Job Specification

Position Title:
Mapping & Geomatics Specialist
Job Code:
17158 - Systems Officer 4
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide leadership and expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects through the development, implementation, integration and maintenance of corporate geospatial databases. Provide technical direction to staff that meets the needs of clients and business area partners.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Consulting with clients, partners and unit management for the analysis of geospatial data and information requirements in relation to program goals/objectives and short/long term business plans and strategies; conducting or coordinating development and analysis of data processing and
management options including feasibility studies, information strategies, business cases, etc. to ensure effective and efficient delivery of business solutions including sharing/integration of data/technology across business areas/ministries.

2. Participating in geographic information systems and database design teams activities, identifying requirements, providing data management expertise. Assisting with or writing end-users manuals, documentation, and procedures.

3. Coordinating geographic information design and development projects, including: developing project plans and identifying necessary resources; providing leadership and guidance to project team; setting standards for data /database design; determining database structures and developing policies and standards for operating elements such as levels of user access, security measures, data storage and retention, reporting requirements; conducting and/or overseeing design and development process.

4. Provide leadership and co-ordination in the design and development of corporate databases including developing project plans and identifying necessary resources; setting standards for database design; determining database structure and developing policies/data storage and retention,
reporting requirements, conducting and/or overseeing design and development process and liaising with vendors.

5. Assisting in the establishment and management of data administration functions by developing and controlling definitions, organization, protection and documentation of data/ information structures, and developing data management procedures, practices and standards.

6. Providing technical guidance and assistance /support to users and clients in the use of geographic information, data management, administration tools, techniques methodologies and emerging technologies related to geospatial data.

7. Providing advisory technical services in the maintenance of geographic information and information management tools and processes including support and training.

The incumbent shall, while in the workplace, conduct themselves in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and any workplace policies and practices as directed by their immediate supervisor.

Staffing and Licensing :


Knowledge :

Strong technical knowledge and experience in geographic information systems, remote sensing and other computer technologies in order to develop effective geospatial solutions to meet client requirements.
Strong practical knowledge of the integration of surveying, remote imaging, photogrammetry, digital mapping and positioning systems in order to design appropriate information management solutions for business requirements and to provide reasoned alternatives to problems.
Good technical knowledge in geo-processing and related scripting languages including the use of GIS to develop GIS scripts and programs.
Good technical knowledge in relational data management systems, development of conceptual, logical and physical data models and data standards.
Good knowledge of project management methods to carry out both technical and administrative responsibilities of projects.
Good knowledge of information management principles and best practices to ensure efficient and effective planning, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining of data and information management systems.
Knowledge of worker responsibilities as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Skills :

Job requires leadership and evaluative skills in information management projects to ensure timely and cost effective delivery of projects.
Job requires analytical and problem solving skills to assess clients information/systems needs and lead development of information management solutions which are cost effective and improve client program/service delivery.
Job requires coordinating skills to analyze and define client requirements, including assessment of short and long term business goals and objectives and analyze current business practices and procedures to initiate changes to more effectively use of technology to manage information effectively and
Job requires analytical skills to advise clients on development of their information management priorities in order to reflect their business needs/requirements/plans, program/service delivery requirements and resource limitations.
Job requires knowledge and skills in quantitative analysis, statistical analysis, error analysis and accuracy assessment of temporal and spatial data to lead the development and implementation of analytical methods.
Job requires conceptualization approaches skills to address business requirements by designing alternative techniques and methodologies.
Job requires ability to develop implementation plans and pilot projects to address data and software solutions and to evaluate the applicability of processes and technologies.
Job requires reasoning and problem-solving skills to support analysis and development of data management systems that reflect client requirements and facilitate improvement of operational efficiency.
Job requires judgment to advise on technical problems and offers solutions to overcome the problems through review and analysis.
Job requires written and verbal communications skills to deal with diverse clients and partners on studies and pilot projects to ensure needs are properly determined; to collaborate with clients and partners in information exchange, to provide detailed technical analysis of data sets; to prepare technical reports, and to provide training in the use of databases and related products.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within ministry and government policies, guidelines, and directives related to development and management of information and use of data software /applications; and within established data base design and management practices and procedures.
Job requires making decisions by: making recommendations on access, formatting and reporting and maintenance of data bases; making technical decisions in design and structure of geographic information systems and data bases; recommending procedures for data access, data management,
security and maintenance. Work is regularly discussed with clients; and general updates on project status and achievement of objectives are provided to coordinator/manager and reviewed in relation to stated project objectives, timelines and budget.
Job refers to manager problems/issues such as changes to operating systems; need for organizational
enhancements, resourcing issues, and significant changes to project direction.
Job requires liaising with ministry staff at various levels to ensure coordination of effort and mutual
Sharing of ideas and solutions across the enterprise.

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