Job Specification

Position Title:
Affected Persons Coordinator
Job Code:
03521 - Executive Officer 1 B/U
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

In the Affected Person's Programme within Special Investigations Unit, the civilian agency responsible for conducting investigations into the circumstances of serious injuries/deaths involving police officers, the position provides information, support and assistance to persons involved in the investigative process (affected persons). Affected persons include complainant(s), their family members, dependents and, in extraordinary circumstances, witnesses to the event. To be available and reachable at all times, in order to respond immediately to requests from the Investigative Supervisor for assistance by either attending the scene or contacting the affected person by telephone.

With the concurrence of the affected person, to assess both their needs and the needs of their families and provide a full range of services, including emotional support and referrals, crisis intervention and information during their involvement in SIU's investigative process. This support will continue through any inquests or inquiries and if charges are warranted, throughout the court process up to the time of sentencing and the exhausting of all appeals (if charges are laid, this support will be provided in concert with VWAP).

Duties / Responsibilities :

-As a member of the SIU team, identifies gaps in services/procedures for affected persons and provides input, suggestions and ideas on improvements to protocols, procedures and processes respecting effective operation and administration of the Programme. Alleviates the stress placed on an SIU Investigator by tending to the needs of the affected person(s), freeing the Investigator to complete their work as necessary.

-With the concurrence of the affected person, to assess both their needs and the needs of their families and provide a range of services, including referrals, and information regarding services available during their involvement in SIU's investigative process. This support will continue through any inquests or inquiries and if charges are warranted, throughout the court process up to the time of sentencing and the exhausting of all appeals (if charges are laid, this support will be provided by VWAP).

-To provide short-term emotional support and practical assistance to the victims present at the scene, once the location is safe (if applicable). Discusses safety concerns and options with clients. Provides emotional support, and crisis intervention to traumatized clients according to SIU Affected Persons Policy and Procedure Manual.

-To complete a Client Contact Report for statistical purposes and to ensure any follow-up required is communicated to the Investigative Supervisor.

-Manages and coordinates assigned caseload by: reviewing SIU files and reports, referrals from SIU investigators/supervisors and community agencies; establishing and maintaining contact with clients from inception to disposition of cases, assessing and evaluating client service needs, preparing a service plan and referring people to appropriate services. To identify potential long-term needs of the Affected Person and provide referrals, if necessary.

- Working with the Outreach Coordinator liaises between clients and community agency personnel, government organizations, Crown Counsel, to advocate for the needs/interests of clients, to provide information on services and assistance, to improve clients' understanding of and participation in the investigative and justice processes, and to facilitate the provision of services to support clients' individual needs.

- Assesses needs and abilities of clients to determine requirements and recommend appropriate services, accompanies clients to some support agency meetings and if requested, to court, inquiry or inquest proceedings, as approved by the Investigative Supervisor.

- Working with VWAP, provides assistance to clients regarding purpose and intent of documentation such as Victim Impact Statements and Criminal Injuries Compensation Board applications.

- Maintains communication and consultation networks with members of the Justice Sector and community agencies to promote the goals and objectives of the Affected Persons Programme and facilitate the provision of effective client services.

- Participates in projects and committees as assigned, as a representative of the Affected Persons Programme, and contributes to the successful completion of projects, identifies local community services or service gaps relevant for client support and contributes to the development of processes and procedures for community services.

- Working with the Outreach Coordinator, participates in public education activities (e.g., speaking engagements with stakeholder groups) to provide information on the role and mandate of the SIU's Affected Person's Programme and victim's issues through both formal and informal presentations.

- Maintains assigned caseload according to the timelines and procedures established by the Programme Policy and Procedure Manual; prepares and maintains case files and keeps detailed case notes; prepares a range of correspondence, reports and forms [such as Victim Input Forms] related to client services and updates information as required.

- Co-ordinates the compilation and preparation of relevant information for statistical reports to support information and planning requirements for the Management Team.

- Provides technical expertise to the Programme operations as assigned, responds to urgent requests for information from the local Crown Attorney's Office and alerts the Investigative Supervisor to critical issues impacting on operations.

- Provides expertise to staff and identifies courses of action specifically related to services provided to the Affected Person, provides training and development in victims services. To provide supervision to students and/or volunteers.

Staffing and Licensing :

Valid Drivers Licence as required by the location of the job and the need to travel.
Ability to be available for a call for service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Knowledge :

- Knowledge of the criminal justice system, issues pertaining to complainants and victims of crime [specifically sexual assault, homicide, death related cases, etc.]; knowledge of relevant legislation and policies, procedures and protocols governing the SIU, complainants and victims of crime, court operations, in order to provide relevant information, assistance and guidance to clients throughout the legal proceedings, to assist clients to make effective decisions, to encourage their participation in the investigative and legal processes.

- Knowledge of risk assessment and safety planning, to assist clients to identify safety concerns and develop plans to access services.

