Job Specification

Position Title:
Food Services Helper
Job Code:
C50230 - Helper Food Service (COR)
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assist Senior Food Service Officers in the cook-chill/retherm operation of Toronto South Detention Centre, in the production of proper amount of in-house cold regular/diet trays, ensuring food services equipment and supplies are used and stored in a safe and efficient manner, and that cleanliness, safety and security are maintained; supervising inmate helpers.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1) Maintaining proper sanitary conditions in the kitchen by ensuring that standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the cleaning and sanitizing of assigned areas such as kitchen and dining area floors, sinks, equipment and appliances, storage rooms/areas, and inventory fridges; ensuring proper cleaning/sanitation and storage of beverage containers, and coffee/tea brew makers; fulfil Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP) meal requirements and orientating, instructing and supervising inmate helpers.
2) Following guidelines of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program in the receipt, preparation, storage, assembly and distribution of food items,
ensuring proper controls are followed and documented, and requirements of program are met.
3) Producing proper amount of inventory of cold regular/diet and A & D breakfast trays one full day in advance; ensuring the principles of the restricted diets are applied and all diets are properly labelled; maintaining an inventory of belt line ingredients as per menu requirements; ensure proper storage
adherence to "First In First Out" principles; providing court lunches and adhering to standard lunch menu for lunches in the admitting and discharge area.
4) Inventorying all leftover cold meals and providing tray/meal set up and delivering of jug up in readiness for supper mealtime service.
5) Assisting staff with the rethermalization for meal services set-up and delivery.
6) Ensuring the safety and security of staff; as well as, security of cooking ingredients, utensils, kitchen equipment and the work area.
7) Storing, labelling and dating Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program samples of hazardous food items for each assigned meal.
8) Supervising, and ensuring cleanliness of ware washing area in totality while maintaining a high standard of sanitation of equipment, ensuring 100% dryness of cold trays prior to being stacked.
9) Maintaining timely removal of garbage, and cleaning of garbage pails and lids, ensuring scheduled cleaning of dishwasher, recycler/pulper is completed.
10) Performing receiving duties as required and completion of Food Service receiving log, kitchen logbooks, unit count sheets, inmate work lists, and security documentation such as shift changeover certificates, utensil accountability reports.
11) Supervising and instructing selected offender helpers including writing reports (incident/performance/behaviour), ensuring safety and security of offender helpers and security of tools, equipment, materials and work area.

*Supervises inmate helpers for majority of working time. Salary note for Custodial Responsibility Allowance (K-1) applies.

Staffing and Licensing :

Current First Aid and Heartsaver Certificates; Servsafe and National Sanitation Training Program Certificates or presently enrolled in courses for same.

*Please see job ad for requirements

Knowledge :

Requires knowledge of cook-chill/retherm safety principles and standard cooking and food preparation and storage procedures and methods, portion control standards and knowledge of Ministry Food Service Guidelines and Standards to assist in the preparation of a variety of foods, volume meals and
restricted diets.
Knowledge of relevant parts of legislation such as the Public Health Act, Health Protection and Promotion Act, Sanitation Code for Canada's Food Industry, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and institutional securit practices/ procedures to ensure compliance with standards of food preparation and storage, sanitation, food safety, proper equipment operation/utilization and to maintain the safety and security of the kitchen facility and inmate helpers.
Knowledge of restricted diets, in order to assist with preparation of regular house diet as per approved menu.
Knowledge of kitchen equipment and tools to assist in the preparation of snacks and cold meals.
Ability to supervise inmates in close quarters and evaluate performance.
Basic knowledge of computers to input data on standardized forms.
Knowledge of food safety practices acquired through recognized training programs, such as Servsafe and National Sanitation Training Program.

Skills :

Analytical skills in recognizing workplace hazards and shortages of food supplies and reporting to supervisor so that corrective action can be prompt and not cause service delays, in taking appropriate action to replenish supplies when they run low.
Oral communication skills, tact and diplomacy to deal with other staff and inmate helpers.
Written communication skills to prepare reports on inmate behaviour and performance.
Basic computer skills to access computer systems available in the food service area.
Analytical skills to observe and report any potential problems in food quality, sanitation and hygiene control, evaluate performance of inmate helpers.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with institutional policies and procedures with regard to security standards and relevant legislation (e.g. Public Health Act, HACCP), governing sanitation and safety requirements.
Work is performed from detailed instructions from supervisor regarding food preparation and portion control, as stated in Ministry Food Service standards and guidelines.
Tasks must be completed at scheduled times, i.e. meals prepared for established meal periods.
Incumbent is monitored throughout the shift by supervisor, and any unusual problems that arise are referred to supervisor.

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