Job Specification

Position Title:
Research Scientist - Wildlife Landscape Ecology
Job Code:
15404 - Research Scientist 3 NatRes, 15406 - Research Scientist 4 NatRes
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

Under the general supervision of the Coordinator - Wildlife Ecosystems Unit, and in a team environment, to develop, design and implement a diverse research program in landscape ecology. To provide relevant and timely scientific results and advice for policy, program development, and management decisions.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Designs, coordinates and conducts a diverse, wildlife landscape ecology program by:
Assessing research needs and priorities through consultation with clients (e.g. MNRF Policy and Operations sections, science working groups, Region and District staff, other scientists, external partners and clients);
Rationalizing current research against client needs including ISAP priorities and adjusting as appropriate;
Identifying research problems and the methods and resources required to address them, including research on wildlife landscape ecology;
Implementing research projects, compiling and analyzing results, developing and testing models, developing decision-support tools;
Seeking external funding and participating in collaborations within and external to the Ministry to increase the resources and expertise available to address science priorities (e.g. within Science and Research Branch, Policy Division, Regional Operations Division, Federal science groups, Universities, ENGOs);
Publishing research findings in primary literature.
Providing scientific advice, reviewing research proposals, consulting with staff, preparing budget submissions and grant applications.

Staffing and Licensing :

Ph.D. in a natural science discipline from a University of recognized standing or a Masters in a directly related discipline, with extensive research experience and the ability to achieve a Ph.D.
Valid Driver's License.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of wildlife landscape ecology theory, principles and practices needed to conduct research which is authoritative. Job requires knowledge of procedures and approaches required to initiate, design, conduct, analyze and publish research, integrating wildlife landscape ecology into
a research program with expertise in two or more of: spatial ecology, biodiversity conservation, remote sensing application to ecology, fragmented habitats and connectivity ecology, community ecology.
Job requires knowledge of wildlife landscape ecology principles and practices, especially around management and conservation of habitats at diverse scales in order to initiate, develop and implement a research program that meets the requirements of MNRF's mandate. Job requires practical knowledge of field and laboratory-based research gained from previous landscape ecology research experience and a demonstrated ability to work across taxonomic groups.
Knowledge of worker and supervisor responsibilities as outlined in the OH&S Act.

Skills :

Job requires planning and coordination skills to develop and maintain complex multi-year programs.
Job requires project management skills to manage a research program to successful completion on time and within budget.
Job requires oral communication skills to present and discuss highly detailed or complex information at an audience-appropriate level and to understand and respond to MNRF direction and client needs and priorities.
Job requires written communication skills to prepare scientific reports, journal papers, technical notes, and other articles for a variety of technical and lay audiences.
Job requires reasoning/problem solving skills to formulate hypotheses, design a multi-year research program, analyze issues related to human dimensions of resource management and provide alternative solutions to problems.
Job requires technical/analytical skills to plan and perform statistical and spatial analyses using associated software packages, and to use modern, state-of-the-art equipment for ecological research.
Job requires group leadership/interpersonal skills to oversee research, transfer programs and direct assigned staff, to work with provincial and binational committees, to train other staff in advanced methods and to generate positive interactions with co-workers and clients.

Freedom of Action :

Job leads a research program and provides scientific expertise to the Ministry, collaborating agencies and external partners.
Job recommends research objectives, assesses conclusions and identifies implications of research for Ministry long-range planning and policies with specific regard to landscape ecology.
Job decides on experimental design and methods of data collection and analysis for research studies and develops conclusions and recommendations that are authoritative.
Job exercises considerable latitude in making decisions within the limits of Ministry objectives, policies, or practices.
Job refers to Coordinator in relation to changes to work plans and budgets, reporting on staff problems/issues, and accomplishment of research and transfer objectives. Results are reviewed for overall adherence and effectiveness within context of Ministry priorities.

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