Role of the Public Service

Ontario Public Service Mission

Our mission is to serve the public interest and to uphold the public’s trust.

  • We support the elected government by providing Ministers with honest, impartial and objective advice.
  • We carry out the decisions and policies of the elected government and administer public services to the highest professional standards.
  • We conduct ourselves with integrity.
  • We exercise responsible stewardship of public resources and information.
  • We fulfill all our duties in accordance with the law, including The Public Service Act of Ontario, and in compliance with our Public Service Oath.
  • We are accountable for how we fulfill our public service roles.

The public service delivers the policies, programs and services that government provides.

The OPS is a professional body that is non-partisan. This means that it supports and provides impartial advice to the government elected by the people of Ontario.

The public is entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from all individuals who work for the OPS. This means that public servants need to be sure that government activities are conducted in an open, fair and transparent manner.

One way to ensure this type of conduct is to identify and resolve any conflicts of interest. In most cases, potential conflicts of interest could not be identified at the application stage. Any concerns applicants might have can be discussed during the Evaluation Process. For more information about OPS employment, including the public service oath, go to FAQs.

Departments in the provincial government are called ministries, and each has an elected Minister who is accountable to the Legislative Assembly, and ultimately the public, for that ministry. The Premier and the Ministers together make up the Cabinet.

Deputy Ministers head up the public service in each ministry. The chief Deputy Minister and head of the OPS is called the Secretary of the Cabinet.

The Government of Ontario is built on the Premiers Office, and is composed of 3 groups.1.The Ontario Public Service (non-partisan) consists of OPS employees reporting to Deputy Ministers and the Cabinet office. Additionally, the Deputy Ministers report to the Ministers. Both offices report to the Secretary of the Cabinet.2.Elected Officials in which Parliamentary Assistants report to Ministers.3.Political Staff where Premier’s Office staff report to the Chief of staff and Minister’s staff report to Ministers.All areas report back to the Premier’s Office.

If you want to know more about:

  • Parliamentary tradition and practices, go to About Ontario on the site and select “Government”;
  • Role of the Lieutenant Governor, who is the Head of State in Ontario, go to About Ontario or go to the website of the Lieutenant Governor;
  • The Legislative Assembly, how it works and how laws are made.

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