- Knowledge of crisis response and intervention, to respond appropriately to clients in crisis, who may have been traumatized.

- Knowledge of services provided by community agencies across Ontario to arrange appropriate referrals for clients, to foster co-operation in service provision, and to build effective partnerships and educational networks.

- Knowledge of Ontario Victim Services mandate and programmes, Victim Bill of Rights, V/WAP policies and procedures to provide services to clients and to interact with stake holders.
liaise, inform and refer.

- Knowledge of programme database systems to input, locate, update and retrieve information and to maintain comprehensive case records.

- Knowledge of computer software to develop correspondence, reports, databases and presentations.

- Knowledge of the practices and procedures of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act to provide non-confidential verbal and written information in response to verbal or written inquiries from clients, justice sector and service providers.

Skills :

- Crisis response/intervention skills, needs assessment skills, analytical and problem solving skills to apply SIU policies, relevant legislation and guidelines in analysing clients' needs, to assess clients' immediate risks and determine the level of crisis intervention/service needs/safety plans, to consider various alternatives and to select and apply the best plan of action to meet unique needs.

- Organizational, planning, program and case management skills to manage a large caseload independently, to prioritize work in an environment of demanding multiple deadlines.

- Problem solving skills to resolve issues relating to clients services and recommend resolution of contentious issues to the Investigative Supervisor.

- Interpersonal skills, judgement, initiative, tact and diplomacy to work independently with community agency representatives, court administration, Crown Counsel and to make recommendations to the Crown based on observations/information provided by clients, to raise breaches or resolve service problems with appropriate personnel while maintaining effective and productive relationships with clients and service providers.

- Analytical and reasoning skills to recommend service improvements and to foster co-operation of service providers in implementing new or enhanced services in order to determine the short and long term needs of the client.

- Consultation and communications skills to provide information to clients, and to testify during court proceedings.

- Judgement, communication skills and empathy in order to deal with clients who are in crisis and in highly emotional states, to communicate and advocate with members of the Justice Sector and community agencies on behalf of the clients while maintaining clients' privacy interests and disclosure parameters.

- Written communication and presentation skills to write reports, correspondence and case file summaries and to prepare presentations and participate in public speaking engagements and in the development of educational and promotional Programme information.

- Interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively within a team environment.

Freedom of Action :

Works in a team environment under general direction of the Investigative Supervisor and in accordance with established legislation, policies, procedures and internal Affected Persons Worker Manual, the OVSS Manual and SIU Policy Manual. Seeks guidance from the Administrative Manager for issues related to Ministry/Government guidelines and directives. Advice and guidance is provided by the both the Investigative Supervisor and Administrative Manager in the event of critical or contentious issues.

The position exercises judgement in:

- Managing cases, assessing clients' individual needs, providing relevant guidance and information, selecting and initiating contact with appropriate community agencies, government organizations and services for referral purposes; relying upon Investigative Supervisor's input in the event of unusually complex or problematic cases;

- Assisting and liaising with the local VWAP office in the following: preparing victims/witnesses for court proceedings and in advocating and liaising with Justice Sector personnel and community agencies from inception of the criminal case to final disposition in order to continue support through inquests/inquiries and court processes;

- recording accurate and factual information in client case files;

- accurate representation of the SIU Affected Persons Programme at informational/educational presentations and for accurate and relevant communication with clients and Justice sector contacts;

- assisting in training of new staff and training and supervision of students and volunteer workers and for provision of accurate and timely guidance to Programme staff during Investigative Supervisor's absence when assigned; and

- advising/alerting/referring critical issues, breaches and other information as raised/provided by clients to SIU Investigators, SIU Investigative Supervisors and the Administrative Manager, SIU Counsel and Crown Counsel, community agencies and government organizations. Matters not covered by policy, protocol or highly contentious/publicized issues are discussed with and or referred to the Investigative Supervisor.

-Work is reviewed for progress and results by regular caseload review of statistical information or through complaints from the SIU Investigators, SIU Investigative Supervisors, clients, Crown Counsel, police or agencies.

- Errors in provision of effective guidance, referral and safety planning to clients, in selection of community resources, and/or inability to recognize situations that place the client in crisis or at risk have direct impact on the safety and well being of clients and their families, especially children, and may create service interruption and crisis situations and may result in clients' unwillingness to participate in and delays in criminal proceedings and negatively impact the credibility of the SIU and government services.

- Errors in neglecting to convey safety information to the Crown via victim input may result in information not being included on bail and/or probation conditions which could jeopardize victim safety and/or safety of their children.

- Errors in courtroom (including inquests and inquiries) orientation, documentation and legislative interpretation could result in misinformed clients and potentially jeopardize the outcome of criminal proceedings.

- Errors in consultations with Crown Counsel and delays in notification of relevant information/breaches and inaccurate case management input into case tracking systems could negatively impact criminal proceedings and the disposition of the cases.

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