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10OAD - Office Administration 10
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Purpose of Position :

To support the Land Tenure and Assessment Unit by processing various complex land transactions such as issuance, renewal, exchange and transfer of mining leases, including any post disposition transactions on mining lands and annual collection of rental arrears.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Working in a team environment under the leadership and direction of the Supervisor and/or Manager, incumbent contributes to meeting the Land Tenure and Assessment Unit program objectives by:

1. Receiving and soliciting information from clients pertaining to mining land title and retrieving information from Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) databases and file records to confirm and recommend applications for lease renewals, tax/rent forfeitures, company charter cancellations and other land reversions to the Crown; to determine acceptance of applications and or documents in compliance with the Mining Act, ministry policies and procedures. Reviews may include confirming account status, ownership, corporate status, and renewal criteria demonstrating mineral production or efforts to bring property into production, as well as reviewing reports of work, work plans, agreements, conveyances, transfer/deeds of land, other title instruments and correspondence to ensure compliance with holding of mining lands.

2. Receiving and soliciting information from clients pertaining to mining land title and retrieving information from MNDM databases and file records to confirm and recommend applications for post disposition title transactions such as lease or license exchanges and conversions, consent to transfer or mortgage or sublease licensed and leasehold properties and confirmations of mining rights tax liability status in municipal tax sales properties in accordance with applicable sections of the Mining Act and associated regulations, Ministry policies and procedures. Reviews may include confirming account status, ownership, corporate status, registered surveys and land descriptions, as well as reviewing reports, agreements, conveyances, transfer/deeds of land, other title instruments and correspondence.

3. Communicating verbally and in writing with clients (e.g. municipalities, lessees, legal firms, land owners/holders, internal ministry staff and other ministries and agencies) on routine problems, shortfalls in submissions and confirmations of information requirements. Preparing written summaries and background reports with recommendations to the Supervisor for post disposition transactions (e.g. terminations or renewals of mining leases). Referring unusual, contentious or complex situations to the Supervisor and/or Manager, and as requested, drafting backgrounder/briefing notes with recommendations.

4. Preparing instruments for registration on title; notifying external offices (MNRF, MPAC, MMAH) of mining land transactions as required, interacting with co-workers and sharing information with external staff as required for clarification or notification of mining land transfers and dispositions (LRO/MGCS, title searchers, MPAC, PLT/MOF, MNRF).

5. Accessing, referencing the Government's Land Management databases (e.g. Land Index System (LIS), CLAIMS database, OnCorp, Geoportal) and other office records (e.g. account files, electronic data, tax and rent accounts) and filing systems to maintain and update the Ministry's land and tax databases (e.g. CLAIMS and internal logs) by entering, verifying and correcting data as required (e.g. incorrect claim numbers, land areas, land owners) following predetermined record retention practices. Maintaining relevant internal logs and spreadsheets (e.g. new leases, 3-yr work commitments, 2-yr post expiries). Consulting with co-workers to monitor mining land transactions for compliance with holding of mining lands and correcting data as require (e.g. incorrect claim numbers, land areas, land owners, etc.). Investigating other data/document irregularities and either correcting or bringing to the attention of the Supervisor, or the CLAIMS Administrator as deemed appropriate.

6. Participating in the collection of tax arrears and assisting in the preparation of the forfeiture and opening of lands listing by referencing available land tenure records and title documents, performing title searches, identifying areas of subdivision and severances of land, identifying new owners and parties with a registered interest in the land; verifying similar work performed by co-workers and sending notifications.

7. Monitoring and processing mining lands that are subject to corporate dissolution, charter cancellations, terminations and forfeitures, land surrenders and other lands that may be escheated or voluntarily surrendered to the Crown.

8. Participating in the work planning, inputting in the coordination and updating of the unit's administrative business processes and on occasion providing training to staff in understanding land related information and transactions.

Manager has the right to assign additional duties.

The incumbent shall, work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations and any workplace practices as directed by the employer.

Staffing and Licencing :


Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of:

Those parts of the Mining Act and regulations and Ministry policies and procedures as they relate to the issuance of mining lands, administration of land title, and taxation and rents in order to review applications, communicate with clients and prepare routing and requisition forms for lease renewals, consents for transfers, mortgages and subleases and to qualify status of mining rights in respect of municipal tax sales.

