Job Specification

Position Title:
Customer Service Analysts
Job Code:
08OAD - Office Administration 08
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To process and conduct initial assessments of medical fitness of Ontario drivers by reviewing a variety of reports and documents and determining their priority. To analyze routine medical reports and various related documents and driving records and interpret and apply legislation and medical standards in the interest of road safety. To review, prioritize and log highly confidential documents and perform quality control on notices of suspension, reinstatement and cancellation and medical report forms. To retrieve, search and print various types of documents and in conjunction with the driver systems (LCS, DSS), search, create and review driving records historical information, using various applications.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Reviews and analyzes all incoming documents (e.g. medical reports, vision reports (acuity only), medical condition reports, court and police reports), including electronic mail/on-line faxes. Validates and conducts initial assessment of documents and applies the appropriate prioritization code for review/analysis by an Analyst, according to legislation (HTA), regulations and established medical standards and guidelines. Reviews driving records, incoming reports and case files to maintain data integrity of the driving record. 2. Communicates in writing and orally with drivers, ministry staff and others regarding issues concerning licensing decisions and status while maintaining confidentiality of personal information. Responds to routine telephone inquiries, as required, gathers volume statistics and completes pre-determined data categories for regular monthly reports. 3. Assesses, analyzes and processes medical forms (e.g. cyclical, renewal applications) and determines whether to suspend a licence where established medical standards are not met, using accepted software applications. Interprets and applies regulatory requirements and medical standards/guidelines as defined in the HTA and other guidelines (e.g. Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators). Identifies errors and escalates complex medical and/or vision cases/issues for case processing. 4. Maintains the quality and integrity of driver records by: reviewing outgoing computer documents to ensure accuracy and completeness (e.g. notices of suspension, reinstatement, cancellation), verifying personal identifiable information on medical reports and driving records and resolving discrepancies. Reviews records of drivers who are being reinstated by checking and reviewing computer resolve messages and making corrections where appropriate. 5. Sorts and prioritizes a variety of electronically produced documents and routes to the appropriate office(s). Retrieves documents from the case management system in response to requests from various areas (e.g. FOI, batches documents and distributes to appropriate areas. 6. Performs word processing duties by formatting and typing a variety of documents (e.g. reinstatement notices and cancellation notices including medical reports, addresses on notices and updates the driving record. 7. Performs other related duties such as: participating on working groups/projects to review and provide input into new office procedures/processes; preparing documents for scanning and indexing; providing a microfilm retrieval service as required; ordering and managing stock management forms and stationery supplies; photocopying medical documents; faxing and mailing letters; and assisting in explaining unit procedures and computer systems, as required.

Staffing and Licencing :

Position requires oral French language skills at the advanced level and written French language skills at the advanced-minus level.
Word processing and typing/keyboarding to required ministry/local standards.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of unit processes and procedures and basic medical terminology/standards to review incoming documents (medical reports, visual acuity reports), conduct initial assessments of medical fitness to drive, review and access records in order to set document priority and perform quality checks on notices of suspension, reinstatement and cancellation of driver's licences to ensure data integrity. Job requires knowledge of driver improvement programs, policies, procedures, applicable legislation (e.g. Highway Traffic Act, CCMTA, medical standards) and various programs affecting a driver's licence (e.g. graduated licensing system, demerit point system, Remedial Measures Program) to assess/analyze routine medical reports consisting of medical terminology, interpret and apply legislative requirements, policies and procedures, verify and resolve issues and make decisions on medical fitness to drive. Job requires knowledge of records batching and reporting procedures to sort, code, batch and forward documents, notices and letters, prepare lists of work processed for reporting to the Team Leader and reconcile any discrepancies by requesting additional data and making corrections where appropriate. Job requires knowledge of standard office software (e.g. MS Word, fully programmable word processing, Excel, Access) using customized templates to format and type letters, reports, notices and envelopes from standard formats. Job requires knowledge of the Freedom of Information and Protection to Privacy Act to ensure that there are no privacy breaches of personal information. Job requires knowledge of the Licensing Control System (LCS), Driver Sub system (DSS) and related applications (e.g. Content Manager) to review and create driver's records, access information and prioritize documents based on identification of key words/medical conditions in medical documents. Job requires knowledge of clerical practices and procedures to file, retrieve and print documents and sort, distribute, collate, scan, index, microfilm, fax and copy documents.

Skills :

Job requires analytical skills to assess routine medical reports, consisting of medical terminology, determine whether to suspend a driver's licence where established medical standards are not met, using accepted software applications and interpret and apply regulatory requirements and medical standards/guidelines as defined in the HTA and other guidelines (e.g. CCMTA). Job requires judgement and analytical and reasoning skills to review and prioritize a variety of reports and documents, identify, verify and correct errors/discrepancies in documents in order to ensure accuracy and completeness of large volumes of confidential information, assign appropriate document code and perform quality checks on notices of suspension, cancellation and reinstatement to ensure data integrity. Job requires analytical and research skills to assess relevancy of information against other data, confirm and verify information and review medical/vision acuity forms/reports to verify complete identifiable personal information. Job requires organizational skills to coordinate own work priorities, including reviewing, sorting, indexing and preparing a variety of information, reports and documents according to established procedures and deadlines. Job requires computer skills to use customized applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) to type letters, memos, envelopes and other documents using fully programmable word processing and database software, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Jab requires oral communication skills to communicate with medical practitioners, drivers, ministry staff and others as required, deal with staff to share information/clarify requests, provide explanations regarding unit procedures and computer systems, as required, and respond to routine inquiries. Job requires written communication skills to gather volume statistics for unit workload reports and prepare routine correspondence. Job requires interpersonal skills to work in a team environment and train new staff.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working within the ministry's Licensing and Control System, Driver Subsystem, established driver improvement policies, programs and operational procedures related to medical fitness to drive and the processing of documents, customized applications (e.g. Content Manager, DSS), related legislation and procedural guidelines for the issuing of personal information under FOIPPA. Latitude for decision making exists in: determining the appropriate prioritization of medical and visual acuity reports and other documents according to established standards and determining their priority; interpreting and applying legislation, medical standards, guidelines and DIO policies and procedures to assess routine medical reports and other documents; determining whether regulatory requirements have been met in order to suspend, reinstate, downgrade, remove or apply vision restrictions, or upgrade a driver's licence as required; deciding when to return a document to a doctor for additional personal information in order to locate a driving record; maintaining the confidentiality and security of fires/personal information to prevent privacy breaches; deciding when to create a driving record where none can be located on the LOS; reviewing medical/vision acuity forms/reports to assess for complete identifiable personal information; and reviewing records of drivers being reinstated by assessing computer resolve messages and making corrections where appropriate. Work is reviewed and monitored on a regular basis by the Team Leader for discrepancies and adherence to established procedures and processes. Job requires referring to senior staff/Team Leader situations which are not covered by established procedures such as issues with complex or ambiguous medical reports, documents that cannot be located and conflicting priorities.

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