Job Specification

Position Title:
Amended - Program Support Clerk
Job Code:
08OAD - Office Administration 08
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide direct, peak period support to the oversight—overweight (0/0) Permit Section and the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Unit (MVIS), to process requests, to issue permits, licences, stickers and certificates. To provide registration of applications for CVOR Certificates. To provide support to the revenue collection system by receiving applications and validating/depositing fees received for various applications, permits, certificates and searches. To provide general/associated secretarial, clerical, word processing and reception support services. To provide clerical and administrative support for the CVOR Analysts, Carrier Safety Rating Administrators and Facility Audit Administrators.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Providing MVIS registration and licensing services by reviewing forms for completeness, accuracy and conformity with the relevant sections of the Acts/regulations and ministry policies, determining appropriate fees, inputting data, searching data base/automated records and documents on file, retrieving data, returning deficient documents to clients or appropriate branch employee with explanations/reasons, registering completed documents, issuing electronic products (e.g. reports, lists).

2. Analyzing and resolving transactions to maintain integrity of the data base by investigating errors and omissions through accessing various data bases (e.g. Vehicle Registration System and Interprovincial Record Exchange) referring, if necessary, to appropriate originating source for correction (e.g. police or field offices), forwarding complex issues (i.e. those involved with the amalgamation of municipalities) to CVOR Analysts for resolution and returning resolved report to License Operations for entry or re-entry into the system.

3. Reviewing and processing 0/0 permit requests; accessing section personnel and relevant legislation, policies and practices to ensure that regulatory requirements are met (i.e. appropriate equipment is used, planned route and time of proposed movement); attaching appropriate conditions and advising applicants of same; referring applications for movements in excess of prescribed limits or of a special/complex nature to supervisor and Weight and Load Engineer with supporting documentation.

4. Verifying and performing merge operations for Registrant Identification numbers and send information/records to Licensing Assistance office. Analyzing, reviewing and sorting rejected
transactions and error reports by category, district and jurisdiction. Occasionally communicating with the operator for missing or incorrect information and referring complex problems to the CVOR Analysts or the Licensing Assistance section.

5. Collecting registration, permit and services fees by receiving cash, cheques, money orders and bank drafts through the mail or through direct client contact (including blank signed cheques left in custody by permit companies) and ensuring proper document completion and correct fees; validating cheques and credit cards; providing receipts and coding; entering information into ministry databases; preparing refund documents for over/under payments; printing out daily journal for 0/0 Permit Supervisor; reconciling funds received, cash and original documents against transactions on system, correcting errors and reporting discrepancies to supervisor; preparing bank deposit; delivering cash report and all cash, cheques, credit/debit cards and deposit slips to designated office for transfer to bank.

6. Batching, coding, completing transaction forms and inputting information (i.e. station identification number, transaction codes, name, address) into database; deleting, adding or amending information about the business and or licensed mechanics; authorizing the issuance of new or renewal of MVIS and Structural Station licences; authorizing the shipment of licenses, certificates and stickers. Providing mail service by opening, sorting and distributing incoming mail within section; preparing outgoing mail including renewal applications (approximately 13,000 MVIS licenses and Structural licenses per annum).

7. Conducting involved searches of ministry files including Carrier Licensing and Control files, Vehicle Registration and Driver Licensing files to extract information relevant to the status of commercial vehicle operators; reporting findings verbally or in writing to requester.

8. Receiving, recording and maintaining a computerized tracking system of all appeals, directing the appeal to the appropriate CVOR Analysts and providing a monthly summary.

9. Creating and maintaining program manual files by preparing and enclosing copies of relevant licences, certificates, historical records, convictions, accidents, vehicle status, correspondence, investigations and background documentation obtained through electronic methods, microfiche and hard copy files.

10. Issuing Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration certificates by reviewing applications for correct and complete information, reviewing 'Articles of Incorporation' or 'Partnership' agreements to determine legal name of the operator, researching information on the data base, inputting information on the data base referring complex issues to the CVOR Analysts.

11. Providing client services, through direct contact and by telephone, by responding to enquiries and requests for information; explaining types of services available, procedures required and fees for services; advising of registration/licensing requirements and assisting with completion of forms, directing clients to appropriate services agencies/government offices.

12. Typing a variety of materials from hand-written and typed drafts or verbal instruction (e.g. briefing materials, speeches, letters, memoranda, permits, licences, technical lengthy reports, minutes, multi- column tables and charts, statistical reports, presentation material and gazette publications), using ministry standardized word processing, internal customized and associated software programs (e.g. Word, Excel, Access and CAA), ensuring accuracy and rapid production to meet deadlines.

13. Providing backup/relief to the receptionist for her breaks, lunch, sick leaves and vacations. Answering telephone, providing factual information to callers, taking messages, redirecting calls, and receiving/sending messages to staff electronically. Receiving visitors (e.g. ministry/company officials and general public) verifying identification and directing to appropriate staff members. Accepting and recording requests for information packages and mailing them out; ensuring an appropriate supply of literature, brochures and pamphlets are in stock and on display for public use; using the computerized tracking system, maintaining a list of incomplete files in order to direct enquiries.

