Job Specification

Position Title:
Court Services Officer (Irregular On-Call) - Designated Bilingual (English-French)
Job Code:
00036 - Usher and Messenger
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To act as a Court Services Officer by providing support to presiding judiciary; maintaining court decorum; and directing stakeholders, clients, jurors and members of the public. To provide support to the overall administration of the court.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Ensuring courtroom and jury room readiness, e.g. check lighting, air control, appropriate materials for administering oaths and replenish supplies and materials.

2. Unlocking the courtroom prior to court starting and locking the courtroom at the end of each session. Ensuring all individuals have vacated the courtroom and that all items not needed are removed.

3. Assisting judiciary as required for court, e.g. escorting them to and from court; escorting counsel to justice's chambers, calling witness and parties into the courtroom at the direction of the judiciary, and controlling movement in and out of the courtroom prohibiting admission as directed by the judiciary.

4. Assisting with jury panel and all jury related duties. Remaining with and attending to the needs of sequestered juries and maintaining the requisite isolation of sequestered jurors, e.g. ensuring there is no contact with any persons including the media; immediately reporting any violations to appropriate staff member and/or justice.

5. Assisting clients/stakeholders and others by providing information and giving direction to assist with the movement of persons and court cases, e.g. location of offices and courtrooms, assist with the vetting of court lists by determining party readiness and movement of court documents.

6. Maintaining court decorum at all times, ensuring proper protocol is followed.

7. Preparing, testing and running audio and video equipment in courts such as the jury procedure video, in accordance with manual and local protocols.

8. Completing administrative duties that contribute to the progress of cases in the court system from beginning to conclusion.

9. Providing assistance and training to others and ongoing technical guidance and assistance regarding court procedures, policies and protocols.

10. Attending training, meetings, courses and conferences as required by manager or designee.

11. Providing recommendations to the supervisor, regarding changes to procedures, policies, and protocols, which would improve services to the courts.

12. Other duties as assigned.

Staffing and Licencing :

Proficiency in oral French at the advanced level
Valid Ontario driver's licence

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of the Ontario Courts of Justice, including jury protocol, courtroom decorum and procedures, legal terminology and documentation to direct public and jurors, and to assist judiciary and counsel. Awareness of legislative requirements as they pertain to juries, e.g. Juries Act, Courts of Justice Act. Job requires knowledge of clerical functions, e.g. filing, photocopying, answering telephone calls, and exhibit storage. Job requires knowledge of courtroom procedures, practices, protocol and ministry directives pertaining to the completion of court documents to ensure proper operation of the court proceedings and that required information is available to all parties involved.

Skills :

Job requires problem-solving skills to respond to inquiries and to direct non-routine situations involving sequestered jurors to manager and judiciary. Job requires oral communication skills and public speaking skills to effectively and professionally interact with and address judiciary, counsel, parties, police staff, agency staff, jurors and court staff. Job requires judgement to maintain the decorum of the courtroom, respecting the OPS business agenda and the dignity of the justice system. Job requires tact, discretion and diplomacy when conveying information and responding to inquiries from the public, counsel and judiciary. Job requires keyboarding skills in order to work in a computerized environment.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within established guidelines and procedures available in directives and memoranda. Job requires adherence to established practices and procedures. Job requires working at the direction of the manager or the judicial official when in court or with sequestered juries. Job requires referring matters not covered by established procedures and guidelines to the manager's attention or the attention of the judiciary, e.g. questions from jurors, incidents in courtroom that may compromise evidence. Job requires referring to manager matters that are unusual or contentious such as lost evidence.

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