Job Specification

Position Title:
Junior Environmental Intern
Job Code:
61502 - Environmental Officer 2
Job ID:

Purpose of Position :

To assist in the identification, monitoring and reporting on a variety of sources of pollution such as small non- complex industrial sources, sewage disposal systems, agricultural practices, waste management sites and water supply systems. To receive , understand and manage data on municipal and industrial sources of pollution; to respond to outside requests for information.

Duties / Responsibilities :

3.1 - Under the direct supervision of the District or Area Supervisor, undertakes inspections, monitoring and abatement in the fields of water supply, air, sewage, waste pollution at selected sources by performing such duties as:

- assist with conducting field/technical investigations relating to the more routine, non-complex pollution complaints such as those related to combustion sources for boilers, and from commercial and private apartments as well as simple industrial air, water, sewage and waste pollution problems to
determine compliance with Ministry orders, policies, programs, procedures, Certificates of Approval conditions, and environmental legislation.
- collecting samples and required data; interpreting results; determining if deficiencies exit or if plants, facilities or sites are in compliance with established technical standards.
- interviewing complainants and owners of emission sources and establishing validity and significance of the complaint.
- issuing Violation Notices where emissions are clearly in violation of the EPA and OWRA.
- develop understand of and referring complex or contentious problems to a more Senior Environmental Officer for assistance.
- develop consulting with senior environmental officers to initiate prompt responses to unsafe conditions of drinking water.
- Assists in discussing the performance and operation of non-complex inspection points with the operating authority, informing them of the interpretation of test results against the standard and recommending methods and techniques to improve operation and performance.
- Provide support scheduling follow up inspections in a timely fashion, of sources of non-compliance to ensure that corrective action has been taken in accordance with written instructions or orders.
- Assist in preparing and submitting his or her report of findings with recommendations under the technical guidance of Senior Environmental Officer for further action.

3.2 - Under the technical guidance of the Supervisor or Senior Environmental Officer, responds to outside requests for information by conducting field/technical investigations of the following:
- existing land use surrounding known emission sources in terms of potential environmental impact on proposed subdivision plans, severances, agricultural Development (Certificate of Compliance Application) and land transfer.
- outstanding environmental requirements and/or potential environmental problems related to real estate.
- real estate transactions as prompted by outside legal requests.
- in the course of the review, used practical experience and observation skills and assesses the pollution potential of new sources.
- documents evidence for use by the Investigations and Enforcement Branch; and may provide factual testimony in court of law or before quasi-judicial bodies such as the Ontario Municipal Board, Environmental Review Tribunal with prior approval of the supervisor.

3.3 - Assists in performing related duties such as:
- collecting, receiving, inputting, manipulating, transmitting and retrieving monitoring data, using a wide variety of manual and electronic devices and equipment.
- reviewing data for completeness and compliance.
- assisting the Supervisor/Senior Environmental Officer in establishing priorities for action based on close contact with, and knowledge of, pollution sources.
- routine monitoring of drinking water supplies, wastewater treatment facilities.
- preparing correspondence such as technical memorandums, letters, minutes of meetings and inspection reports.
- maintaining a sufficient technical knowledge of the Environmental Protection Act and Regulations, the Ontario Water Resources Act, Pesitices Act,
and associated policies, procedures and administrative orders to provide prompt responses to outside enquiries.
- assisting the Supervisors/Senior Environmental Officer in liaising with public, municipalities, client groups, other ministries and government agencies to provide or obtain information and explain ministry policies and practices.
- attending training courses and seminars.
- complying with all Health and Safety legislation, policies and procedures, and reporting all unsafe equipment and conditions to supervisor.
- as assigned.

Staffing and Licensing :

Valid driver's license (G2 level or above).

Knowledge :

Basic technical knowledge is required to understand and apply the principles and practices of industrial and municipal environmental control, pollution abatement and land use practices. Job requires knowledge of the application of theories, principles and practices of environmental sciences in order to assess the source/cause/nature of environmental impacts (such as collecting samples/analyzing data) and resolving conflicting information by carrying out inspections and audits. Job requires ability to acquire knowledge of sample collection techniques in order to collect soil, water, and waste samples to monitor regulatory compliance.
Knowledge is required of basic industrial processes, municipal water supply systems, sewage disposal systems and waste management to identify pollution sources/situations.
Ability to acquire knowledge of legislation such as the EPA, OWRA, PA, EAA and the regulations as they apply to industrial process and environmental management. Demonstrated ability to understand and apply complex legislation, policies or standards to address environmental situations.
Familiarity with PCs and working knowledge of MS Windows and standard word processing, spreadsheet and email software to enter corporate data or access environmental information.

Skills :

Demonstrated writing skills to produce clear, concise and gramatically correct written reports, memoranda and letters and to carry out data collection, entry and manipulation.
Good communication skills, problem solving and analytical skills to identify cause and source of pollution problems (e.g. the presence of dead fish downstream in a creek requires an abatement of potential contaminant sources upstream such as manure spill or a chemical discharge). Job requires evaluative skills in considering nature, extent, and seriousness of non-compliance and recommending a corrective action, based on the findings, the issue and available options. Job requires evaluative skills in reviewing content of submission to Ministry to decide if submissions are satisfactory in terms of accuracy, completeness, and adherence to Ministry policy, regulations, objectives.
Ability to acquire technical skills to sample and test a variety of media and some analytical and problem solving skills to identify the issues and problems and outcomes relating to the results and the data collected.
Sound oral communication skills are required to communicate regulatory requirements, explain findings and results, and actions required to ensure compliance; good interpersonal skills are required when dealing with irate clients, industrial representatives, the public and ability to deal with a variety
of diverse client groups.

Freedom of Action :

Job is performed under direct supervision of the Area or District Supervisor. Job requires working within environmental legislation, regulations, policies, guidelines, procedures, and district work plan. On routine field assignments, the position may require the ability to carry out work independently and make on the spot decisions and recommend corrective action on simpler problems where precedents and similarity of situations are available. Job requires referral to senior staff for guidance on the more complex or contentious issues. Work is reviewed for technical completeness and accuracy by the supervisor/manager. Supervisor also reviews progress on inspection programs and abatement programs and
provides direction on the use of mandatory or voluntary compliance tools where either public health is at risk or where contentious issues draw public or senior management attention. Job requires consultation with supervisor to confirm best strategies and/or solutions in dealing with pollution problems or compliance problems.

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