the appropriate temporary mitigation strategies.
- Incumbent is required to screen information and data requests from stakeholders, including regulatory organizations, providing the required information and data in a timely manner as appropriate.
- Refers matters outside of area of expertise and established procedures and practices to colleagues, head and manager.

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