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10503 - Welfare Field Worker 2
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Purpose of Position :

To serve clients using a case management approach to deliver the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) including: determining eligibility for ODSP Income and Employment Support; serving as a resource in the areas of training and employment for clients; conducting preliminary and secondary assessments regarding allegations of program abuse by recipients and actioning outcomes. To provide information, advice, assistance, and liaison with clients, the community, and with stakeholders regarding the ODSP.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Under the general supervision of the ODSP Manager, each incumbent in the Position is assigned duties from the following responsibilities, depending on the ODSP Manager's priorities and the current workload:

Client Services:
1. Collecting, documenting and evaluating information to determine client's eligibility (including inactive clients) for ODSP Income and Employment Supports in accordance with legislation and established guidelines; utilizing ODSP Service Provider assessments of employability, progress and achievement of goals, where applicable. Conducting interviews with clients by phone or in person in various locations such as onsite, homes or offsite; compiling and verifying client information through various sources (e.g. financial institutions, employers, landlords, accessing third party databases, etc.); determining the need for a trustee to assist clients in managing finances; reviewing client circumstance as required to ensure eligibility; arrears and overpayments for both ODSP Income and Employment Supports.

2. Making adjustments to the amount of income support as a result of changing circumstances and ensuring clients receive benefits and services for which they are eligible; maintaining system integrity by updating appropriate computer applications and files with changes to client's circumstances; posting social assistance repayments and reimbursements; documenting decisions that affect eligibility, including reasons for ineligibility and providing notice in writing; approving Employment Supports funding agreements; participating in Internal Review/dispute resolution process as required; completing support assignments/directions and cancellations, reviewing Family Responsibility Office (FRO) file packages, calculating FRO reimbursements.

3. Cheque authorization writing responsibilities.

4. Preparing and presenting submissions to the Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT).

5. Facilitating referrals to Family Support Workers, service providers, social service agencies and other community agencies to assist the client in meeting their socio-economic needs (e.g. pursuit of child/spousal support, employment supports, DAU, ORU, etc.).

6. Resolving conflict situations including client complaints and disputes. Listening, mediating, negotiating and making referrals to other resources or services within the community to help meet the clients' needs. Responding to emergency situations involving clients by assessing situation, presenting and implementing solutions (e.g. employment programs, community support agencies, housing sources, legal aid, etc.).

Employment & Training
7. Working as part of the ODSP team to assist in identifying ODSP clients who are interested in obtaining employment; developing, maintaining and providing information to other ODSP staff in their work with clients. Providing information, explaining legislation and Ministry initiatives to interested clients and staff. Planning and delivering information sessions to groups of clients on community based employment supports, labour market trends and other information that will assist clients to achieve their employment goals. Maintaining and coordinating links within the local community to ensure the accessibility of local community based training and employment supports including the business community, consumer groups, local agencies and educational programs. Ensuring that current training and employment information within the local office is maintained and is accessible and user friendly.

8. Ensuring that applicants for ODSP Employment Supports meet all eligibility criteria for the program in accordance with the established guidelines. Ensuring that Employment Supports Funding Agreements are in place and ensuring that eligible clients receive funding to purchase community based employment supports. Ensuring that clients are aware of their obligations under the agreement. Making adjustments to the funding agreements where changes are agreed to. Facilitating referrals to appropriate agencies. Authorizing funds to a pre-approved limit. Ensuring program integrity and accountability for expenditures of funds.

Complaint Assessments:
9. Conducting preliminary and secondary assessments of ODSP recipients' eligibility in response to complaints from a variety of sources by accessing clients' files to verify if allegations are plausible and assessing file contents to determine appropriate action; contacting other sources, such as immigration and other government agencies, financial institutions and employers to negotiate disclosure of information, ensuring FIPPA requirements are met; interviewing clients to gather information and inform them of complaint and assessment, their legislated rights and responsibilities; reviewing and determining relevance of information collected and whether there is an overpayment and / or evidence of intent to defraud.

