Job Specification

Position Title:
Senior DevOps Engineer
Job Code:
17160 - Systems Officer 5
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide cloud infrastructure support on projects which will help ODS clients achieve efficiencies in delivery of programs/services, expedite business processes, achieve business goals/objectives and management of processes in an Agile product development and DevOps environment.
To support Agile multi-disciplinary teams in analysing cloud environment requirements, implementing, automating and deploying solutions that conform to establish DevOps standards.
To investigate and assess new technologies and tools and to develop DevOps guidelines / best practices in areas of build and support.
To provide guidance on product teams and ensure compliance to cloud security and infrastructure stability.
To guide new staff in technologies, build tools, automation, scripting, databases, container-based virtualization tech, processes and handling production issues.
To investigate technical problems, provide recommendations to management.
To participate in the creation of environment standards, deployment process, and security guidelines.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Research, develop prototypes, proof of concepts or feasibility studies and provides design evaluations and recommendations of appropriate technologies and tools pertinent to current and future DevOps standards.
2. Defines migration techniques and developing guidelines / best practices in areas of design, build, integration, deployment and operational safeguards.
3. Analyses requirements, defines cloud architecture and designs and implements solutions that conform to standards.
4. Analyses complex technical issues, production issues, identifies alternatives and recommends solutions.
5. Provides advice for the selection of reusable services / components, their creation or procurement and ongoing support. Advocates for the use of DevOps design patterns and advises on whether the proper reuse is taking place.
6. Participates in the creation of standards for cloud environments, information and security architecture.
7. Liaises with IT colleagues to implement solutions, conduct reviews, resolve operational problems, and support business partners in effective use of solutions.
8. Actively contributes to and encourages others to build an environment for learning and innovation.
9. Develops processes to improve the efficiency of teams. Supports team success, shows initiative to remove impediments and resolves conflicts by facilitating the expression of diverse points of view to enhance teamwork and attain a beneficial resolution.
10. Takes steps to help others resolve the conflict and maintain trusting relationships. Be adept at conflict resolution, vendor, and stakeholder management.
11. Prepare project plans, developing estimates of cost/resources/staffing required and recommends budget/resource requirements to management.
12. Investigates and resolves technical project issues and problems. Creates technical advice for client support and training materials.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge and awareness of technology-specific standards, policies and practices for tools.
Job requires basic knowledge of Cloud Architecture patterns and the implementation; advanced knowledge of medium scale systems analysis, design and development, application and data modelling using industry standards for modelling languages and tools, programming languages and frameworks.
Job requires advanced knowledge production systems that support them; information technology, application, and security architecture standards; planning and development methodology.
Monitors industry and other organizations for innovations in application delivery approaches and contributes to best practices and policies.
Job requires knowledge of existing technology infrastructure across all major functions.
Job requires knowledge of all major IT departments, roles, responsibilities, and inter-dependencies.
Job required advanced knowledge of common authentication technologies, security controls, and standard application security tools.

Skills :

Job requires written and oral communication skills to conduct team meetings, write/edit systems documentation, prepare and present written reports on findings.
Job requires analytical skills to assess applicability of new technologies and impacts of their adoption; investigate and resolve complex technical Issues.
Job requires analytical skills to create a mechanism to monitor effectiveness of existing evaluation processes and criteria for new technologies.
Job requires skills to design, implemented and maintained DevOps continuous delivery pipelines to manage from build to deployment and cloud infrastructure using infrastructure as code practices.
Job requires basic experience in the development of cross-functional environments/applications using expertise in continuous delivery to automate testing and deployment pipelines to deliver fast solutions.
Job requires development of technology to meet the business objectives, and improve operational performance while remaining consistent with overall ODS technology strategy.
Job requires planning and coordinating design and development work, including giving work assignments, accepting results, performing quality assurance activities, and guiding team members as a senior. Advanced analytical skills to describe key issues and considerations for cross-platform interoperability.
Job requires basic project management skills for planning, estimating, and managing multiple projects.
Job requires ability to articulate methods used to make build/buy decisions on project components.
Job requires ability to identify common IT risks and address them with contingency plans and back-out options.
Job requires problem-solving skills to resolve complex failures. Ability to discuss alternative troubleshooting approaches and their applicability to types of problems. Define and monitor problem logs, resolutions and lessons learned.
Job requires monitoring and assessing the performance of applications in cloud environment to ensure the services are available anytime, anywhere. Create, test and implement operational safeguards that maintain data integrity and protection against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.
Job requires experience with open source frameworks such as search engines, analytics including set up, configuration, integration, watcher and alerts.
Job requires experience with scripting languages and build tools for continuous integration and provide infrastructure support for multiple cloud environments
Job requires integration experience using and building APIs and Databases (relational and non-relational).
Job requires advanced knowledge of security standards and securing environments using offensive and defensive approaches.
Job requires good leadership skills to develop and encourage team work, good morale and high performance.
Job requires interpersonal skills to secure co-operation from client groups and senior management respecting recommendations for technical solutions to business problems and promote acceptance of recommendations for improved technology or processes for enhanced services.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires experience with researching new technologies with vendors and makes authoritative recommendations to management in line with ODS decisions.
Job provides DevOps guidance on application development projects.
Job requires decision-making by identifying reuse opportunities and recommending to buy or build software components, setting design and development guidelines/best practices and addressing integration and technology transition issues.
Job exercises latitude in decision-making by recommending new technologies and tools, cloud development approaches and initiatives, and process and productivity improvements.
Job requires work on significant technical issues and provide updates to management, vendors and other technical staff.
Job requires communicating, educating, and guiding peers, counterparts, team members stakeholders and users.
Managing vendor and client relationships and providing appropriate support as deemed necessary.

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