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Summer Employment Opportunities

OPS-wide Summer Employment Opportunities

Spend Your Summer Making a Difference

What are the Summer Employment Opportunities?
Why Should I Apply?
Am I Eligible To Apply This Summer?
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I Still Have Questions!

1) Am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria on the first day of employment to be considered. Students are required to indicate their eligibility in the online application form:

a) Student Status: All summer jobs require a "student" status. A student is defined as someone enrolled in a secondary, or post-secondary institution (currently or for the fall semester) or graduated within the past six months (e.g. if a student graduated in December, they could apply for and start a summer student position in the Ontario Public Service up until June of the following year).
b) Age: All summer jobs require a minimum age of 15 years old on the first day of employment. Due to program requirements, some jobs require students to be 15 to 24 years old (or 15-29 for a person with a disability). Due to Ministry specific requirements, some jobs require students to be at least 18 years of age. Age restriction details will be provided on the job ad.
c) Residency: Student must be a resident of Ontario during the summer of employment.
d) Ability to work in Canada: Student must be legally entitled to work in Canada. Students are also required to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) upon being hired. If you do not have a SIN and would like to obtain one, please check the Government of Canada website.

So now that you know you are eligible to apply, check out our How Do I Apply? Page including our Student Application Tip Sheet for information on how to apply for jobs this summer!

2) I have a disability. Do I have to tell someone?

If you require accommodation to apply, or to complete the application form, please contact us at SEO@ontario.ca.

You are not required to disclose a disability during the recruitment process or your employment contract. If you wish to disclose, you may advise the hiring manager. Specific details of the disability are not required. If you require specific accommodations to participate in the interview or complete your work duties, then you would need to disclose what those requirements are. This may include having information provided in a larger font, providing access for a mobility device, or other forms of accommodation. The Ontario Public Service is dedicated to promoting an inclusive workplace and a positive work environment. Accommodation helps to remove barriers and modify practices in the workplace so employees can participate equally in the workplace.

3) I want to apply to be a Park Ranger. What do I need to know?

In a provincial park environment, there are many types of Park Ranger positions:

Gate Attendant, Interior Ranger, Administrative Assistant, GIS Data Technician, Trail Maintenance, Natural Heritage Education Assistant and Maintenance Worker.

To find out more about the different Park Ranger positions take a look at the work description and skills listed in the Sample Park Ranger Job Ad. To search for Park Ranger positions during the posting periods go to www.ontario.ca/careers. Select ‘Student’ under ‘Career Level’ field to see the all job ads.

Provincial Parks are located across the province; check out the Ontario Parks Locator website to learn the exact location of the parks you are interested in applying to. You need to indicate on your application form the parks you are willing to work at.

Some parks have limited staff accommodations that are available to student Park Rangers. Check out the list of Provincial Parks with Staff Housing for Park Ranger positions. If you are invited for an interview at one of these locations, be sure to mention that you would be interested in Staff Housing for the duration of your summer position. There are minimal costs associated with staff housing for students. For any other provincial park locations, you will need to take care of your own housing arrangements.

4) Are there specific opportunities for Aboriginal youth?

The Ontario Public Service values a diverse workforce and is always looking for bright, talented people from a diverse array of backgrounds.

The Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program is managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. It provides summer employment for Aboriginal youth aged 15 to 24 (15-29 years of age for a person with a disability).

Click here to visit the Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program website.

Also, the First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program is a two-year program providing Aboriginal youth aged 16-18 (some exceptions may be negotiated through First Nations communities) from First Nations communities in Northern Ontario the opportunity to work on forestry projects, receive workplace training and take personal development workshops.

Click here to visit the First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program website.

5) I would like to get a summer job in a specific ministry - can I submit a paper resume/cover letter directly to that ministry/hiring manager?

No, students are required to apply to positions online through the Ontario Public Service Careers website and should not send resumes directly to a ministry or manager. All summer employment positions across the province in various ministries will be posted on the Ontario Public Service Careers website.

If you require accommodation (e.g. due to a disability) to complete your application, please contact the Summer Employment Opportunities team at SEO@ontario.ca

6) I live in a rural location and do not have access to internet to complete an online submission. What are my options?

Student applicants are encouraged to use the facilities provided at local libraries, Employment Ontario offices, Native Friendship Centres etc. to complete their online submissions. Contact us at SEO@ontario.ca for assistance.

7) Can I work for more than one summer?

Yes! As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply to any Summer Employment Opportunities positions, regardless of how many summers you may have worked there or in a similar area.

8) Do I have to make my own housing arrangements?

Yes, successful applicants are responsible for their own housing arrangements. Some parks have limited staff accommodations that are available to student Park Rangers. Check out the list of Provincial Parks with Staff Housing for Park Ranger positions.

9) Will I be compensated for relocating?

The Summer Employment Opportunities program does not provide reimbursement of relocation costs. Students should only apply to positions where they are confident they will find accommodations.

10) What sort of training will I receive?

Training will depend on the position. Some positions have training prior to the start of employment, other positions provide training on the job only. Information will be provided by the hiring manager.

11) Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact us at SEO@ontario.ca for any additional questions. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We will reply to any inquiries within two business days.