Job Specification

Position Title:
Policy Intern
Job Code:
3A007 - Policy03
Job ID:

Purpose :

To assume the functions of an intern and support the organization in the area of policy development.

Key Responsibilities :

1. Research, Analysis and Program Support
- Conducts research and data collection from internal/external sources e.g., legislation, regulations, policies and programs in other ministries or jurisdictions, scans, surveys, etc., for specific assignments in support of policy and program development.
- Gains knowledge of the government decision-making, approvals and policy development processes towards achieving government key priorities.
- Conducts studies and environmental scans to keep apprised of issues/developments with potential impact on the branch/division/ministry.
- Analyzes and evaluates policy/program information and data, conducts impact assessments, and identifies issues, trends and key linkages.
2. Special Projects
- Participates in policy and planning development projects in support of government priorities (e.g., program delivery standards in education/health/social service delivery; environment and natural resources protection; provincial and international economic growth; public infrastructure development in partnership with Ontario's communities; alternative approaches to Ontario's criminal justice system).
- Contributes to working groups and task forces.
3. Stakeholder Consultation and Liaison
- Consults with policy staff on assignment requirements and approaches, assesses stakeholder impact, and assists with communication and policy implementation plans.
- Liaises with other branches/ministries to retrieve information, and responds to inquiries from other ministries or levels of government.
- Consults with stakeholders to obtain input/feedback on policy/program initiatives. Identifies and tracks/monitors issues, including stakeholder concerns, and prepares summaries of findings for senior staff.
4. Materials Preparation
- Assists with the preparation of a range of materials and draft analyses for senior policy staff, and contributes to policy/program reports, options papers, House Book notes, contentious issues reports, correspondence and briefing materials for use by management. Drafts materials to support proposed policies and initiatives.
- Prepares presentations, visual representations, and background materials to communicate policy/program changes.
- Provide research findings and policy options to support decision-making

Knowledge / Skill :

Knowledge of and skills in:
- Policy analysis and development principles, and government decision-making/approvals processes to conduct preliminary policy analysis, compose initial summaries and information analyses, and to draft reports to support policy initiatives.
- General knowledge of provincial and ministry strategic policy directions, mandate and current issues pertaining to the sector and program area to develop policies and recommendations.
- Ministry issues, relevant legislation, regulations, and policies to summarize observations and findings.
- Research and analysis practices to assess assignment requirements; and to source, compile and analyze information and data from files and background materials in order to prepare presentation material and statistical analyses.
- Oral and written communication skills to present information using traditional and/or digital media through written, oral and visual communication; to liaise with policy staff, program areas and stakeholders; to respond to information requests; and to draft reports and background materials to support communications and policy submissions.
- Stakeholder relations skills to collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners, colleagues or the public.
- Planning and organizational skills to recognize priorities and meet deadlines.
- Word, PowerPoint, spreadsheet applications to analyze and present information, and utilize multi-media technologies.

Interpersonal / Influencing Skill :

- Interpersonal skills to seek and exchange information, and to discuss preliminary observations and research findings with branch/ministry staff.
- Presentation skills to develop preliminary presentation materials for review by senior staff on policy and program development projects.
- Consultation and consensus building skills to contribute to working groups, exchange information, discuss issues, gain support and act as liaison with other ministries and stakeholders on issues and contributing to formulation of solutions

Analyzing / Problem Solving Skill :

Analytical and problem-solving skills to:
- Assess information sources and research specific issues for policy projects.
- Identify and evaluate sources of data, prepare statistical analyses, and develop and present findings.
- Conduct research and environmental scans to assess issues, policies and programs in other jurisdictions and assess relevance to the ministry.
- Review and summarize stakeholder comments.
- Evaluate options, and conduct impact assessments on new or revised policy proposals.
- Identify emerging issues, contribute to recommendations developed by senior staff, identify and analyze information to support the development of evidence-based policy.
- to identify gaps or shortcomings in policies, analyze problems, and pinpoint underlying issues

Decision Making / Responsibility :

- Providing research summaries and draft reports/options analyses for consideration by policy staff in formulating policy/program framework, or policy initiatives.
- Participating on special projects and assignments.
- Developing visual representations and presentations on research and analysis findings.
Has latitude to research and draft material for consideration by the policy team; and suggest improvements to policy planning strategies.
Work is performed under direct supervision with guidelines available in the form of government/ministry/branch policies, procedures, practices and relevant legislation.

Contacts / Stakeholder :

- Branch/division staff to exchange information and receive instruction.
- Program areas, clients, other ministries or stakeholders to obtain information or feedback.

Demands / Pressures :

Work Demands :

- Frequent requirement to respond to ad hoc requests for research, analysis and information summaries.
- Frequent requirement to balance competing priorities.

Mental / Sensory :

- Frequently required to concentrate when researching/analyzing materials.

Conditions / Environment :

Work is performed in a typical office environment.

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