OPS Internship for Internationally Trained Engineers


The OPS Internship Program for Internationally Trained Engineers (ITEs) provides paid work placements of 12 to 15 months in duration for recently immigrated engineers who are foreign-trained, licensed and have three or more years international experience. The internship experience is designed to give the relevant 12 months Canadian work experience required for licensing by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the licensing body for engineers in Ontario, so interns can meet licence requirements and join Ontario’s labour market.

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Internationally trained engineers who apply for ITE positions must have their foreign engineering credentials screened through Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and qualify for a provisional licence.

To qualify for a provisional licence, a P.Eng. licence applicant will have:

  • Satisfied PEO’s academic and technical requirements for licensing
  • Passed PEO’s Professional Practice Examination.
  • Demonstrated to PEO’s satisfaction at least 36 months of acceptable and verifiable engineering experience outside of Canada.

In addition, candidates must:

  • Be eligible for work and licensing in Canada.
  • Have language skills adequate for the workplace.

Please note it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact PEO to request a letter stating they are eligible for a Provisional Licence. This letter can be included in your application or provided during the interview process.

To find out more about engineering in Ontario, visit the PEO website.

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Internship Assignments

The OPS employs engineers in a range of disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Mechanical

The number and types of placements vary from year to year. Candidates will be hired for positions that are compatible with their academic discipline, so they may meet PEO’s licence requirements and become licensed engineers at the end of the internship period. Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate that the engineering experience requirements as outlined by PEO have been met to the satisfaction of the association.

Job advertisements for positions that have been designated bilingual will be provided in both English and French. Positions that are not designated bilingual are not translated and are displayed in English only on both the English and French versions of the website.

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Posting Information

There are currently no opportunities posted for the Internationally Trained Engineer Internship Program. This website will be updated summer 2019, when information is available on future internship opportunities.

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Additional Information

To learn more about becoming a licensed engineer in Ontario, please contact Professional Engineers Ontario.

For additional information about the OPS Internship Program for Internationally Trained Engineers contact us by e-mail at ITIproposals@ontario.ca or by post at:

ITE Program
77 Wellesley St. W. 4th floor
Ferguson Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1N3

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