10. Recording activities relating to complaint assessments, outcome of contacts and data-gathering activities, preparing detail chronological case reviews including evidence, conclusions and recommendations regarding eligibility, including the applicable period and amount of overpayment; making recommendations to the ODSP Manager on the advisability of prosecution; adjusting or terminating allowance, completing appropriate documentation and setting up and monitoring repayment schedules; serving as a witness in criminal court, as required; developing and maintaining contact with a large variety of agencies, such as financial institutions, social service agencies etc.

11. Takes a pro-active approach to prevent abuse of the ODSP Income Support Program by requesting reports and comparing data with information on other jurisdiction's computer system to identify duplication of assistance; Reviewing and assessing discrepancies and taking appropriate action; adjusting level of assistance or terminating assistance, arranging repayments schedule, where appropriate and commencing recovery..

12. Preparing and drafting correspondence as required. Setting workload priorities to meet deadlines and legislative requirements. Developing and maintaining relationships with community organizations. Working in a team environment where coverage for co-workers, information sharing and support are required. As required, serving as a Commissioner of Oath for the ODSP program. Other duties as assigned by the ODSP Manager.

Staffing and Licencing :

Advanced level verbal and written French language skills.

Knowledge :

Position requires:
• Detailed knowledge of ODSP legislation, regulations, policy, procedures and funding arrangements and other related legislation and guidelines governing their administration (e.g. FBA) in order to review eligibility, determine continuing eligibility, make appropriate eligibility decisions, and identify any infractions/abuse by ODSP recipients.
• Current knowledge of legislation, community services, resources, policies, programs, procedures and issues affecting clients.
• Knowledge of barriers faced by people with disabilities; knowledge of community and government resources and services available to assist clients with disabilities with emergencies, supports and employment opportunities.
• Knowledge of the functions of other government programs, such as legal services; knowledge of process for complaint assessment and of appeal proceedings at SBT; knowledge of important decisions of the Ontario Division Court.

Skills :

Position requires:
• Excellent interviewing skills using tact and discretion to assess clients' eligibility and situations.
• Position requires interpersonal skills, including effective listening and self-control techniques to elicit and obtain information from a diverse clientele.
• Enhanced analytical and interpretive skills.
• Case management skills are required to document clients, assess their needs, complete reference checks, assess financial eligibility, make referrals, review documents, use a follow-up system, etc.
• Excellent communication skills: verbal/oral/written and the ability to write clear and concise reports and conduct stakeholder information sessions; highly developed interview skills, negotiating skills including intervention when necessary, and abilities to deal with client matters.
• Mathematical skills to compute and monitor Income and Employment Supports and benefits according to eligibility criteria and prepare statistical reports.
• Time management and organizational skills to prepare case plans, including but not limited to, making arrangements for emergency needs. Ability to prioritize and work within time constraints and deadlines.
• Interpersonal skills for communicating with clients, community agencies, politicians, co-workers, etc. in a sensitive and efficient manner.
• Ability to adapt to technology changes (software/computer programs).
• Working knowledge of the various systems of technology and ability to work with them efficiently and effectively on a daily basis.
• Sensitivity towards diversity/inclusion of applicants/clients and co-workers.
• Demonstrated ability to provide effective customer service to clients with disabilities.
• Ability to work effectively within a team and also with considerable autonomy.

Freedom of Action :

Reporting to the ODSP Manager, the Position works with limited on-site supervision, and works within the parameters of the ODSP Act, regulations, policies and procedures. The Position requires the use of judgement in assessing the client situation by: determining client's financial eligibility; providing information and advice to clients, employers and community partners in making referrals and deciding on follow up; identifying issues and action plans and deciding on follow-up; understanding the impact of other programs, social changes and changing legislation of a large variety of acts, on ODSP; exercising discretion to ensure client confidentiality.
Work requires referring to the ODSP Manager for input and advice, matters involving precedents, situations involving possible impacts on the Ministry, or contentious matters.

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