Job Specification

Position Title:
Anti-Racism Lead
Job Code:
I1007B - Policy and Analysis33
Job ID:

Purpose :

To provide leadership, expert analysis and strategic advice across the ministry to support effective program and policy development and delivery related to anti-racism.

To build and maintain relationships with intra and inter-ministry partners and with OPS enterprise partners to help in the development of options and recommendations to address skills, knowledge and competency gaps and barriers in the area of racial discrimination, harassment and equity issues.

To serve as a resource to ministry staff, managers, senior executives, and ministry and divisional committees engaged in anti-racism and equity initiatives. Works in collaboration with key internal stakeholders/divisions to support and promote ministry-wide anti-racism education efforts

To provide expert, timely, and confidential advice and support, through consultation, dialogue and collaboration, to ministry employees who are experiencing or have experienced incidents of racism or race-based discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace; and facilitates early resolution to address issues before they escalate.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Provides individual consultation and advice to employees, managers and executives on a confidential basis to resolve equity and racial discrimination/harassment issues. Listens and understands the perspectives of racialized employees to help navigate the range of options available; offers or coordinates mediation services and other forms of alternative dispute resolution techniques and restorative practices; and/or makes referrals and liaises with other program areas.

2. Creates an affirming and safe environment conducive to the sharing of sensitive information and feelings and provides empathetic support to employees in situations that may be deeply traumatic and unsettling to individuals impacted by racism.

3. Provides strategic advice on issues, program and policy projects and initiatives. Works collaboratively with internal stakeholders/divisions to support the design and delivery of anti-racism program initiatives. Provides advice, coordination and liaison assistance by supporting the analysis and development of ministry policy options, programs and positions.

4. Provides strategic advice on ministry policy proposals and related communications, to identify policy options, contentious issues, misalignments with government and ministry priorities, and ways to strengthen submissions to align with government and ministry priorities. Provides strategic advice/support on the development of policy and program delivery options, implementation plans, standards, guidelines, legislation, directives and operational policies and ensures alignment with communications strategies.

5. Identifies and manages contentious issues that are highly sensitive and that could have significant impact/policy implications and that require proactive/remedial action. Works proactively with senior staff, managers and staff in the provision of expert consultation, strategic advice and issues coordination.

6. Builds positive relations and works collaboratively with OPS enterprise partners and stakeholders

7. Develops and maintains networks with ministry stakeholders including participating as a member of committee(s) in the ministry to provide strategic advice and input on the planning, design, and delivery of key initiatives; and by liaising with ministry subject matter experts in diversity, inclusion and accessibility to collaboratively develop internal strategies to address ministry priorities.

8. Provides policy interpretations, prepares briefing materials, coordinates Cabinet notes, House notes and backgrounders, and provides related information for issues management.

9. Leads and coordinates complex multi-disciplinary projects. Prepares and coordinates briefing notes, materials and makes presentations to senior management, central agencies and other ministries.

10. Plans, develops and manages procurement of consulting and/or mediation services, including drafting proposals, managing the vendor evaluation and selection process, fee-for-service contracts and consultants.

Factors :

Knowledge :

Policy/legislative process, policy and research tools, methods and techniques to provide policy leadership and coordination of a range of files including identification and resolution of issues and gaps and the management of files through the government approvals process.

Managerial practices and organizational theory and policies to understand the operational and organizational risk and impacts to the ministry and ministry partners.

Strategic objectives of the ministry and government operations and decision-making processes to ensure policy and program submissions support ministry directions and mandate and in line with appropriate approval processes.

Models of delivery, funding, governance and critical issues and concerns faced by stakeholders to ensure policies, programs, regulations and legislation respond to stakeholders' needs.

Provincial structure, role and policy formulation procedures and Cabinet and Treasury Board submission process to provide accurate and timely information for review and approvals.

Environmental factors which impact the policy development/review process (e.g. economic, political, social).

Consultation methods, techniques and best practices; new and emerging trends in communications to support the development and implementation of stakeholder, Indigenous and key partner relationships and communications strategies to support ministry initiatives.

Issues management techniques and principles to integrate into the planning process, including consistency with the current and multi-year fiscal plan and corporate agenda, corporate frameworks, communications and consultations strategies with senior management and stakeholders.

Project management principles and techniques to lead and participate in policy and research projects.

Program Responsibility :

Responsible for providing policy leadership and expertise across the ministry to support the development of effective policy options that are consistent with ministry strategic objectives, priorities and operational plans. The recommendations and advice result in significant impact to the development of organizational policies and alteration of organizational initiatives.

Responsible for providing senior level policy expertise and strategic advice on ministry policy proposals including review of all ministry policy submissions for the identification, research and analysis of issues and gaps and discussions with ministry staff to advise on and resolve key issues and concerns.

