Job Specification

Position Title:
Job Code:
50054 - Nurse 3, General
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assist the Health Care Manager in coordinating and directing the effective day to day delivery of health care services to both male and female youth at the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre by providing leadership and senior nursing services

Duties / Responsibilities :

Provides group leadership / general supervision to General duty nurses, including the following:
Develops the monthly and weekly nursing assignments from the nursing schedule and assigns daily duties to the Registered Nurses
Provides orientation overview/ mentoring/ counselling to new and transferred Registered Nurses
Provides advice and instructions to the interdisciplinary team which includes nurses, social workers, physicians, psychiatrist, dentist, optometrist, youth services officers, chaplain and facility managers
Assists in resolving clinical challenges and the implementation of / evaluation of health care interventions for gendered youth
Considers/ recommends systems review/ implementation of processes to manage future challenging situations more effectively on behalf of the health care department
Facilitates and co-ordinates the Registered Nurses' function within their respective scope of practice
Monitors alert responses such as infection outbreaks and facilitates evidence based approaches and outcomes
Tracks infection protocols in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team and develops monthly statistics for reporting to the Region of Peel and the facility Administrator
Manages crisis intervention and teaching by ensuring the proper tools are readily available and front line Registered Nurses are using them effectively
Coordinates day to day health unit operation by doing the following:
Schedules replacement staff to backfill for approved time off, illness as per established overtime protocol
Maintains accurate records to ensure fair and equitable application of overtime
Provides relief for Health Care Manager in his/her absence by ensuring timely response to concerns/issues, monitors delivery of healthcare to youth, and represents the manager at the facility morning meetings, the weekly program meetings and ensures that the daily departmental sign in sheet is accurate and delivered to payroll in a timely manner

Maintains current medical directives in consultation with Manager, colleagues and physicians
Manages enquiries from Shift Managers, Advocates, community physicians, facility interdisciplinary team, youth and youth family, Probation Officer and community stakeholders
Assists with clinical problem solving, assists with the implementation and evaluation of health care interventions to both male and female youth
Collaborates with medical clerk to manage timely access to external appointments and receives and follows up in a timely manner on medical reports
Collaborates with Registered Nurses to ensure timely access and follow up for health care to youth, which includes direct requests from youth for urgent health care services
Collaborates with Registered Nurses to ensure adequate medication stock and medical/surgical supplies by ordering supplies, pharmaceuticals, maintaining records of purchases and costs, ensuring safety and security of the health care area and scheduling of health care clinics and treatment programs
Collaborates with colleagues to ensure attendance at Case Management Planning meetings.
Collaborates with the Health Care Manager and Registered Nurses in the development and delivery of formal education programs to youth
Communicates with other services / departments regarding issues impacting on youth health care such as following up / calling the hospital for updates on admitted youth
Updates YOTIS (Youth Offender Tracking Information System) and prepares reports as required
Contributes and collaborates with stakeholders for the development / revision of unit specific health care policies and procedures

Other duties as assigned by the Health Care Manager

Staffing and Licencing :

Current registration as a Registered Nurse with the College of Nurses in Ontario having obtained a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Current Certification in First Aid and CPR at the BCLS level.

Knowledge :

The job requires evidence based clinical health care knowledge and practice and the College of Nurses of Ontario Standards of Practice, in the provision of nursing care to gendered youth in secure custody. (Implementing treatment processes with the monitoring of outcomes, first aid/ emergency techniques, dispensing, tracking and delivering medications) Job requires knowledge of the facility and MCYS policies/ procedures to ensure appropriate treatment implementation including safety of youth and security of health care area to report observations in a timely manner that may affect programs and youth activities. Job requires knowledge of Youth Offender Tracking Information System (YOTIS) to input and retrieve youth information, knowledge of relevant sections of related legislation that impacts on health care provision to youth (e.g., Regulated Health Practitioner Act, Health Care Consent Act) and ensures compliance and consistency with the health care standards, consent to treatment and confidentiality of health care records. Job requires excellent communication, team building, interpersonal and leadership skills to provide general supervision to a team of nursing professionals. Job requires knowledge to schedule activities of the health care department in consultation with the manager to co-ordinate youth and facility's routines. Job requires knowledge of computer related software such as internet, intranet, Microsoft Word and Power Point to develop memos, education program and research new health care information and updates to policies and procedures

Skills :

Job requires excellent reasoning and analytical skills to elicit and interpret information from youth, nurses and other sources, identify health care challenges, evaluate information and draw conclusions to assist in the development of health care treatment plans.
Job requires in depth knowledge of health care approaches for gendered youth and being an advocate for youth ensuring their voices are heard and they have input in to the decisions regarding their health care approaches.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working independently and interdependently within parameters of clinical practice guidelines, physician orders set by physicians' treatment directions, ministry, relevant legislation and the College of Nurses of Ontario standards of practice to provide nursing services to youth in secure custody, (e.g., assessing and triaging youth health care conditions, developing treatment plans of care, providing routine and emergency care and treatment including the administration of medication), ensuring safety of health care professionals, youth and security of the health care department. The job requires evaluating health care situations in collaboration with nursing colleagues in the absence of the physician, deciding upon course of action and contacting/referring doubtful or serious cases to the hospital, or physician on call and manager of health care. Job requires communicating issues such as non-compliance with nursing standards, missing medication, errors and security concerns to the manager for discussion and resolutions. Job requires receiving advice, directions, and guidance for situations not covered by nursing standards/practices and procedures from the manager or physicians.

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