Job Specification

Position Title:
Family Life and Volunteers Team Leader
Job Code:
02924 - Museum Assistant 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To direct day to day operations at Fort William Historical Park relating to Family Life programs by
leading the interpretation and operation of a living history program as it pertains to the lifestyles. culture, and societal relationships of fur trade women and families in the early 1800's, including domestic operations at Fort William, and to develop Family Life and historic food services programs. To plan and coordinate FW HP's volunteer program, and ensure volunteer placement within all program areas, and to support the implementation of historical interpretation and heritage programs.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Position functions within Fort William Historical Park which is a unique, leading, multi-component
destination tourism attraction that provides outstanding cultural, recreational, entertainment and educational experiences for residents and visitors to northwestern Ontario.

1. Oversees the development, implementation and monitoring of the Family Life Living History Program at FWHP for the entertainment and education of a wide range of clients. Ensures historical accuracy in the depiction and portrayal of lifestyles, culture, and societal relationships of families, and domestic operations at Fort William in the early 1800's, in all Family Life programs, and incorporates curriculum guidelines established by the Ministry of Education.

2. Serves as the lead Family Life resource to all program operation areas, partners, volunteers, private and public stakeholders in the areas of research development, interpretative training and implementation of Living History domestic activities. Leads the implementation of a craft-training program to teach domestic crafts to seasonal staff (i.e. sewing, leather and bead work) for the interpretive program and for revenue generating opportunities.

3. Researches and delivers new and innovative educational programs and interpretive sessions focused on the role of women and families in fur trade and frontier societies. Seeks out partnerships with Aboriginal groups and cultural educators to identify themes and develop programs pertaining to the role of women in pre and post contact societies. Develops and monitors the quality of all programming pertaining to the depiction of Aboriginal and Metis women across all FWHP program areas.

4. Coordinates the depiction of domestic activities as portrayed in living history, education and event programs. Supervises open hearth cooking and bread making, using wood fired bake ovens, and the preparation of historic based meals for large groups, using a combination of heritage and modern equipment and techniques. Participates in historical dramatizations, pageants, festivals, special events, as well as interpretive, educational, promotional and daily activities. Portrays and depicts Living History activities, in period costume, as per historical standards.

5. Coordinates heritage food programs across FWHP education, interpretive and special event areas. Works in conjunction with licensees and contract caterers to ensure the highest standard in food quality, presentation and service delivery. Works in cooperation with food service providers to develop menus for historic presentations or events. Ensures food is prepared and served in accordance with District Health Unit and Ministry of Labour guidelines and regulations.

6. Coordinates FWHP's Volunteer Program through the design, planning, recruitment, training, deployment, evaluation and recognition of volunteers utilized to support program areas in interpretive, education and event programming, exhibits and demonstrations. Works closely with all FWHP program and service support areas to ensure volunteer placement. Actively seeks out new volunteer based partnerships to support FWHP's emerging menu of contemporary event and eco-recreational programs.

7. Provides expertise, leadership and guidance to volunteers in interpretive program delivery, and accurate portrayal and depiction of historical characters. Chairs the Volunteer Committee, as well as volunteer events. Prepares the volunteer communiques, and ensures that volunteer information is disseminated, information sessions are conducted, and that marketing information is accurate and targeted.

8. Performs year-end reviews to assess Family Life and Volunteers program success. Provides input into the formulation of program objectives and business plan development. Identifies opportunities and potential areas for improvement, and recommends operational and procedural changes to the Manager. Presents educational workshops to staff and the public. Conducts performance appraisals for assigned students. Schedules and coordinates the day -to-day activities of assigned students and seasonal staff. Ensures assigned staff comply with FWHP public program, operational, and health and safety policies.

9. Ensures that volunteers receive safety training, and that all work is performed in accordance with safety regulations. Oversees budget administration, expenditures, and the maintenance and inventory of equipment, material and supplies. Prepares statistical reports, correspondence and program outlines. Tracks program activities and maintains secure files. Assists other FWHP positions in time of seasonal hiatus, peak volumes and as assigned by management.

Fort William Historical Park is a 7-day a week, 24-hour operation. Position may be required to attend overnight functions, travel to out of town events and off-hour programs, work holidays and weekends.

Staffing and Licensing :

Class G Ontario Drivers License.