14. Performing a variety of clerical/administrative tasks such as: updating and archiving office files, making travel arrangements for staff members (i.e. hotel accommodations, air/road/rail reservations); reserving boardrooms; ensuring expense accounts and invoices have appropriate approvals and forwarding to appropriate section for payment; ordering and distributing office supplies; photocopying and sending facsimile/e-mail transmittals for staff.

Knowledge :

Job requires knowledge of a variety of ministry, branch, program, financial/accounting and associated administrative services and policies, procedures and processes to provide effective program support in different Branch offices. to provide information and discuss related issues with staff of the branch, ministry, other ministries and clients; to ensure compliance in revenue processing and records/documentation. Job requires knowledge of the relevant sections of the Acts administered by the branch (i.e. Motor Vehicle Transport Act, Truck Transportation Act, Highway Traffic Act) and regulations, ministry/branch policies, directives. specialized licensing/permitting procedures and services to provide information and respond to enquiries on the types of services available and fees payable; to provide registration services by reviewing forms for completeness and conformity with legislation and identifying deficiencies. Knowledge of PC based and mainframe computers. Knowledge of computer data bases and data entry procedures, terminology and keyboarding skills (e.g. MVIS, 0/0, VRS, IRE, CVOR, Carrier Licensing; requests for supplies, new and renewed licenses, changes in ownership, changes in mechanics) to ensure licences, permits and stock are issued appropriately; to correct records through adjustments; to retrieve data by searching data base; to initiate reports and summaries and to update data base by accurately inputting information/data and to perform merge operations; to attach conditions to approvals; and to respond to client enquiries. Job requires knowledge of relevant government, ministry and program accounting policies and procedures by checking financial documents for accuracy, and resolving discrepancies to over/under payments. Job requires knowledge of administrative/ reception procedures to provide word processing/clerical support and reception services to the office. Job requires knowledge of operating features of telephone switchboard to handle calls quickly/accurately, and to direct calls to appropriate staff member and/or program areas. Job requires knowledge of office software (e.g. Excel, Word, Power Point) to develop memoranda, reports, internal documents and presentations according to standard procedures and update and respond to queries on web site by manipulating data and format.

Skills :

Job requires analytical, evaluation and problem-solving skills to categorize, prioritize and process permits, applications and renewals by reviewing relevant documents for compliance/conformity with regulatory requirements/conditions; to determine when to issue a CVOR certificate; identify, assess and resolve errors/discrepancies in data entry, identified through printouts, deficiencies in applications and source documents (e.g. accident/detention/conviction reports etc.) and in choosing best methods to resolve by contacting client or other staff or researching source documents and all available records; to confirm authenticity of documents; evaluate contents of original documents from various sources (e.g. deficiencies in applications, over/under payments, requests for supplies, completeness, legality to determine whether to process a licence, authorize the shipment of certificates/stickers, and respond to inquiries); to interpret legislation, policies and procedures and conducting research to determine clients needs and resolve problems (e.g. insufficient information, permit/licensing requirements). Job requires organizational skills to compile information from various databases and ministries, to create and maintain integrated filing/records systems. Job requires customer service, interpersonal and communication skills and tact to interact with field staff and clients to receive/respond to inquiries, interpret/explain ministry/branch services, policies and procedures; explain findings to clients and field staff; request additional/correct documentation from client; advise government officials; document rationale for supporting/rejecting issuance of permit/license; exchange information; complete transactions; prevent complaints; understand and calm distressed or irate clients; resolve problems. Job requires word processing, data entry skills and ability to operate various office equipment.

Freedom of Action :

Job requires working in accordance with procedural controls such as relevant government, ministry and program accounting policies and procedures (e.g. regarding proper methods of maintaining records; issuing licenses/stickers/certificates and performing financial transactions). Job requires working in accordance with data entry procedures and standards with no latitude for deviation to record/field layout, and referring situations not covered by procedures to the supervisor for resolution. Job requires independently carrying out investigations to resolve variances and discrepancies such as over/under payments by utilizing all available sources (e.g. searching files/databases, discussing directly to staff/clients/police, examining transactions). Job exercises some discretion in attaching/recommending conditions to approvals within regulatory guidelines. Job has access to reference materials (e.g. directories, various listings, manuals, policies, legislation, system bulletins, computer operating instructions and templates) and section personnel to assist in making decisions. Work performed with some latitude in making decisions to resolve problems/discrepancies relating to CVOR records and certificates. Work is checked for accuracy, completeness, adherence to format. and compliance to procedures and policies. Job requires updating supervisor on status of work. Job is monitored for compliance with standards. Special/complex applications/requests that cannot be resolved within established procedures, precedents are referred to supervisor.

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