Job Specification

Position Title:
Protected Areas Intern
Job Code:
14009 - Resources Manager 1
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assume the duties and responsibilities of an intern in support of a variety of program functions and business areas (e.g., planning, ecology, lands management, education) related to planning and management of Ontario's provincial parks and conservation reserves.

Duties / Responsibilities :

Participate as a team member to support a range of functions (e.g., planning, ecological inventory and monitoring, lands and resource management, education, data management and mapping) specific to Ontario's system of provincial parks and conservation reserves.

Become familiar with purpose and objectives of legislation for provincial parks and conservation reserves.

Assist with field inventory and monitoring of earth and life science values, stewardship and rehabilitation activities and data interpretation as required.

Conducts research, compiles and organizes consultation comments, summarizes findings and prepares papers, reports and recommendations to support program implementation.

Work in a team-based environment (e.g., project teams, working groups, etc) on planning and implementation activities related to research, needs assessments and provincial park and conservation reserve planning and management.

Managers have the right to assign additional duties.

Staffing and Licensing :

Valid Ontario Driver's Licence.

Knowledge :

Understanding of the theory, principles and practices of natural heritage and land use planning, resource management and ecosystem management to assist and participate with the preparation, or review of land use, protected area and/or resource management plans for Ontario's provincial parks and conservation reserves.

Knowledge of ministry issues, relevant legislation, regulations, and policies to summarize observations and findings.

Basic knowledge of research and analytical techniques to assist in the collection, consolidation and analysis of information, consultation input and data.

Stakeholder relations skills to collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners, colleagues and/or the public.

Planning and organizational skills to recognize priorities and meet deadlines.

Good knowledge of Office Suite computer applications (e.g., Outlook, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel) in order to access email, communicate with colleagues, maintain and analyse information and draft high-quality reports and presentations.

Skills :

Job requires good interpersonal skills and ability to work independently and within a multi-disciplinary team.

Job requires strong communication skills, both oral and written, to assist and participate in internal ministry meetings; liaise with staff, program areas and stakeholders; to respond to information requests; and to draft technical reports, briefing and communications materials as required.

Job requires analytical skills to assist in the collection, consolidation and analysis of statistical data, field information, consultation input.

Job requires organizational and time management skills to assist with planning related activities and projects and manage multiple tasks at the same time.

Job requires information management skills and computer skills to conduct research, manage information, and prepare reports.

Freedom of Action :

Required to work within the procedural controls of ministry and government policies, legislation, and associated manuals, guidelines, directives and established policies and procedures.

Frequent requirement to respond to ad hoc requests to support a range of projects and activities and balance competing priorities.

Work is performed in a typical office environment and may also provide opportunities to perform duties in outdoor environments.

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