Job Specification

Position Title:
Pilot - Rotary Wing Aircraft - HYBRID
Job Code:
C0085 - TEMS Medic, FSB
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To serve as Pilot on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Rotary Wing Aircraft under visual and instrument flight rules for the provision of air services in accordance with Transport Canada aviation regulations and standards, and OPP policies and procedures including but not limited to Police Orders, Air Operations Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures Manuals and aircraft flight manual manuals.

Duties / Responsibilities :

As part of Field Support Bureau's Aviation Services Section, this position is responsible for:

1. Completing a variety of pre-flight duties including acquisition and analysis of weather briefings from Nav Canada internet or Flight Service Station sites, pre-flight inspection and servicing of aircraft, preparation of operational flight plans, aircraft weight and balance calculations, filing Transport Canada flight plans or flight itineraries, preparing passenger manifests, organizing maps, charts and approach plates required for flight, grooming aircraft, loading and properly securing baggage and cargo, overseeing passenger boarding and conducting passenger briefings.

2. Operating the aircraft, aircraft radios and other onboard systems (e.g. FLIR) in accordance with Canadian Air Regulations, the OPP rotary wing operations manual, the standard operating procedures manual, equipment manuals and aircraft normal and emergency checklists.

3. Completing other in-flight duties including crew communications required for use of aircraft normal and emergency checklists, recording of journey log book entries (e.g. departure/arrival points, up/down times, weight and balance information), updating passenger manifest information, obtaining weather, NOTAM and ATIS information, monitoring flight time and fuel estimates, updating Transport Canada flight plans or flight itineraries and providing passenger briefings as required throughout each flight.

4. Completing a variety of post-flight duties including the supervision of passenger unloading, unloading baggage and cargo, recording of journey log book entries (e.g. up/down times, air/flight time calculations), recording and reporting aircraft defects in accordance with the Air Operations Manual, closing Transport Canada flight plans or flight itineraries, securing the aircraft (e.g. wheel chocks, tie-downs or hangarage), completing OPP activity and HR reports, grooming aircraft and submitting aircraft journey log sheets, manifests, operational flight plans, weight and balance reports, Transport Canada flight plan forms, OPP forms, and other related paperwork as required.

5. Participating in mandatory training, certification and self-study programs to maintain pilot proficiency in accordance with Transport Canada regulations/standards and OPP policy and procedures.

6. Assisting flight coordination and clerical support staff by researching trip information (e.g. staging area and aircraft support options, ground transportation and accommodation), providing operational advice, completing pre- and post-flight data entry into OPP flight and maintenance management systems, filing unit paperwork and completing amendments (e.g. approach plates, Transport Canada publications, OPP policy & procedure manuals, Air Service manuals).

7. Assisting the Chief Pilot and/or Unit Commander in monitoring air service activities and researching aviation industry trends, technology, procedures, and issues.

8. Performing other duties, as assigned.

Staffing and Licensing :

Possesses a valid Commercial Pilot's License with a minimum of 1500 hours of flight time in helicopters;

· Possesses a valid Transport Canada Category 1 medical certificate;

· Possesses a valid Instrument Rating and Pilot Proficiency Check;

· Possesses 500 hours flight time on turbine powered helicopters;

· Possesses a restricted radio telephone operator's certificate;

· Must pass an OPP background security investigation;

· Possesses a valid Canadian passport or ability to acquire.

Knowledge :

Working knowledge of the Canadian Air Regulations and Standards, Standards and Regulations for the Government of Ontario approved air operators, piloting techniques, meteorology, navigation and airmanship applicable to the operation of turbine-powered twin engine "glass cockpit" helicopters under visual and instrument flight rules. Knowledge of and skill in the application of OPP Air Operations Manual, Safety Management System, and the OPP policies, procedures, guidelines, and methods relating to Aviation Services.
Ability to maintain aircraft currency requirements as specified by Transport Canada. Ability to safely fly an EC-135, twin-engine "glass cockpit" helicopter during a variety of operational exigencies such as low level searches, precision remote sensing missions (e.g. FLIR), marginal weather conditions, and high-density air traffic.
· Knowledge and skill with computer software programs (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, Explorer, Outlook).


Research, organization and written communication skills to highlight relevant elements of aircraft industry reports, identify operational implications, extract pertinent data to write correspondence and reports that concisely and accurately convey the desired information.
Oral communications skills to provide direction and information to passengers and clients, and to develop and maintain co-operative working relationships with staff and representatives from regions/bureaux, ministry, other ministries, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.


The position contributes to the safe, timely, efficient and cost-effective delivery of OPP helicopter services. Demonstrated initiative in identifying potential issues and recommending/following through with resolutions.


The position works under the direct supervision of the Chief Pilot, Rotary Wing Unit and indirect supervision of the Unit Commander, Aviation Services. Judgment is exercised in all aspects of flight duty, including pre-flight inspection, preparation of operational flight plans and aircraft weight and balance calculations. Responsible for the safe and cost effective operation of an aircraft valued at approximately $7.0 million.
· Failure to respect the rules, regulations and OPP policies under which the rotary wing operates could result in inefficient use of OPP helicopter, loss of OPP operating authority and/or commercial pilot privileges, embarrassment to the OPP and Crown or in the worst case scenario, loss of helicopter and life.




Physical Demands:

Position requires extended periods of sitting, in confined spaces (cockpit), during flights, and works in either remote or urban settings, including working in inclement weather conditions.
Position requires lifting of luggage, supplies, equipment/cargo, etc. when loading the aircraft.

Sensory Demands:

Auditory and visual attentiveness/awareness for listening and responding to radio communication, and monitoring control panel, screens, cameras, etc. Heavy concentration required throughout flight.


This position requires extended periods of time away from home base, extended periods sitting in an aircraft, and with considerable responsibility. Shift work is also required.

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