Job Specification

Position Title:
Strategic Services Intern
Job Code:
12120 - Industrial Development Officer 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide project planning coordination and implementation to streamline and optimize the Mines and Minerals Division operational and strategic projects including developing improvements to existing and new programs and administrative policies and clarifying processes, directives, policies, and guidelines for the Mines and Minerals Division.

Duties / Responsibilities :

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) promotes northern economic and community development and coordinates the delivery of programs and services in Northern Ontario. Mines and Minerals Division (MMD) helps to generate new wealth and benefits by supporting Ontario's minerals development sector, and promotes a strong, safe and sustainable Ontario by generating and maintaining a geoscience baseline and by fair and consistent administration of Ontario's Mining Act.
In this context and under the direct supervision of the Manager, Strategic Support Unit (SSU), the position:
1. Provides project planning and implementation in support of MMD projects, including the management of small projects and policy review; assists in the development of work plans according to MMD priorities for project support materials and other products, as required.
2. Analyses and reviews the MMD's priorities; assists in developing and monitoring work plans to meet intended deadlines, priorities, issues, opportunities, and gaps and seeks efficiencies (e.g. clarity of requests, fluidity of process, etc.); assist in facilitating and developing process maps based on analyses and reviews.
3. Conducts research and analysis of new developments and best practices, including the exploration of potential of new or existing tools, systems, and/or mechanisms for information sharing and tracking; prepares reports and briefing materials on findings and present conclusion to the Manager, SSU, including recommendation for improvements.
4. Coordinates project daily activities, including reviewing and monitoring project progress, including key deliverables, timelines and budgets; assisting in the assessment of project requirements; and, developing project performance measures.
5. Facilitates the development of standards, processes, tools, policies, and guidelines to assist in the efficiency of the division operations and procedures.
6. Consults and engages with divisional stakeholders, other ministries, and end user clients, to: seek input and/or assess feedback collect and to discuss the review/development of new operations and procedures and procedures and how changes may improve/have improved operations and procedures.
7. Facilitates working groups to convey and support the development of policies, strategies, and approaches in achieving business objectives.
8. Participate in developing communication tools and products for end users within the division.
9. Other duties, as assigned.

Knowledge :

The position requires knowledge of:

- Project management theories and methodologies, to assist in the planning and implementation of project activities relating to the division's business, decision-making and administrative processes; review and monitor project progress, deliverables, timelines, budgets, and performance measures
- Research techniques, data analysis and evaluative methods/techniques, to conduct research, analyze and compile information/data for the development of policies, standards, processes, performance measures, new tools/systems, etc.
- Project coordination , facilitation and stakeholder consultation techniques, to ensure that approaches and strategies being presented reflect best project practices
- Development and implementation of methodologies, to participate in the development of policies, standards, processes, performance measures, new tools/systems supporting business decision-making and administrative review/development

Skills :

The position requires:

- Analytical and project management skills, to; analyze and project manage the division's projects and assist in determining project timelines, issues, opportunities, and gaps in project scope.
- Research and analytical skills, to: assess complex and diverse issues, with attention to details (e.g. conducts research and analysis of current procedures, and best practices, including the exploration of potential new or existing tools, systems and/or mechanisms for financial and administrative processes, etc.)
- Planning and organizational skills, to: undertake various work activities, balance and manager multiple tasks, meet deadlines
- Facilitation skills, to: enable stakeholders to understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives.
- Oral communication skills, to: consult with various stakeholders/program managers/directors and their staff to determine current policies, process maps, guidelines gaps and define solutions.
- Written communication skills, to: develop clear and concise project management schedules, issues, gaps, policies, process maps, guidelines, and communication tools to present to senior leaders for approvals and communication tools to staff to understand any updates or changes in procedures.
- Relationship management and interpersonal skills, to: lead teams, and working groups to support the development of strategies, and approaches in achieving the MMD goals and objectives for improved project management.

Freedom of Action :

Acts under the general supervision of the Manager, Strategic Support Unit and performs day-to-day functions with relative freedom/independence. Work is performed within the broad framework of overall policies, guidelines, procedures and division's business goals and objectives for decision-making relating.
Errors in recommendations made to the Manager SSU, to the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM), and ineffective information research and analyses could result in inaccurate and incomplete information and affect project goals and decisions made by the Manager, SSU for consideration by the ADM. Contacts are internal and external, including other OPS ministries, to conduct research; provide, obtain and share information and best practices.

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