Career Streams

There are many different job opportunities across the government. You may begin a career in the OPS using your skills and knowledge in one ministry and move into other ministries as you gain experience and accept new challenges. The OPS has 18 job categories. As you gain new skills and want new opportunities, you may also move between job categories. Talented people who demonstrate leadership can move to the top jobs in senior management. The job categories are listed in the box below, with examples of positions that fall under each category.

Job Category
Example Positions
Receptionist, Assistant, Clerk, Administrator, Secretary, Office Co-ordinator
Writer, Editor, Media Relations, Issues Officer, Strategic Communications Adviser, Information Officer
Tourism Consultant, Business Planner, Planning/Project Co-ordinator, Community Planner, Municipal/Planning Adviser
Probation Officer, Security Officer, Correctional Officer, Rehabilitation Officer, Conservation Officer, Park Warden, Field Officers, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Officers, Operations Officers, NGO Liaison Officers, Exercise Officers
Public Inquiries Officer, Customer Service Agent, Client Services Representative
Trainer, Teacher of the Deaf, Education Officer, Trade Instructor, Training Consultant
Accountant, Auditor, Financial Analyst, Economist, Tax Advisory Specialist, Controller, Budget Officer
Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, Caseworker, Recreationist, Dental Hygienist, Clinician, Dietitian, Ambulance Officer, Group Home Manager
Human Resources Planner, HR Consultant, Labour Relations Consultant, Organization Development Consultant, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, Pay and Benefit Representative, Benefits Advisor
Systems Officer, Analyst, Programmer, Information Architect, GIS Officer, Security Specialist, Data Analyst
Meat Hygiene Officer, Special Investigations Unit Investigator, Fuel and Tobacco Tax Inspector, Occupational Health and Safety Inspector, Highway Carrier Safety Inspector, Transportation Enforcement Officer
Forester, Resources Manager, Environmental Officer, Land Registrar, Property Assessor, Wood Measurement Technician, Clean Water Specialist, Mineral Development Co-ordinator, Provincial Mining Recorder, Northern Development Adviser
Counsel, Lawyer, Courts Officer, Legal Clerk, Assistant Crown Attorney, Victim/Witness Co-ordinator, Court Registrar
Policy Adviser, Analyst, Project Analyst, Policy and Program Officer, Research Assistant
Category Lead- Strategic Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management, Contract & Services Coordinator, Coordinator Contract Management, Divisional Procurement Advisor, I.T. Procurement Coordinator, Manager, Corporate Procurement, Planning and Procurement Coordinator, Procurement Advisor, Procurement Analyst, Procurement and Project Coordinator, Procurement Assistant, Procurement Associate, Procurement Contract Management Analyst, Procurement Officer, Purchasing Officer, Senior Procurement Advisor, Senior Procurement Consultant, Strategic Sourcing Analyst, Supply or Stores Clerk, Technical Procurement Officer, Technology Procurement Officer, Tender Administration Officer
Mechanic, Waste and Water Project Operator, Food Services Officer, Cook, Pilot, Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Highway Foreman/Woman
Management and General
Manager, Supervisor, Administrative Co-ordinator, Project Lead, Accommodation Officer
Biologist, Hydrogeologist, Forensic Scientist, Veterinarian, Project Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Ecologist
Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Information Officer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Director, Senior Crown Attorney, Executive Assistant to Deputy Minister

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