Knowledge of Division/Branch and unit organizational structure and practices in order to prioritize and facilitate the processing of land transactions, and communicate with and respond to client inquiries and to develop new processes or enhance existing processes.

Land Titles and Registry Acts, processes related to those Acts, and formats for land title information (e.g. PINs, parcels, abstracts, other legal documents) in order to identity land and land ownership, and any charges, liens, or other encumbrances on title in order to provide notice of pending actions to all parties having an interest in the lands.

Related land Acts such as Public Lands Act, Provincial Land Tax, Municipal Act, Assessment Act, Business Corporation Act to understand land administration, rents and taxing systems from a provincial perspective to ensure orderly execution of MNDM account collection and that authorizations are consistent with the other provincial ministries land and accounts collection processes.

Land management policies, practices, and principles as they relate to current land disposition processes as well as the historical context in which current land title was created and administered (e.g. Registry Act vs. Land Titles Act, Parcel/PIN, variations in mining vs. surface rights in land grants), to identify variation in the land title, rights and interests therein and legislation governing the same and identifying or calculating land acreages, rents, taxes and fees.

The mineral industry sector, geological terms, and exploration methods in order to effectively communicate with mineral sector clients and understand client's interests in mining lands, as well as to review applications for lease renewal where clients must demonstrate the lands are used for mineral production.

Legal syntax used in land title documents (e.g. letters patent, leases and licenses, notices, deeds, debentures, agreements, liens) and land parcel descriptions including sketches, maps, survey plans and metes and bounds descriptions in order to review and prepare documents and instruments for registration on title.

Paper and electronic Ministry record systems in order to verify and maintain database integrity and accuracy when retrieving and entering data and filing correspondence and documents.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act to respond to public inquiries and prevent improper disclosure.

Computer systems and a variety of software programs (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite) and practices when handling data and corporate databases related to land tenure and taxation (e.g. CLAIMS, L.I.S., Geoportal), in order to readily obtain land tenure and account information and to update and verify information at a level that ensures accuracy and data integrity.

Good working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and those regulations made under the Act that apply to the workplace and the work being performed.

Skills :

Job requires:

Analytical, research, arithmetic and problem solving skills to recognize data errors and take corrective action to ensure accuracy of information; and to recommend or implement changes to internal business processes.

Analytical and reasoning skills to undertake title searches and to examine complex title records including survey plans and maps in order to determine land ownership and to establish the chain of title while recognizing any encumbrances, claims, or clouds on title.

Analytical skills to review reports of work, work plans, work agreements, or other performance measures as set out in the Mining Act and Ministry policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the lease renewal criteria requirements and other land transaction submission requirements.

Ability to understand legal and statutory text and syntax when reviewing documents in order to recognize and discerns rights, title and ownership of land to maintain Crown mineral interests and to assist clients.

Oral and written communication skills to explain government policies and procedures, land related terms and issues and program requirements (e.g. deficiencies in work requirements for lease renewals) to a wide audience including land owners, prospectors, legal professionals, mining company personnel, government personnel and agencies.

Tact diplomacy and interpersonal skills to deal courteously and concisely with client inquiries or advising clients, including potentially irate, upset clients, of non-compliant issues and potential legal remedies or effects upon land title.

Organizational and prioritizing skills to complete large volumes of transactions in limited timeframes that are set in legislation or prescribed in regulations, and which require participation and input from co- workers and staff in other work units or other ministries (e.g. MNRF, MOF, MAH).

Team working skills and the ability to coordinate work with others to complete assignments and contribute to complex business processes including training and providing group leadership to others for specific tasks or processes.

Freedom of Action :

Under minimal supervision of the Supervisor, job requires working independently with procedural controls of ministry and government policies, procedures, guidelines and legislation (such as the Mining Act, Land Titles and Registry Acts, Public Lands Act, Municipal Act) to review information and process land transactions, and provide advice to clients verbally and in writing regarding ministry standards for transactions related to rents taxes and administration of land title.

Incumbent assist to resolve land administration issues by evaluating the accuracy of documentation (e.g. reports and legal documents) and provides recommendations to the Supervisor for approval (e.g. transfers of interest inland, reversion of land to the Crown).

Incumbent works in collaboration with other staff to meet the work units overall program objectives, and provides mentoring and training to other staff on lands related information and transactions.

Job requires referring only unusual, contentious or complex situations not governed by precedent or guidelines to the Supervisor and/or Manager for further analysis and direction.

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