Responsible for providing strategic policy advice and briefings to senior management including the identification, analysis and reporting of the risks and barriers impacting the ministry's strategic direction and priorities.

Responsible for the accuracy of advice/material/information that is provided to senior management within the ministry and with other ministry staff, and central agencies.

Responsible for developing work plans and contributes to the analysis and development of program and policy projects and initiatives and is proactive in identifying emerging issues that have potential impact to the ministry.

Member or advisor of ministry policy and project teams and committees.

Analytical Thinking :

Identifies and resolves issues and problems impacting the ministry and supports the ministry in achieving its objectives.

Identifies the external impact on internal strategy and considers how current policies, processes and methods impact future developments and trends.

Assesses stakeholders' and partners' needs and supports the development of innovative ideas to create more value for the ministry by being prepared to look beyond the data and to consider varied solutions to the situation at hand. Understands the strategic implications of new ideas.

Identifies risks and barriers to policy decisions and analyzes ministry submissions that impact the Ministry's strategic direction, priorities and ministry partners on cross-ministerial initiatives.

Planning / Coordinating :

Coordinates information requests on policy and program initiatives.

Coordinates projects and cross-functional teams and/or inter ministerial committees; and plans and coordinates meetings to address potential risk and impacts to policy and program initiatives. Plans and leads all phases of assigned projects that advances the ministry's Anti-Racism agenda/objectives.

Works collaboratively with OPS partners to develop internal strategies to address ministry priorities.

Leadership/Guidance :

Provides advice and information on current and proposed policy options to senior management, divisional staff, and government policy counterparts and to broader public sector stakeholders to ensure the effective flow of information, manage expectations and achieve outcomes.

Provides coaching, and technical advice to staff across the ministry.

Leads, facilitates and coordinates inter-ministry and external stakeholder projects, and provides guidance on government processes and the assessment of policy implications to assigned project/work teams and ministries program development.

Provides leadership and direction to ministry staff when assigning work and communicating priorities. Recommends courses of action to ministry staff, senior management and the 's office regarding processes and procedures.

Independence of Action :

Within the broad strategic framework of ministry stewardship principles and objectives and ministry/government directions and priorities.

Independently provides necessary policy leadership and expertise to senior management and provides support across the ministry to coordinate the development of effective organizational policy recommendations that are consistent with ministry strategic objectives, priorities and operational plans.

Independently leads, plans and co-ordinates activities in a team setting to support the ministry's mandate.

Independence is used in providing policy advice and recommendations to senior management and supports the ministry and ministry partners when reviewing submissions by ministry divisions and in identifying, issues and gaps requiring resolution prior to further approval levels.

Judgment is required when negotiating and mediating high profile issues and diverse competing interests to further policy making and in representing the Ministry's policy interests with stakeholders in other ministries, Treasury Board and Cabinet Office to broker discussions, resolves issues and manages the flow of information, analysis and decisions between the ministry and the Cabinet Office for all stages of policy file management.

Provides confidential advice and expert guidance to staff and managers on options to facilitate prompt resolution of incidents of racism using variety of conflict resolution strategies including mediation services; to address issues before they escalate.

Interpersonal/Communication :

Brokers relationships between divisions, ministry partners, Cabinet Office, Treasury Board and the Minister's Office to advance policy priorities.

Exercises political acuity when providing relevant information to senior management for the development of responses to the needs of stakeholders and to shifting government priorities.

Prepares and presents complex policy and program information, issues analysis, detailed risks, and briefing papers to senior management.

Builds and maintains partnerships with intra and inter-ministry partners to promote the ministry's strategic direction and inform ministry policy and operational initiatives.

Provides information and advice in a way that brings conflicting parties to successful resolution; using empathy, diplomacy, tact and discretion.

Initiates, builds and maintains effective business relationships; working collaboratively with internal/external contacts and bargaining units, to provide updates and discuss issues of mutual concern.

Represents the ministry at OPS inter-ministerial committees, programs, projects and working groups related to anti-racism and racial equity.

Facilitates training and awareness sessions for ministry staff and managers on anti-racism related topics, tools and resources, and conducts information sessions for all stakeholders and impacted staff.

Appreciates, understands and utilizes the power of relationships, both formal and informal, as it relates to the formal political structure of the government and to understand climate and culture.

Physical Effort :

Most of the time is spent in an office environment with frequent opportunity to move about. Occasionally, moves/lifts light objects such as training materials required for facilitation/training sessions.

Sensory Effort :

Requires visual attention and concentration (i.e. reading without interruption) to lead and manage multiple policy and research projects and initiatives to meet strategic objectives and timelines for delivery; to review detailed research outcomes; and to give direction to project team members.

Concentrated effort is required to lead consultations, to listen to feedback, and to ensure issues and information has been understood and communicated.

Working Conditions :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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