Recruitment Services Contact Information

Please direct all questions regarding a specific competition to the Recruitment Services Team supporting the ministry in question.

If you require assistance through a teletypewriter (TTY) service, contact 613-544-4308 or 1-855-622-4989 for all Recruitment Services Teams.

Listed below are the contact details for the Recruitment Services Teams that support the various ministries:

  • Accessibility Directorate of Ontario - 1-866-260-0612
  • Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of the Attorney General – 1-855-426-9433
  • Ministry of Children and Youth Services – 1-855-537-2627
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration – 1-855-426-9433
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services – 1-866-734-8986
  • Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services – 1-855-430-7909
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Growth – 1-855-430-7909
  • Ministry of Education - 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Energy – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change – 1-866-734-8986
  • Ministry of Finance (including Financial Services Commission of Ontario) – 1-866-260-0612
  • Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (including Service Ontario) 1-866-260-0612
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care – 1-866-410-8933
  • Ministry of Housing – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Infrastructure – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of International Trade – 1-855-426-9433
  • Ministry of Labour – 1-866-734-8986
  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – 1-866-333-8491
  • Ministry of Research, Innovation & Science – 1-855-430-7909
  • Ministry of Seniors Affairs – 1-855-426-9433
  • Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport - 1-855-430-7909
  • Ministry of Transportation - 1-855-537-2627
  • Ministry of the Status of Women – 1-855-426-9433
  • Office of Francophone Affairs – 1-855-430-7909
  • Treasury Board Secretariat – 1-866-410-8933

Pour des renseignements en français, vous pouvez aussi communiquer avec les Services de recrutement en composant le 1 866 333-8491.

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