Job Specification

Position Title:
Job Code:
50214 - Cook 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To perform skilled duties in the preparation of meals, estimating food requirements and maintaining superior housekeeping and sanitary conditions; supervising and reporting on service provided by resident helpers.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Prepares meals during an assigned shift by:
• Preparing the ingredients according to the prescribed menu and appropriate recipies and ensuring proper cooking; preparing foods by peeling, washing and trimming vegetables;
• Making salads and garnishes;
• Chopping, trimming and slicing meats and cold cuts;
• Mixing sauces, batters, puddings as needed;
• Preparing sandwiches and special diet foods for individual residents;
• Estimating raw ingredient requirements and requisitioning through for the production of the specified meal;
• Preparing recipes by chopping, cutting and cooking or baking foods;
• Preparing special foods such as sauces and pasties for next day's menu;
• Ensuring that all meals are ready for services at appropriate time;
• Portioning and serving meals to residents and staff;
• Preparing meals on outside barbeques as required.
25% Ensures superior housekeeping and sanitary conditions by:
• Cleaning up after meals by clearing tables, washing of dishes and operating dishwasher;
• Washing of walls, counters, kettles, floors, tables, all food service requirement and refrigerators;
• Cleaning and scouring of pots and pans;
• Unpacking shelves and groceries and ensuring sufficient supply is available for day-to-day use;
• Packing groceries and supplies for special outings.
15% Performs other related duties such as:
• Instructing and training resident helpers in aspect of food preparation;
• Preparing written reports on service provided by resident helpers;
• Ensuring residents' conduct is appropriate for the location;
• Reminding residents of safety concerns and guiding them in adhering to rules and regulations;
• Warning residents of minor infractions and laying charges in major misconducts;
• Ensuring correct counts and security of items such as cutlery, cleavers, and keys;
• Recording shift occurrences and statistical data in food services log;
• Other duties as assigned.

NOTE: Incumbent provides correctional supervision to resident helpers majority of working time.

Knowledge :

• Good knowledge of general cooking methods and procedures.
• Ability of meet Ministry's medical and physical standards.
• Experience in volume cooking.

Skills :

Ability to supervise resident helpers.

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