Job Specification

Position Title:
Engineering Technologist
Job Code:
12682 - Engineering Services Officer 3
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To provide specialized civil engineering, water resources management and project management services in support of the Access and Water Control Management Programs for the maintenance, rehabilitation, construction and decommissioning of Crown owned dams/fishways and resource access roads/bridges. To provide expertise, advice and recommendations with respect to interpretation and applications under different legislative authorities, compliance monitoring, issues management and emergency response relating to these programs. To develop and deliver training and educational materials.

Duties / Responsibilities :

1. Conducting planning work for assigned specialized and complex water control and access capital construction projects that balances engineering and resource management principles for the construction, repair, retrofit, alterations and improvements to crown owned dams, roads and bridges or decommissioning of dams and roads. This involves: evaluating the conditions, load capacity and deterioration of existing dams, docks, roads, bridges; analyzing structural design, technical parameters, span arrangements, hydraulic and hydrologic calculations; reviewing detailed designs/plan specifications; coordinating and preparing Environmental Assessment coverage as well as evaluating alternatives to address social, economic, safety and environmental objectives; attending public meetings and/or consultations; developing costs, target dates, materials, etc. Liaising with District Managers (i.e. responsible for operation of dams/bridges in their districts) on matters such as establishing project scope, objectives, terms of reference, securing requisite approvals and/or sign offs. Developing project implementation plans. Preparing briefing materials and supporting materials for senior management approval.

2. Contributing to the management of the region's Access and Water Control Management Program by coordinating and/or carrying out a variety of activities in a cost-effective and timely manner such as: projecting and scheduling inspections and capital needs in future years through asset management planning; conducting inspections of dams/bridges to identify deficiencies and recommend repairs or improvements required to address worker/public safety standards and requirements under various statutes, regulations, codes, etc.; inputting into work planning process by recommending priorities for capital projects based on risk assessments of aging infrastructure, providing construction cost estimates, etc.; maintaining region's equipment and materials inventory; and undertaking research activities to maintain expertise and awareness of new developments (e.g. innovative construction and project management methodologies and techniques). Maintaining and recommending enhancements to regional infrastructure databases, including ensuring data collection, integrity and security.

3. Providing project management services and acting as Project Manager for assigned multiple capital construction projects concurrently by: preparing RFTs & RFPs, evaluating/providing recommendations on external resources (e.g. consultants and contractors); inspecting sites, investigating problems and resolving project implementation issues; maintaining project documentation and monitoring project expenditures; negotiating change work orders and payment with contractors; issuing progress payment certificates and substantial performance certificates; and ensuring that projects are completed within budget, timelines and in accordance with quality standards. Liaising with and providing coordination/consultation to internal/government staff and external resources and contacts.

4. Reviewing applications for rehabilitation, improvements or decommissioning of privately owned dams and/or erection of bridge structures taking into consideration factors such as hydraulic capacity, operating plans, public safety, protection of resources (fish, wildlife), construction methodology, best design/bridge location and compliance with relevant legislation/standards (e.g. Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act, Endangered Species Act, Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Green Energy Act).

5. Providing recommendations with respect to approval, denial and/or conditions of approval in response to applications; drafting permits with appropriate conditions and briefing material for senior management decision-making.

6. Acting as key Engineering Unit contact for assigned area and/or area teams. Providing expertise, advice and direction with respect to addressing problems/issues raised by district staff or Conservation Authorities related to non-ministry contracted water control and access capital construction projects (e.g. work is not compliant with legislation/standards, dam operation safety issues). Undertakes field inspections of private dams and prepares written structural assessments and recommendations related to discretionary powers under the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act. Represents the ministry at public consultations/meetings and responds to issues (e.g. road upgrading/dam maintenance conflicting with resident activities). Providing testimony as ministry expert in legal proceedings with respect to the application of Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act.

7. Providing response, expertise and recommendations to district staff and Conservation Authorities with respect to emergency situations and addressing public safety issues (e.g. flooding, ice jamming, dam operation, bridges/culverts wash outs).

8. Providing expertise, advice and recommendations with respect to approval/denial of applications under the Public Lands Act (e.g. construction of shoreline armouring, offshore breakwaters and groynes on Crown beds). Provides advice to Conservation Authorities and municipalities on land use planning and, planning and permitting (CA regulations) matters related to natural hazard policy interpretation and application.

9. Providing technical and water resource management support by: undertaking local flood forecasting; recommending operations of crown owned dams and preparing dam operation plans; monitoring low water conditions; reviewing ministry policy documents and providing input (e.g. advising on natural and man-made hazards in the Provincial Policy Statement under the Planning Act and associated technical guide); and participating on water management planning teams.

10. Developing, organizing and delivering training on administration of legislative authorities (Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act); dam operation, maintenance, surveillance and safety; flood emergency preparedness and response; and design/maintenance of dams, roads, bridges, and culverts. Preparing training/educational materials and operations manuals to direct field staff on safe operation of dams and required surveillance.

