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It is our goal to provide a balanced overview of the position, including the unique aspects of the job. This supplementary information complements the job ad and job spec. We believe this will better equip you to be able to make an informed decision to apply, and in turn helps us to hire the person who understands, accepts and is motivated to perform all aspects of the job.

Position Title:
Job Code:
OPSEU - Employment Standards Auditor 2, 05523
Job ID:

Brief Overview Of Job Duties:

Officers investigate complaints, conduct workplace inspections, deliver presentations to stakeholders, enforce legislation and initiate prosecutions along with other types of activities. Officers may be exposed to seasonal weather conditions and are required to travel periodically.


They may also be required to visit the head office or other location of an employer where the work environment is varied from business-like and professional to factory floor or construction site. While conducting investigations or resolving disputes, the Officer may need to deal with irate, distraught or hostile people, but has the option to withdraw from situations with potential physical violence. Officers may also spend time in a courtroom or formal hearing room environment. Officers work autonomously, under general supervision. The work is self-paced, with a moderate but steady level of urgency. Officers will also experience competing demands for their time and information. Officers will need to balance the need to focus on the job at hand with the need to keep their manager and senior management informed about serious and high profile events.

Hours of Work:

Hours of work are governed by the collective agreement. The normal hours of work for this position is 36-1/4 hours per week with a requirement to be available for 7.25 hour work periods during weekdays.


Is only required when pre-authorized by management.



Reporting Relationships:


Current Challenges:


Amount of Travel:


Career and Personal Development:

Following orientation, new hires undergo an intensive training program. This formal classroom training is supplemented with field experience where the new Officer will work alongside an experienced `Coach` Officer. New Officers are tested and reviewed on their knowledge and newly acquired skill sets both during the formal training program and as they progress through their probationary period.

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