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Position Title:
I&IT Team Lead
Job Code:
6A003 - InformationTechnology06
Job ID:

Purpose :

- To lead the coordination and planning of telecommunications services within the goals and objectives of the I&IT strategy.

- To provide leadership and technical expertise in supporting, deploying and managing data networks and telecommunications services for the OPS.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Information Technology and Systems Management

- Manages and oversees the delivery of telecommunications services for the Enterprise/Cluster/Client including consultation, complex provisioning, vendor management and performance management.

- Develops and implements business and operational plans to support the provision of telecommunications services; provides advice on budgeting for network costs and projections of future network costs.

- Provides day-to-day vendor management and serves as the telecom subject-matter expert in meeting client/enterprise telecommunications services.

- Manages/oversees incident management procedures and processes when network failures or severe performance problems arise, and manages issues through to resolution, ensures that telecommunication services are available for critical business support and work with the provider/integrator to ensure that processes and contingency plans are in place to restore critical network function.

- Monitors and analyzes SLA performance SLA for all telecommunications services, ensuring that they are delivered to contracted levels.

- Identifies, recommends, and deploys new services, ensuring that such telecommunication services meet the business objectives of the enterprise/Cluster/client.

2. Supervision

- Provides group leadership and day-to-day direction to staff responsible for telecommunications service delivery priorities, including aligning staff management priorities; resolves daily service-related operational issues; and maintains record keeping systems in support of Network oversight activities.

- Provides senior technical expertise and support for service planning initiatives and activities; and acts as an escalation point for services.

- Develops supporting processes procedures, standards, and interfaces to existing Cluster I&IT planning activities.

3. Planning, Standards and Reporting

- Identifies and analyzes performance and service delivery trends and issues, and evaluates and reports on the achievement of cost and quality objectives; recommends improvements in telecommunication services and promotes a functional relationship with service providers.

Provides input to corporate technology planning initiatives through the Identification, analysis, and reporting of Stakeholder telecommunications services.

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
- Telecommunications services such as data network operations, mobile radio, Internet Protocol based services (e.g. unified communications) and legacy telecommunications services in order to lead the planning and delivery of telecommunications services to the OPS.

- OPS and industry I&IT strategies, plans, policies, trends, best practices and standards, information technology systems and services, current and emerging technology, in order to oversee the provision of telecommunications services to meet enterprise/cluster/client business needs.

- Client operations, OPS I&IT solutions, standards, processes and strategies, industry standard programming language, and technology trends, in order to lead the resolution of architecture, analysis and design, and engineering challenges; define scope, ensure project compliance and network Integration to meet business requirements.

- Industry and government telecommunications concepts, principles, practices, trends and developments, to plan and coordinate installations, ensure operating plans for telecommunications services are integrated with all operating environments; as well as to provide sound technical advice to senior management and users, and technical direction to systems professionals/vendors.

- Current and emerging mobile telecommunications strategies, plans, standards methods, directives and advances, including hardware platforms, software, networks, databases, applications common business systems, technology infrastructure and operational services, in order to provide senior-level expertise, evaluate requirements and devise solutions and to lead the development of standards, policies and procedures.

- Computer hardware; networks; software including databases, development tools and methodologies; software and hardware architecture; IT security.

- Project management to plan, co-ordinate and lead projects for developing IT solutions.

- Government/ministry IT standards, policies, and guidelines governing networks, security, and information technology to manage the oversight of customer service, network performance, and planning activities for network access service.

- Ministry/Cluster and OPS decision-making structures and processes to position recommendations and facilitate senior management decision-making.

- Written and oral communications to prepare submissions, planning documents, reports, briefing materials and correspondence; make presentations, interview clients and explain technical concepts to audiences who may not be familiar with I&IT concepts and terminology.

Job has mandatory requirements in areas such as: in-depth knowledge in strategies, emerging technologies and architecture of Information Technologies in relation to Infrastructure environments, solutions and services, for example desktop, server, network environments. These mandatory requirements will be specified in the job ad during the recruitment process.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Persuasion, tact and negotiating skills with ministry IT infrastructure staff, IT service providers and clients to resolve I&IT service problems, including major service disruptions, and develop permanent solutions.