11. Other duties: Managers have the right to assign additional duties.

Staffing and Licencing :

Position requires a valid classs G driver's licence

Knowledge :

Knowledge and experience in the application of civil engineering design, structural design, geotechnical standards, road geometric design, hydraulic and hydrologic principles/standards, construction principals/practices and environmental assessment/requirements related to dams, roads and bridges. Position also requires demonstrated specialized knowledge of dam management standards, policies and construction practices to deal with both privately owned and Crown dams, with all types of structures (e.g. concrete gravity, rock fill, earth embankment, hydro generation) and sizes (height ranging from 2m to 10m) with different discharge characteristics (e.g. stop log sluiceway, overflow weir, gate valve; power gate, turbine intakes) and varying ages with differing problems and types of deterioration. Position also requires an understanding of the uncertainty and risks associated with hydrologic design and skills to manage these risks and mitigate the impacts as it pertains to the rehabilitation and replacement of dam infrastructure. This knowledge, which is normally acquired through formal education and/or equivalent level of work experience, is applied to carry out planning, detailed design/plan specifications review, inspections; and to provide expertise and advice to respond to emergency flooding situations; and address design/construction issues.

Working knowledge of sustainable ecological and water management principles, policies and practices as they apply to areas of expertise (e.g. water management, water power relationships, draught management, flood forecasting, emergency response, best practices to protect endangered species, natural channel design, erosion and sediment control, etc.) to provide specialized advice to district staff, Conservation Authorities, contractors and the public relating to dam management and/or road/bridge project planning/design, to carry out ecologically sound design/construction supervision and address issues.

Knowledge of Natural Hazards Policy (e.g. flood, erosion, consequences of dam failure and man-made hazards) to provide technical support to Conservation Authorities and municipalities on Planning Act matters.

Advanced knowledge of relevant provincial and federal legislation, standards and codes (e.g. Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act, the Public Lands Act, the Fisheries Act, Environmental Assessment Act, the Navigation Protection Act, Endangered Species Act, Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Green Energy Act, Canadian Dam Safety Standards, Construction Lien Act, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, Ontario Building Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act) and related policies, guidelines, regulations and statutes to review designs/plans/specifications for dams/roads/bridges rehabilitation/maintenance and project manage construction phases to ensure compliance with legislation, standards and codes; review applications from private owners for dam/resource access work and make recommendations (e.g. approval, best practices, approval with conditions, denial); review ministry policy documents and provide input; and provide advice and recommendations on how to address non-compliance problems.

Knowledge of project management principles, methods and techniques to plan, coordinate and deliver small, medium and/or larger specialized and complex water control and access capital construction projects (e.g. estimate project costs, timelines, financial and external resources, monitor work progress and project costs) to achieve deliverables within approved budgets and required timelines.

Knowledge of surveying principles and techniques, electronic surveying equipment, manual and computer aided design and drafting techniques (e.g. AUTOCAD, AUTOCAD Land Development Package) to prepare or modify site plans, contract documents, as-constructed drawings, prepare sketches and watershed areas.

Knowledge of construction law and OPS/ministry contract management and procurement policies, practices and processes to prepare and evaluate RFTs and RFPs, participate in the selection of external resources, acquire approvals, manage the contracts (inspection, quality control, technical direction for resolution of problems, progress payments, change orders) and prepare consultant appraisals.

Knowledge of legal proceedings and requirements to act as ministry expert witness and give testimony on application of Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act.

Knowledge of specialized engineering computer modeling techniques (e.g. hydrologic, hydraulic and dam break assessment) to establish required dam and bridge design requirements and risk levels (e.g. rating curves for dam, dam break inundation zone) and flood forecasting (e.g. joint probability of flood, wind setup and wave action on the Great Lakes, bridge and culvert capacity).

Proficiency in computer operations and software applications (database management, word processing, presentations) to maintain/update regional databases (water power sites, Crown owned water control structures, road, bridges, culverts, inspection data, dam and bridge condition assessments) and prepare a variety of documents (e.g. briefing notes, contract documents, training/ educational materials, correspondence).

Skills :

Technical analytical skills, risk assessment and problem-solving skills to: review detailed design/plan specifications for Crown owned and/or privately owned dam rehabilitation or improvements or decommissioning to ensure worker safety, safe dam operation, environmental protection and public safety (e.g. appropriate dam management techniques for appropriate inflow design flood flows, earthquake and ice pressures, assessing embankment and foundation conditions, stability analysis, dam break analysis, dewatering techniques to facilitate major repairs while providing for safe passage of flood flows: assessment of risks to endangered species (e.g. American Eel) due to turbines of hydro generating power facilities, etc.); recommend issuance of flood alerts and advisories; investigate structural condition and stability of dams under normal and unusual loading conditions (e.g. flood, earthquake, ice loading), determine potential failure modes, evaluate risk of failure and assess hazard potential to the public, property damage and environmental impacts; and provide advice/direction to district staff and Conservation Authorities on addressing compliance problems and complaints under Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act.