Knowledge :

• Fort William Historical Park programs, events, stakeholders, promotions, projects, policies and procedures; and history relevant to operations at Fort William in the North West Company's early 1800s (Lifestyle, culture, societal relationships of fur trade women, families and domestic operations) to lead and coordinate the Family Life program.
• Relevant period techniques, period fare (agriculture and wilderness); indigenous and European fare, cooking techniques and herbs grown in the 1800's, including basic garden skills, focusing on the planting, growing and harvesting of a mixed vegetable garden.
• Historical interpretation and heritage programming skills; progressive living history methodology, application and teaching for all ages to conduct dramatizations, theoretical and applied living history techniques and applications to portray and depict activities, and present educational workshops.
• Curatorial and interpretive fields to place volunteers to program areas in interpretive, education and event programming.
• Ontario school curriculum as it applies to requirements of Family Life, and research techniques to compile information.
• Culinary skills/expertise in open hearth cooking and bread making, using wood fired bake ovens; preparation of historic based meals for large groups, using heritage and modern equipment/techniques to provide demonstrations and training.
• Health and safety practices for food preparation/serving, to ensure adherence to established standards.
• Domestic crafts (i.e. sewing, leather and bead work) to teach staff and produce items for the interpretive program and for revenue generating opportunities.
• Volunteer planning, recruitment, training, deployment and retention strategies to coordinate all aspects of a volunteer program; and to train volunteers in the portrayal and depiction of period activities.
• Team leadership skills to provide technical direction to volunteers, staff and partners.
• Organizational skills to plan and coordinate volunteer and administrative activities, and meet deadlines.
• Word processing/graphics/database inventory system to prepare correspondence, and update and maintain data.

Skills :

• Analytical skills to develop new and innovative Family Life programming for all ages, and to develop creative learning activities that incorporate the lifestyles, culture, and social relationships of fur trade women and domestic operations at Fort William in the early 1800's, and include relevant curriculum incorporated into informative/entertaining programs.
• Evaluative skills to research and develop authentic domestic operations and historic food services to enhance the interpretive program to ensure historical accuracy in the depiction and portrayal of Family Life programs by monitoring presentations and activities; to provide input into the formulation of Family Life programming objectives and business plan development.
• Interpretive skills to demonstrate and interpret Family Life practices and activities reflecting the daily activities of the early 1800's at Fort William.
• Planning and assessment skills to assess overall program delivery success and effectiveness through year-end reviews.
• Research skills to conduct historical research on Family Life practices and activities; research new initiatives in conjunction with private/public sector partners; and research, design and fabricate domestic crafts for the program.
• Evaluative skills to identify opportunities, and recommend areas for improvement in family life and volunteer program delivery.
• Problem-solving skills to address and resolve operational issues referred by program areas and volunteers.
• Oral communication, interpersonal and teaching skills to interpret and educate others in an engaging and entertaining
manner; present educational w to staff and the public; and to present recommendations to the Manager.
• Stakeholder relation and outreach skills to approach Aboriginal groups and cultural educators, and to initiate partnerships and persuade stakeholders to participate in initiatives.
• Written communication skills to prepare correspondence and the v volunteer communiques.

Freedom of Action :

Work is performed within the framework of ministry policies, and the objectives, practices, procedures, standards and guidelines of Fort William Historical Park.

Decision-making includes: serving as the lead resource on matters pertaining to the Family Life program; overseeing open hearth cooking and bread making; planning and coordinating historic based meals for large groups; teaching domestic crafts (i.e. sewing, leather and bead work); spontaneously dealing with issues involving the public and staff: developing and implementing new and innovative Family Life education programs and interpretive sessions; developing volunteer plans in conjunction with private and public sector partners; recruiting, training and deploying volunteers across all FWHP program and service support areas; identifying and inviting potential partnerships; preparing the FWHP volunteer communiques; ensuring volunteer compliance with FWHP standards; reviewing new/revised operational policies and procedures and making recommendations; providing technical direction to volunteers, staff and stakeholders; overseeing budget administration; monitoring purchases and expenditures.

Work is reviewed by the Manager for quality and adherence to established practices and procedures. Job performs tasks within a work environment with fluctuating seasonal demands. Job refers workload matters and/or problems relating to customer service or issues which cannot be resolved to the Manager.

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