- Consultation skills to define needs, manage expectations, balance and address competing issues of clients, end­ users and IT service providers in planning and managing project timelines, funding and application features.

- Customer service skills to act as liaison and expert adviser with all levels of senior management and clients, negotiate service level agreements, senior level communications (Briefing Notes), resource levels and vendor contracts, and to explain and clarify testing requirements and new procedures for network users.

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analyzing and problem-solving skills to:

- Conceptualize and evaluate I&IT options, solutions and performance metrics in order to recommend innovative enterprise-wide mobile telecommunications network and policy alternatives and integration strategies; and to plan and co-ordinate all phases of complex enterprise-wide projects.

- Troubleshoot to quickly and accurately identify and resolve technical issues.

- Develop integrated solutions for parallel systems to accommodate transition and future changes in systems and legislation.

- Conceptualize and develop diverse systems. analyzing and evaluating implications of existing procedures and corporate directions, identifying end-user needs, balancing competing user demands and system security requirements and internal and external constraints while ensuring data integrity and compatibility.

- Lead/participate in the analysis and evaluation of new enterprise strategic/operational planning and policies/standards for network mobile telecommunications technology.

- Evaluate and recommend acceptable system architecture designs considering all related technology issues.

Decision Making / Responsibility :

Responsible for:

- Coordination, maintenance and administration of telecommunications services; and associated standards which support the delivery of essential programs of the cluster ministries.

- Anticipating and identifying enterprise-wide mobile telecommunications services issues, determining areas of risk, and recommending innovative alternatives and options for resolution to meet unique demands and needs of all stakeholders, having impacts on client program delivery and broader ministry and corporate IT objectives.

- Evaluating, planning and coordinating moves. Adds changes relating to telecommunications services requests.

- Managing the oversight of customer service, service performance, and planning activities to ensure service delivery commitments are met.

- Developing processes, procedures, standards and interfaces to existing OPS I&IT planning activities. Has latitude to:
- Formulate technological solutions to telecommunication/business/program delivery requirements through analysis of complex data and conceptualization of opportunities and impacts.

- Determine telecommunications solutions based on the requirements of the Client. Evaluating and recommending acquisitions/moves/adds/changes/ enhancements.

- Recommend operating standards and promote their consistent achievement; develop and coordinate the implementation of solutions to prevent potential problems.

- Resolve service performance issues for related telecommunications services.

Decisions are guided by OPS I&IT standards, policies and strategies. best practices, and OPS administrative policies and procedures and impacts on systems design and delivery.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Telecommunications team, to prioritize and coordinate workload.

- I&IT management to recommend changes/enhancements and anticipate/resolve major problems.

- OPS Clients, to determine requirements, discuss options and define service needs; provide authoritative guidance and technical expertise; and keep abreast of service delivery issues.

- Counterparts in other clusters and corporate I and IT management to discuss and share plans and concerns.

- Carriers/vendors/service delivery partners, and integrator service representative, to negotiate agreements, monitor and coordinate services and performance;

- IT and telecommunications industry professionals, to keep current on technology developments.

Guidance / Supervision :

- Provides technical guidance and advice to end-users, client groups, committees and project staff.
- Provides leadership and advice to staff and project teams in the planning and delivery of telecommunications service structures, standards, policies and procedures; including creating work plans, assigning work, aligning work activities to management priorities, monitoring performance and quality of services and deliverables, explaining work procedures, overseeing the development of learning and development plans, co-coordinating staff training, and resolving issues.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

- Occasionally works longer hours to meet work requirements.

- Routinely deals with unexpected telecommunications service delivery issues and conflicting work demands.

- Routinely works within tight time pressures and conflicting work demands and priorities.

Mental / Sensory :

Frequent requirement to concentrate when analyzing IT, policy and business data, and in meetings with clients, vendors and suppliers, and when giving instructions to staff.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment with the occasional requirement to travel to other sites.

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