Analytical, evaluative and problem-solving skills to: identify and determine project requirements (e.g. objectives, project scope, cost estimates, financial and human resource requirements, target dates) for specialized and complex water control and access capital construction projects, recommending amendments where necessary; identify, mediate and resolve project implementation issues such as public and worker safety, protection of natural resources (e.g. water quantity, fish), potential schedule delays; and report on critical issues.

Strong planning, organizational and analytical skills to: undertake several projects of differing complexities at the same time right through from preliminary planning to completion of construction/rehabilitation, ensuring that project goals/objectives and target dates are achieved; meet constraints imposed by environmental conditions (e.g. timing of fish spawning, adverse weather conditions, flooding); obtain required approvals from outside agencies (e.g. Coast Guard, DFO, building permits); interact with district and administration staff (e.g. tendering, Environmental Assessment coverage, dam operation); and deal with work schedules of consultants and contractors, availability of equipment (e.g. vehicles, survey equipment) and funding limitations.

Strong contract management, project management and consultant management skills to act as Project Manager and ensure services provided by consultants and contractors meet quality requirements, environmental protection standards, safety requirements, provide best value for the price and protect the Crown's interests.

Strong verbal communication, interpersonal, consultation and relationship management skills to work cooperatively within a team or work group; establish and maintain positive work relationships and represent the ministry at public consultations, meetings and interactions with ministry staff (District Managers) and external stakeholders (e.g. agencies, Conservation Authorities, municipalities, Transport Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Coast Guard, associations, the public) on project implementation and water resource management matters/issues; provide technical direction and advice to consultants and contractors (e.g. compliance with legislation, mitigating environmental impacts); make presentations and deliver training.

Facilitation and negotiation skills to secure requisite approvals; negotiate, prepare and evaluate contracts, claims and reports; and resolve project problems (e.g. contract changes or addendums, deficiencies in work identified through construction supervision, issuance of payment certificates or release of hold backs).

Written communication and technical writing skills to prepare briefing materials, reports and correspondence for senior management as well as contract documents, project/implementation plans, technical manuals, training and educational materials that explains technical matters in easily understood terms for audience with differing levels of technical understanding.

Financial skills to issue progress payment certificates, certificates of substantial completion, authorize release of hold backs and tracking project expenditures to ensure approved budget allocation is not exceeded; provide input to work planning process by recommending priorities for capital projects and providing construction cost estimates; and develop, process and reconcile financial requisitions.

Strong computer skills in utilizing AutoCAD, database input/applications and specialized engineering software applications.

Freedom of Action :

Job works under the general direction from the Regional Engineering Supervisor and is carried out within broad framework of established legislative authorities, water resource management and civil engineering principles/practices, project management theories and within government administrative policies and procedures. Job has access to unit Senior Project Engineers for technical and issues management support and refer structural design aspects for engineering approval/stamp.

Job exercises considerable judgment and decision making in applying technical knowledge/analysis and interpretation of legislation in undertaking preliminary planning and the development of project implementation plans/schedules (e.g. identifying financial, resource and material requirements); in providing contract management services (e.g. drafting RFTs & RFPs, securing approvals, participating in the selection and evaluation of external resources); and acting as Project Manager for the delivery of specialized and complex water control and access capital construction projects for Crown owned dams/bridges/access roads within funding allocations and deadlines. Considerable judgment is required in balancing the development of project designs/implementation plans that provide best dam operation practices, public and worker safety, best value for public spending and complies with water resource management principles, protects the environment and minimizes social and community impacts.

Job works independently as Project Manager on capital projects and while undertaking inspections of private structures and/or in preparing inspection reports and recommendations for repairs and maintenance based on assessment of infrastructure deterioration – these reports are accepted as being technically accurate and are used to determine priorities for the region's multi- million dollars Access and Water Control Management Programs.

Job exercises considerable independent judgement in reviewing applications from external parties (e.g. hydro generating power facilities, forest industry, municipalities) on applications for privately owned water control and access capital construction projects and land use planning matters and in drafting response, briefing materials and recommendations for ministry senior decision making (e.g. approval, approval with conditions, denial).

Job makes recommendations on issues of political sensitivity (e.g. flood emergency response, compliance activities, infrastructure decommissioning, water management plans, municipal land use planning); in resolving project design, construction and implementation problems and negotiating contract changes, performance and payment issues.

Job exercises decision making in acting as key Engineering Unit contact for assigned area and/or area teams, in providing expertise, consultations, advice and recommendations to internal/external clients and stakeholders, in representing the ministry at public consultations and in legal proceedings, in developing/delivering training and preparing educational materials/operational manuals.

Monthly status reports are submitted to manager and work is monitored by manager for overall progress of project delivery and soundness of approach. Job confers with manager on confirmation of overall project goals and deliverables and refers highly contentious or unprecedented issues to manager (e.g. requests for fee increases from consultants or contacts from local media or MPP's on potentially contentious or politically sensitive issues).

Errors in project design review and/or implementation problems have significant financial, social, public safety and environmental implications (e.g. loss of life, flood damage to both public and private properties, compensation claims).

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