Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Lab Technician II
Job Code:
16072 - Technician 2, Physical Lab
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

As part of the operation at the Materials Testing Laboratory, to participate in materials testing program by preparing wire rope specimens and other materials for testing, recording condition of wire ropes using established rating system, loading the Universal Testing Machines and conducting routine maintenance of production and materials handling equipment as directed by Senior Engineer.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Prepares wire rope specimens for the Universal Testing Machine by performing such tasks as:
- Picking up samples at receiving area, opening and unpacking the crates, tagging and entering sample information into computer database;
- Operating the forklift truck as required;
- Informing Senior Engineer of any specimens received that are less than 2.5 metres in length;
- Cutting wire rope specimens into required lengths for tensile testing and 250 mm in length for torsion testing purposes;
- Binding ends of specimens with soft wire and spreading strands; opening each strand and measuring diameter of each wire with callipers and micrometer;
- Cleaning samples thoroughly in trichloroethylene;
- Lifting ends of tensile testing sample into mould, pouring resin solution into mould to form socket on each end;
- Checking strands for lubrication, corrosion, broken wires, wear, nicking and lubrication of cores and notifying Senior Engineer where abnormal conditions are found;
- Comparing wires in strands to CSA standards, recording the ratings into the computer database.
2. Loads the Universal Testing Machine by performing such tasks as:
- Manually operating 20/3 ton capacity radio-controlled overhead crane to lift specimen into the universal machine, removing specimen upon completion of test.
3. Maintains the Production/Materials handling equipment by performing such tasks as:
- Weekly checking of operating condition of the Universal Testing Machine (hydraulic hoses, grips and actuator for leaks), radio-controlled overhead crane, forklift truck, cut-off saw, ultrasonic tank, ventilation fans and ductwork.
4. Prepares for material testing at outside laboratory when required by performing such tasks as:
- Labelling specimens to identify client, size and rope numbers;
- Transporting specimens to express office for return to client.
5. When required, and in the absence of the Lab Technician III, operates torsion machine by performing such tasks as:
- Placing one outer and one inner wire from each strand in torsion machine (approximately 80 wires per day);
- Operating torsion testing machine, recording number of turns taken to break the wire as recorded on machine on standard worksheet;
- Information Senior Engineer of any abnormal test result immediately upon completion of the testing.
6. Performs other related duties such as:
- Cleaning ultra-sonic cleaner tank and still;
- Reclaiming used solvent by distillation;
- Cleaning the Universal Testing Machine;
- Cleaning the cut-off saw;
- Cleaning the mould station area;
- Cleaning floors, workbenches and tools;
- Cleaning all other designated areas in the Materials Testing Lab.
7. Manager has the right to assign additional duties.

Staffing and Licencing :

Successful completion of mandatory forklift, manlift and fall arrest training.

Knowledge :

Knowledge and understanding of mechanical maintenance principles, processes and procedures in industrial workplaces;
Knowledge in the use of micrometer and other testing gauges. Ability to prepare worksheet reports and enter data into computer database, communicate through email, using a Microsoft platform and its various software, including database management, Word, Excel, Outlook.;
Knowledge of safe operating practices, procedures and experience working with various equipment/tools – Universal Testing Machine, forklift, production/materials handling equipment, hydraulic system, mobile equipment, lifting devices, distillation equipment, various power handheld tools (drills, saws, pneumatic hammers);
Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable regulations for industrial workplaces, including roles and responsibilities of workplace parties.

Skills :

Job requires:
- Ability to prioritize, organize workload to meet established timelines;
- Written communication skills to tag specimens, accurately record data on test findings and testing methods used and prepare/provide input into related reports;
- Oral communication skills to discuss set-up needs for tests, judgement and attention to detail to report equipment problems, discuss testing procedures and standards and advise Senior Engineer of any abnormal test results;
- Ability to use various computer software (see knowledge above).
- Ability to safely use various industrial equipment/tools (see knowledge above).

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within established legislative requirements, industrial laboratory procedures, standards and techniques, Ministry procedural manuals, health and safety requirements using various personal protective equipment. Job requires discussing problems relating to deviations from standards or written precedents with Senior Engineer or senior staff. Work is reviewed for accuracy of results and quality assurance. Job receives technical assistance from senior staff on unusual methodologies and settings in preparing for tests.
Physical Exertion
Job requires long periods of standing or sitting down at various testing stations, more than once a day, to prepare samples, set up and operate equipment and machinery, and participate in carrying out testing. Job requires pushing and pulling of supplies, samples and equipment which can weigh up to 35 kg, several times a day, with the assistance of senior staff or use of assistive devices for lifting heavier items or large cables.

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